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" This book was kind of fun, but there weren't great values or anything. The people are just plain stupid and the sheep aren't much smarter. Some of the writing was a bit tedious. The American characters use British expressions, which is a little weird. " said.

" Oh I wanted this to be better. The concept was cute. Crime fighting sheep from the UK get to Vegas.The writing falls short for me. I wanted more humor. I wanted the dialects to be accurate. It didn't happen.It felt disjointed, and I can't think of a reader I could I recommend it " said.

" I read this with my children and they laughed the whole way through!! The wooly adventures will make even the most jaded reader giggle. The coolest thing about this book was how real the characters felt when I was reading it to my little ones. I highly recommend this! " said.

" This is a cute fantasy in which a group of sheep go to Las Vegas to take on their enemy, "Red Tongue", but actually end up rescuing their owners. Middle-school students who like tongue-in-cheek humor and animals with human characteristics and abilites with like this one. " said.

" I think I didn't enjoy reading it to my girls. This is the second time I've read a book by a British author in which the author attempted to script the speech of a black man. The first was Traveller by Richard Adams, a story about Robert E. Lee's horse. I don't think the Mr. Adams was trying to express any racism (nor do I think Mr. Russell was) but the awkward prose he used to reproduce African American speech made Traveller (black people) sound quite ignorant and dim-witted. The same for Links, a black sheep. Yep. The black one. He sounded so "street" and stupid, compared to his white companions, that I translated his raps and comments into generic English so that my girls wouldn't start asking about him.
I don't mind hearing colloquial African-American dialect and speech mannerisms, but let it come from an author familiar in these and preferably, let it come from a black author or character.
" said.

"What a fun book to read! Technically the second book in a series but not having read book 1, I wasn't at all confused or out of the loop having only read book 2. We are first introduced to these wacky sheep in Quest of the Warrior Sheep but in the beginning of The Warrior Sheep go West, we are quickly filled in on the personality traits and little quirks that make Jaycey, Sal, Links, Wills and Oxo so entertaining to read.

What I really liked about this book was how through a series of seemingly unrelated events these loveable sheep and their clueless human owners, travel thousands of miles together, thwart the evil plans of a mad scientist (or two) save the day and wind up back in the comfort of their English countryside - all without even realizing they were working together the whole time.

A quick read that I really think young readers would enjoy. Fun and lighthearted with a bit of mystery and suspense, The Warrior Sheep Go West is a book I would not hesitate to recommend to middle grade readers.

Although I didn't need to have read book 1 in order to read book 2, I think I'll buy myself a copy anyway to add to my home library. I can really see my daughter enjoying these stories in years to come.
" said.

"In (Very) Short:

+ a great wild west adventure
+ loveable characters
+ a naïve but kick ass, taking no prisoners granny
+ the world perceived through the eyes of a sheep

My Opinion:

The second installment of the Warrior Sheep series is as lovely as the first novel The Quest of the Warrior Sheep.

The sheep start their adventure in Eppingham farm where they receive the message that Red Tongue is slaugthering rams. At the same time Ida and Tod are invited to a convention in American to exhibit their rare breeds.

Little do they know that this organization is phony. The people behind this organization have a sinister plan. But the rare breeds are on their own quest and unaware of the danger.

Again the sheep dive head first into the quest believing that every coincidence is meant to be and a sign from Aries – the god of all rams. In their naïve and loveable way they find their own adventure and a way to save all sheepdom.

Although I was occasionally annoyed by the sheep in the first book, I thoroughly enjoyed them this time. Still, my favorite character is grandma Ida. She just loves live and takes things as they come without over thinking them. Maybe I should take a page out if her book :)

All in all, it is a beautiful, sweet and sheeply adventure.

Bottom Line:

A funny wild west quest with Ida, Tod and the Eppingham rare breeds for the young and those remaining young at heart.
" said.

"4.5 Stars

This book was so adorable! I really think kids are going to love this! You can tell the authors have experience writing for tv because the story is so fast paced, just like a tv show.

All of the sheep have adorable personalities, but I have to say my favorite was Wills-the littlest and the smartest. He watched a lot of tv with his owner so knew about everything!

I liked that the sheep weren't so personified that they did things like drive a car. The hitched a ride or just snuck onto a bus. They only talked to each other, humans couldn't understand them. And the villain, Red Tongue, has a perfectly rational and funny explanation.

There was another villain besides Red Tongue, and sometimes her storyline got a little slow. But I never care much for the villain's point of view, so it might not bother others like it bothered me.

I think the book will appeal equally to boys and girls because there are great characters of both genders represented.

I would recommend giving this fun-filled adventure to any elementary schoolers in your life, and I think you will overhear lots of laughter as they read it.

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