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UPDATE TIME: 2018-09-04 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 30 user ratings

" My 12 year old daughter came out as gay last year, and she asked for a gorgeous array of YA LGBTQ books for Christmas, which I’m reading along with her. The author’s note does state she wouldn’t write the book again based on the more current “nothing about us without us” theory of marginalized voices in entertainment. I did enjoy this book; some aspects seemed very true to life and some seemed a little unrealistic. I loved the musical emphasis.Harry Potter reference: YES " said.

"Kristin Cronn-Mills keeps the focus on empowerment and friendship in this easy-going novel about a likable teenage disc jockey who happens to be transitioning from female to male. I was particularly appreciative of the treatment of Gabe's confused but loving parents, who are doing a not-so-great job adjusting to their child's transition. Gabe has to contend with rejection and violence around his transition, but he also gets a generous dose of acceptance and understanding. If only every trans teen could find such support and help." said.

"This is one of those books where my emotions are going to overwhelm my ability to write a coherent review. Beautiful Music hit me in many ways, but it's importance lies in representation. I read books daily- all types, any genre- and this is the first book I've ever read where the narrator is a trans youth. It is such a different experience than reading a trans character from the third person. Gabe is an amazing character. And while I know each experience is unique and Gabe may not be accurate representation for everyone, his presence as a main character is important regardless. I missed a book club because I was so absorbed in the characters. Recommended for all, but be prepared to cry!" said.

"This is a fantastic read.

Gabe is a transgender high schooler who is struggling with making decisions about the next phase in his life. He has a mentor who is encouraging his love of music and being a radio personality, and he has friends who understand his struggle, living in a world who still sees him as Liz, yet life is still mostly confusing and scary.

Although I appreciated a lot of the amazing musical allusions in this fantastic story, I think many will be over my students' heads as they seem to listen to the same six songs on the radio and have little love of history.

This book had it all...struggle, sentiment, honest life lessons...

Great pick.
" said.

"Gabe is a lot braver than a lot of the transgender teens I've seen in YA novels, but most of this novel came across as pretty inauthentic. Gabe's music choices are the *worst*, as most of his radio shows sound like what you get to hear on classic rock stations. The fact that the next store neighbor John was the first person to play Elvis on the air AND has an autographed napkin AND has what we're supposed to believe is Elvis's first guitar is just unbelievable.
The title names are just obnoxious and precious.
Gabe gets play from Heather Graves AND kind of from Paige? It seems unlikely.
Still, some good information here and there.
I can't wait to see more YA Lit from transgender protagonists.
" said.

"I like the concept. I like that it talked about music. And I love that it tackled one of the most sensitive issues that we have in our society at the moment - gender. Or more specifically, someone's gender, gender-preference and gender-orientation. I'm sure no homophobe or close-minded individual would be interested in reading this book, but it's nice to know that a book like this exists. It helps people better understand the story of someone who feels like they were trapped in the wrong body.

But as a story itself, it was just okay. Nothing particularly exciting. Plus, the ending was a complete meh. I was expecting more. But the author ended up with a lecture about the LGBT community, which is okay as a whole but bad for the book itself.

But, the book is pretty much forgettable.
" said.

" If love is the answer, what’s the question? Maybe it just matters that you know the answer. And believe it. Believe in it.This phrase converted the 3 stars rating to the 4 one.Because the main idea of the book is fantastic, but good books are made of words more than of ideas. And the writing style was so plain.--------------------------Buddy read with this awesome guy. " said.

" I liked it enough to ignore the music snobbery (nothing gets up my nose faster, y'all) but would it really have been that terrible if Gabe had ended up with a girlfriend? I don't know if the ending was supposed to hint that he and Paige did get together, but if so, it wasn't clear enough for me. " said.

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