Only the Ring Finger Knows Vol. 3 (v. 3) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-06-04 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 3 user ratings

" Its a great series , I'm glad I got a copy of this with me to drool and read XD " said.

" I have no words to express how much this novel made me feel! " said.

" This is the worst editing of the series. If you can make it through this one, you can make it through anything. Even things This, Wataru thinks. " said.

" Blah, I'm done with this. It's pretty boring- Wataru is preparing for exams, he and Yuichi never seem to know the right thing to say to one another, so they're always teetering between love and rage and come across as generally annoying. Done. " said.

"Bloody awful. Terrible translation - I had to concentrate REALLY hard while reading this so I could follow what was happening. Ideas jumped so frequently that nothing flowed or made sense.

And what the heck was wrong with the characters? Wataru is always upset about the dumbest things, Yuichi is a terrible, mean person, all of the girls are mentally unstable, and everyone becomes offended easily. Apparently, it is completely normal for high school girls to lock a girl up in a room because they are jealous that she goes out with a popular boy. Oh, and it's normal to auction off personal items of popular kids. It's as if the cliques of America are the structure of Japanese society in this book.

I also found Kannagi's constant narrative summary irritating. She would go on for three pages about how Wataru's thought processes are going. There is also no indication between thought, which character is speaking, and actual dialogue.

I've finished this book and I can't even say what the hell it was about.
" said.

"The story was okay, involving lots of worrying and naiveté from Watatu. Though, I guess it is these characteristics that make Wataru a lovable character, even though the reader may want to hit him on the head sometimes for not seeing things that are obvious. We get to see a different side of Yuichi in this book, as there is more interaction between him and his brother, Shohei. Some of the other minor characters from previous books appeared in the second story of the novel, such as Karin and Toko. Overall, a nice addition to a cute little love story.

However, the editting of this book was more than a bit frustrating. Words would be left out sometimes, or the grammar would be incorrect. I found these mistakes quite obvious and jarring as I read the book.

The binding of the book is rather different, though the same as the first two books. The pages are thick, and thus having to make the binding equally as thick to keep the whole book together. It is difficult at times to read the book comfortably, and puts a strain on the fingers at times, especially when they lock into place. However, this is just an aesthetic comment, and in no way hinders the likeability of the book.
" said.

"Volume three of the Only the Ring Finger Knows novel series, The Ring Finger Falls Silent, suffers many of the same problems that its predecessor, The Left Hand Dreams of Him, did. Again it is translated by Duane Johnson, and again it suffers many instances of awkward sentence structure, and particularly very confusing dialogue and unquoted or even not so much as clearly defined thoughts. It is however an improvement in quality over the last volume (did DMP perhaps read my previous review and take notes? Too much to hope for, I know...), which was almost laughable for its many typographic and grammatical errors. There were also a number of instances of hyphens attached to the word "in" and a word to follow it, that seemed very out of place (was I the only one drawn to this?).

Odagiri's illustrations are again beautifully drawn, but of course, as in volume 2, they are out of place. Each of them seem to be several pages late in this volume, and in a few of the more pivotal moments, the allure that would have been added to the scene is lost and the scene has changed focus by the time the reader gets to experience the illustration. Very unfortunate.

That aside, this installment doesn't hold quite as much emotional power as the previous two installments. As the loyal readers, which if you have followed these awkward DMP localizations you must be to plow through a third book, we get our Yuichi/Wataru fix satisfied. Their love is as strong for each other as ever, but always at a difficult price. Their relationship is only known to a few, and the number of people who know and do not approve is on the rise, as we discovered in volume 2. Shohei in particular makes his intentions and reasonings behind his attitude towards his younger brother's relationship known and he hatches a plot to drive a wedge between them in part 2, Your Confession in Both Hands. For his part, Asaka in part 1, also makes his intentions, long suspected by Yuichi, and us, known to Wataru as well with some forward and desperate, and ultimately hopeless, actions. Don't worry though, everything, like it always does to fill our hearts with warmth reading the books of this wonderful series, works out just fine for our boys in the end.

The Ring Finger Falls Silent is quite a bit longer that the second novel, which itself was quite a bit longer than the first novel (about 50 pages increased each volume) and therefore took me an extra hour or two to get through. More for your money I suppose.

The love scenes are more descriptive in this volume, for those who are interested in the graphic romantic bits, but there are fewer scenes of Yuichi an Wataru's physical relationship. Instead of being merely flowery some actual spacial detail is provided, though it still retains the beauty of Kannagi's poetic style.

The afterward by Kannagi herself is probably the most hopeful part in the whole book, though. Within those few pages we are revealed that this storyline is not quite done with and we can look ahead to more novels from our fair author and her loyal illustrator chronicalling the deep love and bond of our heroes, Yuichi and Wataru, in the coming years.
" said.

"I like this books because it thaks me in. I'm not a big reader but I read it in 2 days. The story flows and I want to know what happens next.

A good advise read it!!!
" said.

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