The Unusual Suspects (The Sisters Grimm, Book 2) (Bk. 2) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-01-04 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 127 user ratings

"This is the second book in The Sisters Grimm series by Michael Buckley. It's a whimsical romp through the different fairy tales, with myriad characters coming into the story. Puck is completely obnoxious, but is also one of my favorites.

The members of the Grimm family are a diverse mix and I am becoming more vested in them and their story, even if Sabrina seems too whiny. I liked the book and will continue reading the series, especially since our oldest loves the tales.

interesting quote:

"It's a natural human emotion to get angry. So what are you supposed to do? Bottle it up? Well, we all know what happens when you shake up a bottle of soda. It explodes all over the place when you open it. I think feelings are the same way. You've got to let them out when you're having them or you're just going to explode later on." (pp. 60-61)
" said.

"Daphne and Sabrina are back in this latest installment of the Sisters Grimm series!

Ferryport Landing isn't all like it seems- fairytale creatures actually live there! And Sabrina and Daphne Grimm are Fairytale Detectives-helping their grandmother with solving the town's crime.

In this book, Sabrina and Daphne are heading back to school. But-they need someone to protect them. So while Daphne gets the most amazing teacher ever Ms White (aka Snow White-like with the seven dwarves) who may or may not still have feelings for a certain prince, Sabrina's stuck in the cruelties of sixth grade with the insanely gross and annoying Puck- incognito as Robin Goodfellow.

But things at school aren't all as they seem- Sabrina's classmates are like sleepless zombies- and she's having trouble controlling her temper even after visiting the school councilor Mr. Sheepshank. Things take a turn for the worst when Sabrina finds her grumpy homeroom teacher has been murdered!

It's up to Sabrina, Daphne, Granny Relda, and the occasional help of Puck to figure out what's going on in the town- or underneath it.

I enjoyed this book. There wasn't a crazy amount of time in between with the previous and didn't have you lost from lack of knowledge. I actually started with this book-and it was the reason I kept on reading. It's before the drama of the later books, but has everything developed unlike the first, so I really enjoyed learning about the crazy antics of this interesting and new take on fairytales. There was plenty of mystery that kept me reading through, and I loved the school setting, which none of the other books have. While it does have a TO BE CONTINUED ending, I thought it was okay and the third book will take up where this one left off.
" said.

" Definitely loving my redive into this genre, and these books aren't disappointing. If you're looking for a quick and cute middle grade read, this could be the series for you. Can't wait to get to the next book! " said.

" WOW!!! I actually enjoyed this book!!! # 1 was not the best but this one was AMAZING!! Great characters with a twist of magic. I LOVED reading this surprisingly even if I had to read it for school. Great read!!!! " said.

" I wish they had these books around when I was growing up. They are a fun read with a protagonist that any hormonal tween can relate too. I appreciate that we see faults in Sabrina as she learns some hard truths about herself. Flawed heroes and heroines are always more interesting. I am looking forward to reading the rest of this series. " said.

"If you should be looking for a fun series to read aloud to some young people in your life, this is a pretty good series. Lots of fairy tale adventure with the characters not exactly like you remember from the originals. Throw in some life lessons for the youngsters and a good time will be had by all.

Having said that, the ending pissed me off...not to mention the 10 and 7 year olds to which I was reading this story. At the height of the action, just when everybody is in peril...I see the dreaded "To Be Continued". That can be frustrating enough on a TV show but not in a book aimed at youth! It's hard enough to get them to settle down for a good read and just when you've got them enthralled, hanging on every word, you can't tell them what happens next! Yikes, I almost thought I would have to make up my own ending. Now I have to either buy the next volume or wait for a couple of weeks to get it from the library. At least there should be some resolution to the plot without leaving everything hanging.

OK, rant over. It's still an enjoyable series to read...just make sure you have the next volume on hand.
" said.

"First of all, can I say how much I love MG books that actually make me laugh. Not just crack a smile, or get giddy in my soul like the Vulcan fangirl I am, but laugh out loud. Which is precisely what Sisters Grimm has managed to do.

And then there's Sabrina Grimm. Yass, I adore her ^^ Sure, she may get annoying at times, and sometimes the way she deals with Everafters makes me want to go "Dude, you go trust them. Please..." and then punch her. But she's got her good side too. She's got a strong mind, really really cares about Daphne and her parents. Enough to get into a whole lot of trouble about it. She's the perfect hero. Because in the end, aren't us humans flawed? I'm perfect though XD

If you haven't heard enough; it a retelling too. We have Snow who runs the self defence club called the "Bad Apples" and ends up saving Mayor Charming. A sadistic near crazy Red Riding Hood (who wouldn't walk out same when a wolf eats your grandma while you're watching. And one of the three little pigs as a police officer.

The mystery was good too. Good enough not to have me guessing the answer fifty pages before it's revealed too. Addicting. Really, I couldn't stop reading. The plot, the characterization, the mystery -- it had me reeling by the end.

And then that cliffhanger...

Also, can I say how adorable are Puck and Sabrina?


I had none. If you like reading MG or retellings, this series is for you. *pokes* Now go and read it.
" said.

" 4.5 STARS!OMG I love this series so much. Even I had a hard time figuring out the mystery! These are full of adventures and antics and all the fairytale characters we love and hate. This had a great lesson on prejudice and sexism, even though I was right alongside Granny in being mad at Sabrina for half the book. And that ending?! WOWExcited to get into the next one as things are really starting to pick up in the mystery behind the disappearance of their parents. " said.

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