A Short Tale About a Long Dog #2 (Here's Hank) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-05-29 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 25 user ratings

" Another great addition to this series. I think this will be a fun character to intro to 2nd grade. " said.

" This is such a cute and fun book. " said.

" Hank is hilarious and this new series will be entertaining lots of young readers. Can't wait to promote in my library. " said.

" A story about who is not very good student but he wants a dog for a pet. Written in dyslexic font to help students who are dyslexic " said.

" Fun book about a boy trying to convince his dad to let him get a dog. Wow, the text is so easy on the eyes and I love that the font was designed to help words stay anchored on the page to make it more readable for dyslexic readers. " said.

"Big disappointment. The type-face is an interesting element. It's supposed to be easier to read for kids with dyslexia. I'm not sure how well-researched that claim is, though.

The story itself has a few problems. Has anyone ever talked to Henry Winkler about his father issues? They come out in this book. The father is a one-dimensional character whose purpose is to be wrong and say "no".

The other problem is the failed attempt at humor. The one liners are tired and don't relate to the current generation of kids. It was pretty boring.
" said.

"I love this book! First of all, the dyslexie font is brilliant. Incredible!

Then there's the story... could it be any cuter? I thought about my puppy the whole time I was reading and the relationship between Hank and Cheerio was adorable. For it being such simple reading (perfect for an average second grader, I'd guess), there was such depth to the story and characters. Such real-life ideas about how much work a dog is, and very funny, too!

I'm excited to be able to introduce the Here's Hank series to kids when they aren't quite ready for the Hank Zipzer books. Awesome! :)
" said.

"Having just heard Henry Winkler speak last week, maybe I'm loving this book more than I would otherwise. He is a delightful, engaging, moving speaker and he signed all three of my books with a grin on his face! It is possible that created a little bias.

I haven't read any of the Hank Zipzer series (yet), but I like that Winkler and Oliver have taken us back to Hank as a younger boy with the Here's Hank -- before anyone understands that the reason young Hank has so much trouble in school is because he's dyslexic.

I did find myself unhappy with Hank's dad and how intolerant and impatient he was with Hank. After hearing Mr. Winkler speak, I see that this is an echo of his own upbringing and struggle with dyslexia and a difficult dad. I wanted to grab Mr. Zipzer by the shoulders and scream, "Can't you see he's trying???"

The storyline here is fairly typical: boy wants dog, parents require grades to improve to earn dog, parents cave-in when boy doesn't quite meet the deal requirements, dog mayhem ensues, parents have regrets. The illustrations are great (does anyone else see a little of Flat Stanley in Hank's face??)and the story is entertaining and provides more than a few laughs.

SUPER COOL FEATURE: this book was published in a new font called Dyslexie, which as you might guess, helps dyslexic readers' eyes move across a page more easily. You can read about it at

Recommended ages 6-8
" said.

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