Tastes Like Music: 17 Quirks of the Brain and Body Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-05-30 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 0 user ratings

" A quick book on 17 quirks of the brain with cute little illustrations. Fun. " said.

" Me habría encantado leerlo de chavita. Hoy aprendí que Exploding Head Syndrome es algo y que al menos me ha pasado una vez :O " said.

" Interesting book with lots of cool facts in it about the wonders of the human body. Books like this are great to booktalk to kids--you can read aloud some weird fact and hear gasps from the audience. I think a lot of kids will find something to be fascinated by in here. " said.

" This book does what it sets out to do very well: to provide an entertaining introduction to some of the oddest and least understood conditions out there, many of which have both advantages and disadvantages (such as synesthesia). This isn't an in-depth exploration, and it's written in a fun, light style. I especially appreciated the brief personal interviews in this book. Some kids may be intrigued enough by one or more of the stories to dig deeper for more information--which is great. " said.

"This title is nominated for the 2015-16 hackmatack award in the non-fiction category.
I love these kind of books! I always learn something new - for example, did you know that there are four families whose members don't have any fingerprints?! I sure didn't. The information wasn't overwhelming for the age group, I like the page layouts and my favourite thing is the interviews talking to people who have some of these conditions and hearing what it's like stright from the horse's mouth. Enjoyed this one very much.
" said.

"I loved this book! It was much shorter than I expected-- only 40 pages-- and obviously written for a younger audience, but the content was incredibly interesting. I found out that I apparently have photic sneeze reflex! Photic sneeze reflex is basically sneezing induced by exposure to bright light. I've always noticed that I tend to sneeze when I go out into the bright midday sunlight, but I figured it was an unreasonable relation and just a coincidence. So cool to verify that it's not just my imagination!" said.

I just finished Tastes like Music and found it fascinating and captivating. This book appeals to both children and adults. As a teacher, I will recommend it to my students and read the parts that apply to the science unit on Sound. I found the interviews with people with different conditions very interesting. I have gone to sessions on learning issues where you find out that a person does not know that everyone else sees (or hears/feels/etc.) the world differently than they do. I can see using the book in health class as well to develop an appreciation of how each of us is unique and we find different ways to use or compensate for that uniqueness.
" said.

" Really fun, fast read I kept reading aloud to my students while they were trying to work. Lots of funnnn facts. I had to YouTube the super memory people because I didn't believe it was real! " said.

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