Good Enough to Eat: A Kid's Guide to Food and Nutrition Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-01-01 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 34 user ratings

" This book is dense with information about nutrition and how food effects the body. The information is written at an upper elementary level with intense content vocabulary like--esophagus, starchy, minerals, potassium, etc. However, the illustrations show very young simplistic cartoon children. I think there was a disconnect between the author and illustrator. Also, the food pyramid toward the back is outdated. " said.

"Decent picture book about nutrition. It's already a bit dated, as the USDA has released a new nutrition model, called Choose My Plate and even the pyramid has changed. But still, the basics are there and it encourages children to eat wholesome, nutritious foods and limit the amount of sweets and fats they consume. So any book that helps to reinforce what I'm trying to teach them is a hit with me.

The book offers the basics without being too informative (meaning not too boring), and with lots of color illustrations, I would recommend it for elementary school-age children. We enjoyed reading this book together. The recipes in the back looked interesting, but only the one I've added below really caught our girls' attention.

Fizzade (soda made ith juice)

2 cups lemonade
2 cups orange juice
2 cups seltzer (sparkling water)
slices of oranges and lemons

1. Combine lemonade, orange juice, and sparkling water in a pitcher with ice, and stir.
2. Decorate each glass with a lemon or orange slice.
" said.

" Informational.This was a great book- it had a good balance of information as well as pictures. I thought it was well written and very informative but also written and presented in an interesting way. Awesome to help kids learn about nutrition. " said.

"A basic guide to eating right and how various foods are used by our bodies for kids.

The information in this is done well. It covers the basics plus a little more in telling kids how each of the major food groups plus some of the vitamins and minerals are used by your body. Illustrations show what a balanced diet would look like, and the advice is sound (though the FDA is always tweaking the food pyramid thing). The illustration style made this feel a teensy bit dated, but it could still be useful for helping educate kids on how to eat healthy.
" said.

"Summary: Good enough to eat tells readers about all of the different nutrients that a person needs in order to be healthy (proteins, fats, mineral, vitamins, grains, fruits, and vegetables). This book gave readers a really good summary of what each nutrient does for your body. It also gives readers really cute illustrations to look at that shows readers how much of each nutrient you need. The book also gives readers very simple experiments to do with food as well as recipes to try.

Evaluation: I really enjoyed this book, I think that a lot of times teachers avoid teaching about nutrients because they are complex and harder to understand. However, this book put it in really easy to understand terms and included very helpful, yet very cute illustrations. I also liked how the book gave students little experiments to try with food because it shows that science is all around us. Finally, I liked the inclusion of recipes to try at home.

Teaching Point: I think it would be really awesome if the PE teacher read this book to the students and talked about healthy eating. I think that often times students separate health and PE from reading, but it would be cool to show them that reading can help in all areas of life.
" said.

"This is the best non fiction book for children to explore food and nutrition. This was intended for preschoolers and school aged children. Lizzy Rockwell did an amazing job putting it into perspective for the audience. "Good Enough to Eat" explores, the functions of each nutrient (carbohydrates, protein, aft, water, vitamins, and minerals), how we digest, how much food we need, and all about calories. The illustration are extremely detailed and range from all over. They are colorful, fun and relate to the topic being discussed. My favorite thing about this book is that it includes some healthy recipes toward the back of the book. This would be wonderful to do a cooking lesson on. This book would be my number one choice when trying to explain the children the importance of eating healthy. I would strongly encourage all parents and educators to use and recommend this book to children" said.

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