Brave Charlotte and the Wolves Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2016-05-05 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 5 user ratings

"Charlotte was a sheep who marched to her own drummer. She did things that "normal" sheep considered to be a bit odd like climbing trees or sitting on top of a fence post, but she paid them no mind. After she saved an old shepherd, the "older sheep had stopped worrying about her wild ways." Charlotte was just Charlotte and that was that, but watching her climb could make anyone's hair curl so it was a good thing their wool was already curly. The younger sheep were jealous of her and were especially miffed when the older sheep praised her. "What's so brave about her?" Wolfie would spout out.

Wolfie had a gang that picked on Jack, the farm's sheepdog. They got him totally riled up when "they would hide in the bushes so he'd think they had gone missing." Wolfie and his gang would try to scare everyone by pretending they were real wolves. "Ah-ooo, woo-woo-wooooo!" Trouble, those baaaaad sheep were nothing but trouble. One day there really was a REAL "ah-ooo, woo-woo-wooooo!" coming from the forest. Jack wasn't about to help because he was afraid of anything wolfish and Wolfie and his gang were petrified. Was Charlotte, the odd sheep out, up to the task of checking out the big bad wolf in the forest?

This was a story that even the word "charming" can't describe. I loved the storyline and especially enjoyed it when we found out that big bad Wolfie and his gang weren't quite as tough as they thought they were. I appreciated the cute little twist at the end of the tale. The artwork is adorable and meshes very well with this story. The expressions on the sheep's faces were simply priceless. If you loved Babe the pig and are looking for another cute-as-a-button hero, you've come to the right place! "Ah-ooo, woo-woo-wooooo!" This book is a perfect 10!
" said.

"Charlotte has always stood out from the herd for her courage and sense of adventure, even when it comes to standing up to other sheep bullies - but can she stand up to a mysterious force lurking in the woods? A feisty little sheep has some clever ideas to save the day in this fine story for picturebook readers." said.

"Charlotte returns in a new story, that humorously displays her bravery and ingenuity. A group of sheep turns envious and mischievous when some older sheep praise Charlotte's bravery and they start bullying some younger sheep by scaring them with their mimicry of the sounds of wolves. When a "real" wolf howl sounds, Charlotte is the only one brave enough to investigate its location. She discovers a small puppy whose great-grandfather was a wolf, and recruits him to scare the bullies. Then she helps the puppy find his family. This engaging tale puts bullies in their place, cowering in some bushes; and it is likely older preschoolers who will enjoy the humor most. Acrylic paintings represent clearly the changing hours of the day, as a bright blue sky illuminates a pastoral scene with a sweet thatched farm building; beside it, some sheep peek out of some bushes, and an old sheepdog slowly walks away. Stars and the moon illuminate the evening hours to create a somewhat spooky setting for the threat of wolves. This artist is deft at making his sheep look very expressive, especially when the bullies are laughing. A mix of full color double spreads and some pages with smaller images and a lot of bright white paper contribute to give this book a nice clean look." said.

"nice pictures - story is a little preachy - my granddaughter was not impressed.
The description was that it is " humorous" - perhaps if you care for contrived humour.
Not the greatest children's book
" said.

"This is a great book, I used when I worked in Elementary School Library, children grade 1-3 enjoyed it very much,I also gave one to my daughter/teacher and she used with her second grade class- they enjoyed as well. A book with a profound message." said.

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