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">> How the Camel Got his Hump?
A dreadful tale about a camel who is lazy that as a result, a genie makes humps for the camel, end of story. This is dreadful for a number of reasons:

1- The camel has those humps which are a miracle in its essence. The camels use it to feed and nourish because they are meant to live in harsh environments of scarce resources of food and water. That shows the greatness of The God, Allah, who created it in such perfection for us to get to know him. So they are not a curse upon it by a lame genie to go by for him and his generations.

2- The idea that is inspired through the tale, the idea of "The First Sin" that is inherited by the generations all along till the end no matter how the generations behave. This in not just and idea for a children story telling, in the matter of fact, it is to induce this kind of mindset to make sure that the first sin is of no use to relapse it and to be forgiven, which endorse them into practicing bad deeds and encountering diverse sins and wrong doings.
" said.

" The message in the last lines was good, but the story wasn't that compelling. " said.

" Ok.. So I have already read the typical children's version of this book. Now, this is the short story version of it & every word is exactly the same. The story is weird & boring as the camel in it. Even his only word "hymph" sounds boring too! This time my reaction wasn't shocking after reading it because Kipling made me reread the plot.. Therefore, nothing new in the story :/ " said.

"Book Review by Miss Worby
Title – How the Camel Got His Hump
Author – Rudyard Kipling

What is it about?

This book is about a lazy, rude camel. He didn’t want to help his friends and just sat eating sticks. The genie gave him a hump and he was forced to work for three days without eating or drinking.

What was my favourite part?

I really enjoyed the whole book – but if I was to choose a favourite book part I would choose when the genie comes to the camel and says “don’t say that again!” but the camel ignores him and simply says “humph!” How rude!

Who is my favourite character?

That is an easy question because it is definitely the genie. He is very fair. First, he asks the camel to help his friends but when he doesn’t listen he gives the camel a huge hump on his back. He definitely deserved it.

Is there a moral to this story?

The moral of this story is to not be lazy. The camel is lazy and he ends up having to do all the work by himself and so it is better to be kind and help your friends when they ask you.

Did I enjoy the book?

What an amazing story this was! I loved the story. I also loved the characters in it as well. I thought it was funny how the camel sat around all day saying “humph!” The camel is quite annoying but I loved the ending because he gets what he deserves.

Would you recommend this book? To who?

I think this book would be suitable for 6-8 year olds because the language is quite hard for younger children to understand. Both girls and boys would enjoy this story and especially children who love animals because most of the characters are talking animals. I would recommend it to my niece because it is a great story and teaches you a lesson about laziness!
" said.

" Really, only one word I can say:"Humph!" ;-) " said.

" I didn't like this story as much as a child...I thought it was unfair that the camel should be forced to work for Man if he didn't want to. I guess I always had an egalitarian view of the animal world. " said.

" This was boring. My students didn't understand what was going on and they didn't enjoy the illustrations of this book. " said.

" What?! This story is for children!! How this story would be perfect for children. How!! They are innocents. They don't think on what they are reading. They just accept everything they are told. This story must not be read by any child. Never!! However, teenagers and adults may like this one. But...I didn't. " said.

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