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"This book was entertaining in the sense of the never ending rhyming and the tongue twister. I read this like in a minute because I was trying to read as fast as possible without getting tongue tied and i actually accomplished it. It essentially has no plot it is a story about all the different types of fishes and other creatures in the story. I caught myself laughing at the funny names and the different ways Dr. Seuss uses with the same words over and over again. I absolutely loved it and believe any kid will adore this book just for the simple fact that they are reading a book for enjoyment without any plot or anything to digest, just reading it for pleasure.

Whenever I read a Dr. Seuss book, I try to find whether it was turned into a movie or short film cartoon and while doing my research for this book I found a cute and hilarious video on YouTube of two boys rapping this book and I thought it was hilarious, difficult, and creative. I would never think in a million years that you can make a rap song out of Dr. Seuss. I believe you should check it out so I will leave the link down below. Thank you. :)

One Fish, Two Fish Talent Show Rap
" said.

"When I was in 1st grade I read this entire book to the class. My teacher, Mrs Barley - gave me a mini trophy with a google eye sticker saying "Good Job." This award was not for reading the book, but the fact that I read the whole thing holding it in front of me - essentially reading it upside down. Even Mrs Barley had to hold books at an angle to read to the class and show the pictures. Yes, this is one of my shining childhood moments that I am most proud of. I can read upside down. I was thrilled to discover my 7 year old niece Mady can do the same as well! Not really sure if its really all that impressive - but it holds true to how a simple "good job" can build confidence in a child.
I read this book again just this week. Joce was having bad dreams about the kids version of Sherlock Holmes we had read before bed. Not reading that one before bed anymore... anyway so I thought a silly Dr Seuss book might perk her up to go back to sleep. She told me she was very confused about the flow of the book. It starts with fish and then goes into nonsensical creatures. We went back through it an realized that Seuss started it with fish and then developed into fish with legs and feet that walk and then into other animals - ones we find in nature and ones we don't (7 hump camels and 11 fingered what-not). Knowing that many of his books have underlying themes (Butter Battle book about the Cold War, The Grinch about consumerism, etc)is it possible he was talking about evolution here? Or am I just over thinking things and really this is just a silly book?
" said.

" Having been a kindergarten teacher plus having 3 children of my own I do believe I have read every Dr. Seuss book. We even had a Dr. Seuss day on which we made green eggs and ham. His books are all part of "must read" for children. " said.

" MY Favorite Dr. Suess book. I actually have the entire book memorized, my girls get a kick out of me reciting it! One of my many useless talents thank you! :) " said.

" A childhood favorite that is still as wondrous to me as an adult. I love reading it to my little son! " said.

" My kid knows almost all the rhymes in this one already. It has some classic Seussian creatures – my favorite is the Clark that the kids found in the park. I think I’d freak if my kids brought one of those home! " said.

" Who doesn't like Dr. Seuess? Even my 18-month-old picks this book over her previous favorites, wanting to read this book cover-to-cover (an amazing feat for an 18-month-old to sit still that long) at least twice in a row. " said.

"Okay, I'm not ashamed to admit it- I stole this from my cousin. She didn't miss it as it was sneakily done. I had heard some raving reviews about this book from 'ole Goodreads and although as a child myself I was never a fan I thought I would give it a go. So, when I discovered the book and film The Grinch which is one of my favourites, and saw this book innocently laying on the table I thought that this was an opportunity to great to miss.

I read this book and although I enjoyed it very much it just didn't have the charm of the Grinch for me. Maybe it is for even younger children than the Grinch but there was just something missing. Don't despair though, it is still as clever as his other works and is still worth a read.
" said.

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