There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly (Classic Books with Holes) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-01-10 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 174 user ratings

" A wonderful read from my childhood, one I’d certainly suggest for other youngsters. Whilst it is not my all-time favourite childhood read I can still recall all the details of this one meaning it certainly left a lasting impression upon my young mind. And isn’t that what we want with children’s books, for them to leave a positive lasting impression? " said.

"On the one hand: this book is much better than all the endless "There was an old lady" sequels with the terrible illustrations and unfunny jokes.

On the other hand: it's hard to read if you don't already know the song by heart. Which you probably do.

On the one hand: my children love this version. They would have me read (or actually sing) this book every single night. This is probably one of their top five books.

On the other hand: I am so sick of it that I would kind of like to set it on fire in the back yard.

I think that works out to three stars.
" said.

" This story is completely absurd and totally hilarious. I really liked the illustrations in this particular book. Great read for the kiddos. " said.

" This children's classic was one of my niece's favorites. We had puppets and all to go with this lovely set that I must have read a million times ! I wish I could find the set to recommend this particular reading experience. The story is fun but the puppets added so much . I will keep looking. " said.

"As a small child, I found this book incredibly worrying because of its potential influence on young, impressionable children. The old lady seemed senile, in my humble opinion, as she found new-age, questionable methods to resolve minor ailments that her body was more than capable of fixing without aid.
I found the rhymes incredibly repetitive and dull, the same way I view song-writers that use the same word to 'make a rhyme' (e.g. 'If you're one of US | Then roll with US'). I also felt that her reasoning sounded like a poor excuse for binge-eating and obesity.

In hindsight, I suppose this rhyme is catchy and amusing, but only when I look at it retrospectively as a 20-year-old.
" said.

" 4* art5* song and conceptOh this is just funny. The peek-a-boo pages are especially suited to this song. And Squirt just roars with laughter when we sing "She swallowed a DOG?!!! What a HOG!!!". But the end, where she's dead, he cannot accept. "No she's not!" And that's that. (And we play it again.) " said.

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