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UPDATE TIME: 2018-01-10 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 20 user ratings

" This book is about hand puppets made with socks singing along with BB King. The book is meant to go along with the video and bring music into reading in a fun silly way " said.

" The book is cute but the little dvd movie that comes with it is fantastic! So much fun to watch! And a great intro to B.B.King for your preschooler! " said.

" This book was a little wacky. My eldest daughter gave me the hardest time for making her sit through it. The younger kids enjoyed it, and it even made me want to pull out my guitar and jam along. " said.

" The library had her musical CD, Blue Moo, which includes the BB King song "one shoe blues". We've been listening to it in the car and loving it. I sometimes play it when I'm alone too, it's that good. " said.

" I thought this would just have the words to the song in it. And the pictures from the video I've already seen on youtube. But there is more, and it is worth it. We learn the names of the talented sock puppets and other fun tidbits. " said.

" Not only was this a fun way to study the genre of the blues with my fifth grade students, it was plain old fun for me! And how can you go wrong with master guitarist and singer BB King :-)? The video on the enclosed DVD is fun to watch and goes right with the book. I enjoyed the sock puppet screen test. " said.

"In reviewing books, I tend to stick with what I read, but, as my reviews show, if there is a particular children's book of note, it ends up getting a review from me as well. This is the kind of children's book that falls into that category. The book itself is cute, sock puppets singing along with B.B. King who is lamenting to his mother the fact he cannot find a missing shoe. It is a common enough occurrence in our home to merit a book, so it works and is at least a 3.5 star work based on a realistic and humorous send up on a lost necessity. The 5 star aspect is the included DVD which features the music video featuring B.B. King playing the song as strongly as he does any other blues song. I read the book to my children and then let them watch the video and they enjoyed all of it - laughing first at the character of Momsock but then being amazed when she plays the saxophone in the video.

I am a big fan of B.B. King and was fortunate to see him in concert before his recent passing. My kids may never have that opportunity, but I am so glad this work exist to introduce young kids to basic blues and a true icon of the genre. For parents and musically skilled children, it also includes the sheet music for the song.

I was unaware of this book, but am glad I found it - just make sure you also find a copy with the DVD as it makes a good book into a great, immersive experience.
" said.

"This is Sandra Boynton's collaboration with B.B. King. You knew it had to happen. One beloved icon meets another. Let's just say - there are Converse high-tops involved, and that can't be bad.

So - I snatched this off the shelf today, and read it to myself while waiting to pick up the kids from school. Then I read it out loud to some 3rd graders while waiting for the 1st graders to arrive at dismissal (the 1st graders are always last). There is a song in this book: there is One Shoe Blues. I sang the song to the 3rd graders. Did I know the melody? Well, no. There's sheet music in the back, but I figured - it's blues. I can sing blues. The kids enjoyed me reading and singing aloud, even though they rolled their eyes. The other parents were more charitable.

When we got home, we played the DVD. Adorable. Sock puppets and B.B. King singing about how he can't find his left shoe. (The shoe is on his foot.) B.B. King's mama hollers for him to look under the bed and in the closet. He says he did. She says did he look THOROUGHLY under the bed and in the closet. (B.B. King's mama has found herself dragged into the search for a missing item before, one surmises.) Set in a lovely little red shack, with curtains blowing and trees out the window, I loved the DVD.

Oddly, the DVD was not that well received by the 1st graders and 3rd graders in attendance. I'm guessing they weren't particularly impressed by B.B. King. They don't know a blues legend when they see one. Why would they? But I was very enthusiastic, and played the thing twice, and was happy to answer the question, "What ARE blues, anyway?"

And, like the celebrity appearances on Sesame Street, I believe that such was Sandra Boynton's sneaky little plan. B.B. King is the bait to get the parents into the room, and after watching together, maybe there's more conversation. Or maybe not. Maybe Sandra Boynton just wanted to hear B.B. King sit in a chair and play her song. Nothing wrong with that, either.
" said.

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