There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly (Classic Books with Holes) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-08-20 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 174 user ratings

"I love this story. I made a large prop to go along with the story. This story is about an old lady that eats a fly, cat, dog, bird, and so many more animals. At the end of the story the lady dies but I have had to change the ending, depending in the age of my audience. This story is good for retelling the events. I had visual animals and allowed the students to feed the old lady in the order in which she ate them. This story could also be used for predicting. I could demonstrate this by predicting what the story will be about just by observing the front cover of the book. As I am reading, I would ask the students questions like "What do you think will happen next?". I will note the predictions as we are reading so that we could place a check or an "x" showing if they actually happened or not. I would explain to my students that predictions change with the more information you receive." said.

"This whimsical story is vastly becoming a children's classic, which has released many different holiday themed versions that can be introduced throughout the seasons. Although controversial, because it involves a woman swallowing many different items, this story focuses on a series of events which are seemingly related to one another and tends to have a surprise ending. The story involves repetition that children easily grasp and feel as though they are able to contribute to the read aloud segment. In addition, it involves rhyming words, which is a good topic for young learners in using picture clues to solve a word. For example, in the Easter-themed version, the Old Lady swallows items that make up on Easter basket at the end. Children are able to make predications on what they think will happen in the end." said.

"After a while of repeating this stacking rhyme, your audience will know when to chime in with you. I love this rhyme story, but I don't particularly care for this book version of it. After a few pages in, you better have memorized the first few stanzas because they print the older stanzas in an odd way inside the concentric cut out circles in the center of the page. I do like the illustrations, though, so as long as you can read the cutout text or have the rhyme somewhat memorized, this won't be too bad.
Instead of using a book for this rhyme I actually prefer to use the Artfelt old lady ( I've also seen people make an old lady out of a tissue box, that way you can stuff her with the different creatures (
" said.

"This book has not received any awards

This book as appropriate for ages PreK-3

This book is about an old woman who keeps swallowing animals. On each page the animals she eats get bigger and bigger. She swallows things from little flies to big horses but no one knows why 26

I personally am not the biggest fan of the story in this book. That being said, it is funny, catchy, and a great sing along for children. The rhyming and predictions of what the old lady will swallow next makes for a great activity during the book reading.

In class uses
1.This book can be used to teach the concept of rhyme. The teacher can sing 1Cthere was an old lady who swallowed a fly.. I don 19t know why she swallowed a fly.. perhaps she ____ and let the children chime in.
2.Another class use for this book is for students to come up with their own idea for what the old lady swallowed, draw it and provide a brief caption.
" said.

"Author: Pam Adams

Genre: Fiction Picture Book

Publication Info: Childs play Intl Ltd : 1982

Reading Level: Emergent early

Topic/Theme: Obesity/ Life Cycle

Issues Addressed: The life cycle: spiders eat flies etc.

Classroom Uses: Read Aloud, shared reading

Summary: There is an old lady who eats various animals that she should not be eating. Each of the animals is chasing the other animal that the lady had previously eaten. We do not know why she swallowed the fly in the first place. At the end she swallows a horse leading to her tragic death.

Text and image: The illustrations are very colorful. This particular copy of the book has cut out holes in the pages. This reveals how each insect or animal plays a role in the bigger picture. The text is bold and big. The text correlates appropriately with the images.

Literary Devices: Foreshadowing: You are aware that whenever you turn the page that the lady will be ingesting another animal or insect.

" said.

"There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly illustrates the song of the same title. It's a song I learned at a variety of summer camps and is probably all these years later still being taught at summer camp.

The song and story is one of many children's songs that has a cumulative structure (like "The House that Jack Built, for example). The original song was written by Alan Mills and Rose Bonne.

For this book, Pam Adams takes each layer of the song and uses it as a layer of illustration. The book has a hole in the center of each page so that the previous animals are visible along with the growling set of lyrics. It's a bit gory considering that it is illustrating the inside of the old lady as she fills herself up with animals.

My son likes the song but thinks the illustrations are "too silly" and sometimes "too weird." My daughter like the silly and brightly colored illustration. She has fun pointing out the different animals inside the old lady and making the appropriate sounds for each. With my two children in mind, I'd put the age range of this book from about 1 to 4, possibly 5.
" said.

" That ending... I wasn't expecting that. I did this with a puppet with two groups of kids and, at the end, forced her to regurgitate everything. A great time was had by all. " said.

"Finally!!! I've been hoping to come across a copy of this book, and it happened today. Best of all, it's in almost new condition. There must be dozens of different versions of this same idea, but none of them is better than this. The illustrations that show what's going on inside that silly woman's stomach fascinate the little kids. When the old lady dies (of course), we always agree that this is just a silly story and the lady was always imaginary. No one would ever swallow all of those things!

I suspect that after watching the kids' reaction to the story, I will be changing the rating to 5-stars. We'll see.
" said.

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