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"Jangles – a BIG fish story by David Shannon – I felt like I was sitting around a camp fire while reading this book. David Shannon had me in a trance picturing a wild huge fish that had the talent of evading all people trying to fish throughout the years… until one person has some luck, amazing luck and a wondrous experience….

I loved seeing how David Shannon creates these beautiful watery illustrations, an unforgettable fish, and a beautiful tall tale. Really have missed books by him for a while.
" said.

"Jangles is a fish tale that goes beyond just a legend. This old trout is so famous that he is talked about for generations. He is always the target and goal for every fisherman in town. Men have gone to great lengths to catch this legendary fish. The surprise of the story is when the main character gets caught instead of Jangles. He finds that the story of Jangles is more amazing than he ever could have imagined. He also learns a very valuable lesson- sometimes the story is the most important thing. This is a very differnt book for Shannon. I really loved the illustrations and think that most boys will enjoy this story. " said.

"Read this 2013-14 Texas Bluebonnet book with my 4th grader. He's a fisherman and couldn't wait to have me read the big fish tale aloud to him. The story was great, a good fish story with a little fantasy stuck in for fun. Coincidentally, we just caught a fish in the Gulf this past summer that already had a lure in the side of its mouth, so my son was able to make connections with the story. Not until the end did I realize that this book is by David Shannon, author of the "David" books which have never been a favorite in our house. We loved the story and the illustrations in this book though!" said.

" We really enjoy reading David Shannon's books, so when I saw this fishing-themed tale at our local library, I just had to borrow it. The story is entertaining and the illustrations are terrific, although I must admit that toward the end the story takes a strange and surreal turn. I almost thought we'd strayed into a David Wiesner story...Overall, this is an entertaining tale with a fun ending. Even though we are not big fans of fishing, we enjoyed reading this book together. " said.

"I was excited to read this book. David Shannon is huge in elementary libraries. The kids love the David books, and I know I can always get a reluctant new reader to check them out.

Now, I must preface this by saying this book is on the 2013-2014 Bluebonnet List, which is a list for Texas students in grades 3-6, where they read the books and vote across the state for a winner. So, I was reading this book while keeping my students in those grades in mind. I like the idea of a mystery fish that no one can catch and the secret of the one person who did. However, I just didn't enjoy the book. I thought the story was a little corny and the pictures too dark.

I'm eager to see how the students like it, but I don't think it will be a favorite. I'll probably stick to the David books for a Shannon read-aloud.
" said.

"Jangles is about a young boy that befriends a legendary fish named Jangles--the biggest fish anyone has ever seen. When the boy is fishing, he meets Jangles, who shakes and jangles on the line. The boy notices that Jangles' jaw is covered in holes from where other fishermen had hooked and failed to catch him. Jangles ends up taking the boy on an adventure to the bottom of the lake, and the boy learns the importance of Jangles' history to the lake. I really enjoyed the storyline, as well as the oil painting illustrations. The settings were so elaborate, the reader was instantly drawn into the dark mysterious lake that Shannon depicted in his dark hues, and the full page drawings of the gigantic fish, that kept getting out of the boy's reach--keeps the reader hooked on the book, and turning the page. " said.

"Kelly Wiegand
April 7, 2015
EDL54500 Library Materials for Children and Youth

Title: Jangles: A Big Fish Story

Author: David Shannon

Plot: A boy's father tells him the legend of Jangles, the biggest fish in the lake, and how their paths crossed one night while he was fishing.

Setting: The Lake; Jangles' Cave

Characters: The boy; Jangles

Point-of-View: First-Person (Father telling son legend of Jangles)

Themes: Honesty; Friendship; Right and Wrong

Style: There is no specific style to the wording or phrases in this picture book.

Copyright: 2012

Reflection: This was such a neat story! I love how the author did not explicitly write out the ending, but makes the reader infer what Jangles asked the boy to do. This could be a book to show variations in story endings if a class is working on fiction writing. Also, to talk about transformations of characters throughout a book.
" said.

"Jangles is a very cute story. It's how a young boy learns something from a fish. As unrealistic as it sounds, it is pretty interesting. The thing about Shannon's books that are apart from the David series, is that you can relate to a lot of them. For example, one can probably relate to someone telling them a story when they were little. The only thing that I liked more than the story itself was the illustrations. The underwater life and illustrations of the fish are so beautiful. They're so detailed and when reading it, the reader definitely should pay attention to the pictures more than other books. A boy feels a tug on his line and comes face-to-face with the gigantic trout. Once this happens, the reader is brought into Jangle's underwater world. It's fun to examine and experience with the boy himself. The boy becomes friends with Jangles and he is surprised that the fish can speak and befriends him. I think it forces kids to think because of how unrealistic it is. It broadens the imagination just by looking at the illustrations." said.

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