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UPDATE TIME: 2019-08-19 
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" This books a good read, it's not nearly as monumental as some "self-help" books but it's interesting. I found the first section on healthy living to be the most influential (I've even tried his work out a few times!). The best part about this book is that it's coming from a You Tuber as if he's your friend. We all know Marcus and that gives the book a level of personality that is hard to reach. I also love the books layout and style! Congratulations on your first book Marcus! " said.

" Watch Marcus Butler's YouTube channel and it doesn't take long to see why he's so popular. First, he's immensely likeable. It's a pleasure to invite him onto your screen to make you smile and laugh with his antics. Second, he uses his influence for great good. He'll tackle challenging issues because they're the right thing to do. And in 'Hello Life', he brings all of those qualities onto the page as he shares lessons on getting fit and succeeding in life. " said.

" Definitely not as good as most of the other memoirs written by youtubers this past year. I've been watching marcus for years now, and the same thing that bugs me in his videos bugs me in the book, his thoughts on nutrition are rarely based on anything remotely resembling actual science. It isn't as annoying in his videos, because it's relatively rare when he talks about it, but, it's pretty prevalent in the book. " said.

" I didn't start this today. I did read it though, and though it might be an odd book for a 51 year old to read, I found it pretty enjoyable. I will let you know that, in the case here, your enjoyment is gonna be tied up in whether you are familiar with the world of YouTube vloggers. If you are, and if you are familar with Marcus Butler, you will be interested in his humorous takes on various parts of life. " said.

"I’ve been following Marcus since his early days on YouTube and I heard he’s releasing a self-help book (I love s-h books), so why not purchase it? Basically, Hello Life is a self-help book mixed with his personal experiences dealing with life difficulties. This book is a fun-quick read and I honestly find some of the contents in the book very helpful. Though, some parts people might find this annoying since he keeps on rephrasing what he’s been saying in the early pages. Overall, it’s a very sweet effort from Marcus. I love this book and him. Never stop doing what you’re doing! " said.

"I think this was the second book I've read from a Youtuber. This book was an easy read but I think the editing of this book was just totally off. It started with being healthy and all that stuff. So, I was actually thinking this book was all about being healthy.
Although the author's writing was okay. It wasn't properly written. Like, this book was all over the place.
But I actually appreciated his advices on life, and among other stuff. Definitely younger audience will love this book.

Over all this was okay. By far, the best book from a youtuber I've read.( *Note: Ive only read two books from Youtuber )

" said.

"Marcus started his YouTube channel in 2010 and I became one of his subscribers in 2012 when I was going through some really tough stuff at school and I still am a very loyal fan of his. He's an amazing guy and stupidly enough, I call him one of my friends even though he doesn't know me. But his videos and friendship got me through a lot of rough stuff and always put a smile on my face. I hope one day to meet him in person and tell him how much his videos mean to me.
Reading this book was like watching one of his videos. It made me smile and I could almost hear him in the book, which was lovely. But unfortunately, I felt like the structure of the book itself was a little unorganized and jumped around a lot but I really enjoyed getting to know Marcus on a more personal level again. There's a lot of stuff in this book that he doesn't talk about in his videos, so that's really cool. For those of you that don't watch Marcus, don't bother reading his book. But for those of you that have been his loving "butt-butts" with sexy faces, it's a must read :) love you Marky butt butt <3
" said.

"I was very excited to purchase and read his new book, and I genuinely enjoyed it and the topics Marcus discussed in it. In this book, Marcus talks about health, dating, how to survive a crisis with friends & family, and how to be successful.

What I liked was Marcus would start each topic talking about his experience in that area, and then would give advice or tips afterwards that could help you. I loved reading about health and how he changed his lifestyle to a healthy one. He and Niomi are both inspiring so many people to be healthier, myself included, so it's nice to read what inspired him and how he stays motivated.

I love Marcus and Niomi together, and I really enjoyed reading about how they met to when they started dating. I'm very sad that they recently broke up. I found out just after reading that chapter of Marcus' book. But I respect that you can't know everything that's going on in other peoples lives, especially those that put a large part of their lives on social media. I wish them all the best!

Marcus went through some of the crisis's he's experienced in his life with friends and family, and talked about how he dealt with it. He also talked about his YouTube story and how it all began. This book is great if you're a fan of Marcus' as you learn more about him as well as get some helpful advice in certain areas from his perspective. Well done Marcus on a great book!
" said.

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