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UPDATE TIME: 2019-08-21 
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"This was a short book but very important to read. Paul Auslander was only five years old when he along with his mother and brother we shipped away from their home by the Natzi. The book was written by Paul's wife and gives us a glimpse into the Holocaust from a ver different view, the eyes of a child. The book is written in both Paul and Oscar, Paul's older brother, point of view.

It is sad that thing like this are still happening to and we must read and remember so that when we are faced difficult choices we will make the right ones.
" said.

"I generally am intrigued by stories about WWII and what happened overseas, so this was an easy pickup for me, plus it was a YA and shorter which meant I could probably read it quickly.

Knowing the story was true, I was pleasantly surprised that the family was reunited with the father after the war ended. This story is a bit different in that it tells briefly of the life that the main character had after the war was over and he had grown up. We learned of his struggles but what was really beautiful was that Paul got to meet up with the American soldiers that liberated his particular train when he was in his '60s.
" said.

"The only thing here that will seem "new" is the part about how the Hungarian Auslander family is liberated by American soldiers while on the last "death train" out of Bergen-Belsen and then is reunited with his liberators some 50 years later. Super-short, simplistic and pedantically written, this book probably belongs in the Young Adult section at the library, although I picked it up from the "New Non-fiction" section on the adult side. I cannot really recommend it unless you're trying to read absolutely everything every written about the Holocaust. I probably wouldn't have even finished it but for it being so short. " said.

"Perhaps the best part of this story is the reunion at the end of the liberators and the liberated. The story that takes place before helps us understand why this teacher's history lesson came alive. It also helped the boy who lived it deal with it as an old man. Too many survivors internalized what happened to them and only decades later shared so we might learn as well. The same holds for many soldiers. My grandfather never talked about his experiences in WWI except to other vets. I had to hide so I could listen.
It's good we have the written record as soon no one that lived it will be alive to tell it. I can't know or understand but I can read and remember.
" said.

"I really enjoyed this book. It is about two Jewish brothers named Oscar and Paul. It is about there lives in World War 2. They are shipped to a concentration camp called Bergen Belsen. This book is about their lives and all the pain and terrible thing they had to see. Every day at dawn the soldiers wake them up and stand them in a line. The call role and look at everyone. In one part a boy is smiling because it's his birthday so the soldier shoot him. I could never live at that time with all the terrible things happening. At the end the boys and there families are spared by the Americans who rescue them. This is a very heartwarming book that I loved." said.

"I was skeptical when my 10-year-old chose this book for his biography report, thinking it would be too disturbing or above his level. But he devoured it in just a couple days, so I thought I'd read it too. It turns out that it's definitely targeted for a younger (maybe teen) audience. And, while there are certainly disturbing scenes (for example, a nazi guard murdering a child in one of the camps simply because the boy said it was his birthday), the book as a whole focuses on the good fortune of the main character in surviving (along with his entire family).

I agree with other reviewers that the writing is a bit choppy, but I think it's an important story to hear.
" said.

"In 1944 the Nazis took over Hungary. This is the story of five-year-old Paul Auslander and his family. As Jews, they were taken from work camps to concentration camps, their lives in constant danger and death all around them. Their experiences under Nazi control are horrific and poignant as the author, Paul's wife, shows how both the best and worst of human nature appeared during this tragic segment of world history. As the war was nearing its end, they were on a train from Bergen Belsen that was liberated by American soldiers. This is the story of their experiences during the Holocaust and Paul's opportunity in 2008 to meet some of the soldiers who had saved him and members of his family from that death train. It is well-written, heart-wrenching, and would be a valuable addition to Holocaust collections." said.

"In April 1944 five-year-old Paul Auslander, his older brother Oscar, and his mother were moved to a ghetto in their small Hungarian town, and from there, they were put on a train to a work camp and then to a concentration camp. The author bases Paul's story on her husband's actual experiences during the Holocaust during which his immediate family survived but none of the rest of their relatives. Readers can feel the constant fear, the gnawing hunger, and the joy when the American troops arrived. But as the book describes, there are lifelong emotional consequences from an experience such as Paul's. To add to the book's interest, the author also tells about Paul's reunion with his liberator and the teacher, Matt Rosell, who came up with a project called Teaching History Matters that brought the two together. This is another singular story about the Holocaust that needed to be told. Sometimes the shift in narration is a bit confusing, but still, I was engaged by Paul's experiences. " said.

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