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UPDATE TIME: 2017-12-30 
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"This book tells about a sick bear is taken care by a bunch of friends, by boiling tea, singing lullaby, cooking, etc. The author uses a couple of pages to describe how does the bear feel and do when he is sick - he sniffs and sneezes, mumbles and moans, coughs and quivers, which can be used to expand children's vocabulary in health. In the end, the bear gets all better but all the friends are getting tired and sick because they work hard to take care of the bear, so the bear tucks them in bed and bundles them up, gives them kisses and says, "You took care of me now I will take care of you." It is a sweet story which also shows the reciprocity in friendship. This book can be used after "birthday present"activity to help children understand friendship can be built up not just on birthday. " said.

"This book was returned to our library, even though it belonged to another library. In fact, a huge pile of kids' books that belonged to that library was returned to Lawrence Public. I was stacking up the pile when I showed my co-workers the front cover picture of the very sick bear. They said I should read it to them, so I did. I gave a very good, animated reading, if I do say so myself. My co-workers even cheered a little when I was done.

Anyway, this is the story of sick bear whose little mammal friends take care of him during his illness. It's sweet and all, until you remember that in the real world, a bear would not be cavorting with these cuddly little critters. He might even be even eating them. But if you can get over that fact, it's a nice enough story.
" said.

"Autumn has come to the woods, and Bear doesn't feel well. He sniffles and sneezes. He cannot sleep. He aches all over. Worst of all, he's feeling too poorly to play with his friends. How Bear's good friends take care of him with herbal tea and lullabies until he begins to FEEL BETTER is the heart of this loving story.

Who can resist a Karma Wilson "Bear" Book? I love them! My kiddos love them! I love the cadence of the stanzas and the easy rhymes that children can anticipate and read along with. I love the warm colorful illustrations and I love seeing my children love Bear and his friends. It really doesn't matter if he has a loose tooth, or feels scared, or stays up, or sleeps on - Bear and friends are Winners! and we love them all!

Favorite illustration: The pictures Bear's friends draw for him and hang on the line.

" said.

" All of Bear's friends gather to make him feel better. " said.

"Author: Karma Wilson

Illustrator: Jane Chapman

Genre: fictional picture book

Publication Info: Margaret K. McElderry Books (2007)

Reading Level: Ages 4-8; early

Topic/Theme: friendship, illness,

Issues Addressed: taking care of someone when the become ill, strong friendships

Classroom Uses: independent reading, shared reading

Summary: Bear has become quite ill, in fact he is too sick to even play with his friends. His friends decide to become his care givers, and try to make him feel better while taking care of him. They make him soup and tea, and make him get well drawings and sing him lullabies. After a while, bear feels much better thanks to the help of his friends, but his friends become sick. Now it's Bear's turn to care for his friends.

Text and image: The text in this book is really easy and inviting for young readers. It also uses repetition, which helps readers catch on to the key phrase "bear feels sick". The illustrations go along well with this story. They all closely match the text and help readers decode the meaning of the text.

Literary Devices: repetition, rhyming
" said.

"This is an awesome book to read to preschooler and older children. The bear livings a cave he was not feeling well. Several of the forest animal came to visit the bear. The animal were determine to take care of the bear. The rabbit set a fire to keep the cave warm and to do some herb tea for the bear. The mouse encouraged the bear that he will be fine. All the forest animals have covered the bear with a comforter because the bear was so sick. Several forest animals went to out to find herbs for the rabbit can serve to the bear and feel better. The bear was shaking and achy he was still sick. The bear sneezed to everyone his germs. The bear started to doze, after drink the tea that the rabbit serve him. The forest animals watched over the bears for hours just waiting to see if the bear sickness fade away. The next day the bear feels GOOD! The bear wanted to go out to play outside, but the forest animals were all sick not feeling good. The bear has done a good-deed to his friends after they have taken care of you. The bear agree to take care of the forest animals in the cave.

Learning Experience: The teacher will inform the chilren about "GERMS". What is a germ? What cause this germ to effect your body? The children can built a healthy box of all the items to keep you safe from "GERMS" For example: wipes to clean their desk, and pencil, and tissue (so the children can blow their noses).
" said.

"This book tells the story of a Bear who got a cold in an autumn day. He feels very sick and alone by himself in his cave. When his friends know, all of them come around him and everyone does something to make him feel better. Finally when Bear feels all better, his friends all feels sick. And Bear knows it is his turn to take care of his friends.

We all sometimes feel sick and alone. This book reminds children of those sick days and shows them how love and care from others help them feel better. It is a great book for teaching feelings and friendships. Children will understand if someone feels sick, he might not want to play or stay by himself. He might need help. When Bear falls asleep, the small things like walking on tiptoes and whispers are the things that even young children are able to do. The depiction of such helpful things helps children understand that helping others is not that difficult. There is always a way to help if you want. For young children who have a shorter attention span and less receptive language, the teacher can prepare some stuffed animals (e.g., bear, bunny, mouse, owl) to act the story out while reading. For older children, the teacher might let everyone pick a role and act it out together. For children with special needs, teachers can print and laminate the page that everyone is trying to help Bear, and make laminated copies of animals on the picture. They can use Velcro to make it an animal puzzle for children with developmental delay to play with while the teacher is reading.

This book might be put on a bookshelf for 1) social-emotional—understand feelings and friendship.
" said.

" 3/13/17 Naomi read to Julia, Connor, Savannah, & Me. " said.

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