Molly Moon's Hypnotic Time Travel Adventure Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-09-20 
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"This is an extremely fast paced book filled with suspense and action. The protagonist is a witty eleven year old girl who can hypnotize people. In the book, she is kidnapped by a mysterious man who turns out to be from the seventeenth century, and is taken back in time. She quickly learns how to travel forward and backward in time. When the villain, Waqt, captures three versions of her formal self, she must take risks to save her life along with her best friends Rocky and Forest. A great read for kids 9-13" said.

"Molly Moon is taken to India in the past. The maharaja is planning a new life for Molly because she ruined his plans. She needs to find a way back to her place and time before the highly hynotically skilled maharaja goes back in time to change Molly's life. Petula is with her and she helps Molly,but Molly is still scared. Molly learns to time travel but doesn't have the stycrals to do it on her own. He brings baby Molly, three year old Molly, six year old Molly, and ten your own money to the palace. He also brings Rocky (present time) and Forest. Molly needs to save them all before time runs out. They use time travel crystals that Petula stole to escape Zackya. They meet a boy named Ojas in India who is going to help them get away.
I would recommend this book to anyone who liked the first two and wants to read a book with unexpected turns.
" said.

"This is the third book in the Molly Moon series.

This time, Molly learns to time travel with green and red crystals and she gets kidnapped and taken to India back in time by the Maharajah of Waqt, who then goes forward in time and comes back with younger versions of Molly. He plans to make the younger versions of Molly relive her life before he kills them--therefore the actual Molly will also be killed. So Molly has to use her new time traveling powers to stop him and to get back home.

Just like the previous two books, Molly Moons' Incredible Book of Hypnotism and Molly Moon Stops the World, there are well-made characters, a well-made plot, and funny jokes. Although it wasn't quite as exciting as the other books, I still enjoyed it.

But still, you should read the books in order.


P.S. There's gonna be a movie of the first one!

" said.

"Einstein is supposed to have said that the passage of time is relative to the person it affects. When you sit on a hot stove, a few seconds will seem like an hour and when you are talking to a beautiful girl (or a handsome young man, if you are a girl), an hour will seem like a few seconds. What if you can use hypnosis to slow down time so much that it actually stops. And what if, you slow down time even more that you go backwards?

Well this, in short, is basically what Molly Moon does, but along the way, she has to contend with her most dangerous adversary yet, and try to stop him from turning into something like a god!

Yet, despite all this, it seems to be a little worse than the previous works. It gives the feeling of doing too much in too little pages. The bright side though, is the possible revelation, at the end of the book, of a great secret from Molly's mother.
" said.

"I am currently reading Molly Moon's hypnotic time travel adventure by Goeirga Byng. The main characters so far are Molly, Petula, and Rocky. Although I have only read a few pages of this book, it is really interesting even though it is a little confusing because I feel the author isn't explaining things that are happening well enough. She should slow down and explain the setting more in details because the characters fellings are written very descriptively. I really like how the author starts with an intresting beginning which makes it more fun to read. My favorite character is Petula, Molly's dog. Petula is a black pug that is unique and different from other dogs because she has powers just like Mollys and will never give up to perfect them. Petula is very important in the book and to Molly. She is usually the one who gets in trouble and Molly has to save Petula with her powers. I also like Petula because she is very calm, unlike my dog who is very hyper. I give this book 4 stars." said.

"Pages read: 24
Total time: 200 minutes
This is one of the most intense part of the story! In this part we can feel what Petula (the pug) is feeling now that she is in India with Molly escaping from a horrid villain. We can also feel how a poor person felt back in old India. This is because Molly goes back in time to old India. When she does this, she meets a boy named Ojas who is an orphan as well but lives on the street. We knows how he feels because they travel in a train, but on the roof of it. The weirdest part is, that they are right on top of the villain who is chasing them. Although he is not the main villain of the story, he is quite scary. I really think that even though Waqt (real villain) has power over Molly because he has 3 younger selves of her, she is not scared. She knows that Waqt could never hurt a child. But that is just my opinion because she would be panicking if it wasn´t for that.
" said.

" I loved this series when I was a kid, but if I read it now, I'm well aware that my rating would probably change. " said.

" Cute, a little boring though. My daughter wanted me to read it. " said.

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