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"A really sweet and charming piece of magical realism, this is the story of Tara, a girl about to turn 13 who really hasn't participated much in life. Enter a prank gone awry, a sudden trip to her parents' childhood town all on her own to visit relatives she barely knows, theft, a deal with a mysterious junk shop owner, and Tara finds herself engaging with life in ways she never suspected. This book will be well-liked by kids who have liked Mass' previous books. The only weakness to this book is that it takes Mass 100 pages to get to the actual 13 Gifts of the title, so it may feel to some kids like the story is taking a long time to get started. Best for stronger readers, but suitable for kids in grades 5-7 or so." said.

"13 gifts was a very good but strange book, about a girl whose mom and dad are going to live in Madagascar for one summer. they decide to leave her behind to stay at her aunt and uncles house. when she is leaving her parents give her a gift. her mom gives her her ipod and both her parents give her 200 dollers. When she is on the train ride going there her phone, ipod, and 200 dollers get stolen! As she comes to the new town, willow falls she meets her cousin, and her cousins friends. In the end they are all very good friends. Now she has to find a way to get her 200 dollers back. A strage women in a store tells her that if she finds these 13 things the women will give her 200 dollers!so she and her friends have to work together to find those 13 things! in the end her parents come back and she got her 200 dollers and her phone and her ipod back. i thought this book was good but at some times it got very boring. " said.

"When Tara Brennan is suspended from school for a foolish prank, her parents decide to send her to stay with her aunt and uncle in Willow Falls, the town where both of them grew up. Tara is rather socially inept, partly because the family has moved so often. While they travel to Madagascar for her mother's lemur project, Tara navigates the small town's social order, gaining confidence and making friends as she does. When Tara realizes that she has no money for a bar mitzvah present for David, one of her friends, she ends up making a deal with a mysterious elderly woman to collect 13 objects. As is often the case, Tara finds herself and gains confidence while she is in on this quest. Perhaps most important of all, she realizes that relying on others for help makes tasks easier. Although some parts of the story were too mystical, coincidental, and heavy-handed for my tastes, Tara's journey to self-acceptance seemed realistic. The story is deeper than the cover and the opening pages might indicate. As Tara turns 13, her life seems to have taken a turn for the better. " said.

"13 Gifts by Wendy Mass is a marvelous book in a series of three. 13 Gifts is about a girl turning 13 named Tara, who after stealing her school mascot gets sent away to spend the summer with her cousin in Willow Falls. The story all begins one day when she walks into an old store down one of the alleys in town. That store is a strange store with a suspicious old lady running it. Going in that store nearly ruined her birthday and in the book she gets caught up in the stress of saving it from being ruined by one mischievous old lady who runs the beat up store! This book made me laugh and was definitely a page turner! I never wanted to stop reading this book, every chapter made me want to read on. Wendy mass expressed the growth of the character Tara and how it felt to be her really well. This book was extremely good and I recommend it to everyone. I especially recommend it to people who like a lot of action, anticipation, and comedy! 13 Gifts is a perfect conclusion to the Willow Falls series and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did! " said.

"When Tara gets in trouble at school, her parents send her to her mother's hometown- Willow Falls. It may seem like just a sleepy little town, but the truth is, it holds dark secrets, an apple grove, and a mysterious woman named Angelina.

It turns out, on the train ride to Willow Falls, her wallet, which had $200 given to her by her parents, her phone, and her mom's iPod where stolen. So when she arrives at her uncle and aunt's house, she steals one of her Uncle Roger's many comics to sell to Angelina for money. But Angelina won't take it, and Tara agrees to find some items for her to keep her mouth shut about the incident.

After she collects all the items, she finds that they were props for a musical that was never performed. Angelina tells her to actually perform the play on her thirteenth birthday.

When her parents come to pick her up, she finds out the truth about her mom- why they were always on the move and why has she refused to come back to her hometown for so long.


I loved this book, especially the ending (which I can't stop thinking about). It's very mysterious and Tara's mother's past is VERY interesting, especially since she was the "bad guy" at one point. This is a must read for EVERYONE, including adults.

" said.

"A fun read and a perfect story for teenagers. I have not read the pervious books in willow falls series. But after reading this have become more interested to read all the books in this series.

Tara Brennan, an introvert girl, in an attempt to get fit in with other kids her age, participates in a school prank. She tries to steal a stuffed goat from her school's principal office and get the principal pepper sprayed. She is suspended from the school for two weeks. As a punishment, Tara's mom Molly decides that Tara will not accompany with her parents to Madagascar. Instead she was exiled to Willow Falls to stay with her Aunt Bethany and cousin Emily during her summer vacations. First time she travels alone to Willow Falls via train. By the time she reaches Willow falls, she realizes that her money, mobile and iPod are missing from her back pack. Tara finds some new friends in Willow Falls but she needs money to hang out with her new friends. She decides to sell one of her uncle's expensive comics. She goes to Angelina D’Angelo's junk shop to sell the comic. But Angelina, comes to know that its stolen comic and in exchange of not telling about the theft to Tara's uncle and aunty, she gives Tara a random list of 13 objects to collect. Tara's new friends helps her find those objects.And in the whole process, Tara finds out the reason she is in Willow Falls and what she really wants in her life.
" said.

"SPOILERS! I Enjoyed 13 Gifts, but not as much as 11 Birthdays. Firstly, I don't think Wendy Mass can ever write anything in this series as good as 11 Birthdays. She wrote something then that is unable to be recreated. Finally and 13 Gifts are just follow-ups that are, I feel, somewhat copying her first book. But I did still enjoy all of them. My favorite part that happens throughout these books, is that you cannot read them in a random order because you find in Finally and 13 Gifts, Wendy Mass is relating to what happened between Amanda and Leo. "oh, something wired happened to them in 5th grade and now they swore that they cannot speak to eAch." I think that that is ingenious. I love hearing Bout the other characters from past books. Another thing that I love is how a random person connects back to someone In the main characters life. For example, in this book, a woman who has an object that Tara is looking for, knew her faster I high school. And it ends up being that the object that they get from this woman, connects back to her parents: how her father used a love potion on her mother so that she would love him. That was a sad part for all of us, I think, because we all realized (including Tara) that her parents might just be fake. I can't say anything else on this matter. Sorry, I'm not remembering what happens next and I'm on vacation, so I can't look in the book for it. Will change it ASAP. Hope you enjoyed it!" said.

" Having never read the other books in this series, I picked up 13 Gifts because I was looking for a good Tween recommendation. This was a cute story with very likeable characters. Although I felt it had a bit of a slow start, it was definitely a fun read once I got into it.
After participating in a school prank, Tara's parents decide not to take her along on their summer research trip to Madagascar. Instead, she is being sent to live with her aunt, uncle and cousin (who she barely knows) in Willow Falls. Introvert Tara is crushed to be away from her parents for the first time in her life - especially with her 13th birthday looming on the horizon (Friday the 13th, naturally). Her situation becomes even worse when her backpack is raided on the train ride and her money,cell phone and iPod are all stolen.
Once in Willow Falls, Tara meets some kids her own age. She realizes that she'll need some spending money to hang out with them and decides to sell one of her uncle's expensive comic books. However, she tries selling it to the wrong woman. Angelina owns the junk store in town that is shrouded in mystery. In exchange for not telling her uncle, Angelina gives Tara a list of 13 random objects that she wants her to find and get for her. Tara's new friends, some who have had run-ins with Angelina themselves, decide to help her with her task. However, no one, especially not Tara, expects what Angelina has in store for her next.
13 Gifts was a very cute story that was completely perfect for a Tween girl. I am definitely interested in checking out the previous books in this series.
" said.

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