Brave Charlotte and the Wolves Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-01-16 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 5 user ratings

" Charlotte is a credit to sheep everywhere. I loved the story to this darling picture book, and the illustration were very well done. I'd love to read this as a bed time story to my children some day. " said.

" The best thing about these Brave Charlotte books are the illustrations done by Henrike Wilson. " said.

" I don't give a damn if the NY Times gave the predecessor to this a 'best illustrated' nod. The plot is asinine--my 10 year old writes much better stories! And if the awkward prose is due to poor translation, that still doesn't make it any better to read. Bleh! " said.

" Charlotte the sheep is my new heroine. She's smart. She's funny. She's brave. And she's cute as a button. A group of young sheep have formed a group called "The Wolves" and Charlotte must stand up to them. But there's another menace that's threatening Charlotte's flock, and it's Brave Charlotte to the rescue! Good story about bravery and great illustrations, too. " said.

" I loved the charming illustrations in this book but found the plot wanting. The story was a bit confusing and took some effort to follow; I'm not sure if this is the style of the story or the translation. I also dislike stories about bullies in which the heroine tricks the bullies. I find it unrealistic and not an effective model for children who are bullied. I haven't read the original, Brave Charlotte, but this is one that I will skip for the elementary school collection. " said.

"I didn't hate this book as much as other people did, because usually I am the one giving a low rating while everyone is gushing over it with 5 stars. It was a solid 2.5 for me but I rounded it to 3 as I don't have a half option.

So, what I learned from this book, is be your own sheep (or person) I am in a situation where something is really bad and everyone just ignores it and I am the only one willing to stand up and say something and follow through with my convictions. It takes courage to do that. Charlotte is willing to solve the problem then sit around and fester with it like the other sheep. I like that. Yes the story doesn't get straight to the point and I didn't find the repetition for quietly, quietly all than effective, but you never can get a great translation when you are translating poetry from one language to another. And have the Germans ever been really good at story telling LOL
" said.

"A cute book about sheep. Charlotte lives with a herd of sheep and some of her peers call themselves wolves, a sheep gang, and cause trouble for the rest of the herd by being pesky and annoying.
When they hear wolf howls in the forest, the gang of 'wolves' are nowhere to be found. The next morning, Charlotte sets off to find the noise as a new howl is heard, different from the others. Creeping through the forest, she finds a stranded puppy on the top of a mountain, it's shrill howl what they heard. The puppy agrees to teach the sheep gang a lesson as gratitude towards Charlotte and the whole herd laughs when the gang cowers in the bushes. None of them knew it was a puppy, which Charlotte returned to the picnic area so the puppy's humans would find it.
" said.

"I didn't realize this is a sequel to "Brave Charlotte" until after I'd read it. I'm not sure if that took anything away from my enjoyment of the story. The illustrations are certainly cute and I always enjoy reading picture books from European authors since they are generally so hard to find over her in the States.

But, I am not really a fan of the story. It started off with a clever twist (hint: the wolves are not what you think they are!) and has a good anti-bullying message. But the "resolution" of the story just seemed mean to me; an eye for an eye and all that. I think there could have been a kinder way to deliver the message to the bullies even if it was all a joke. (I can't say more without giving away the story!)

Overall, I don't think I'd recommend this one too highly.
" said.

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