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" The strongest of men feared him. The weakest of souls were crushed by his ego. None have dared to threaten neither his street reputation nor his authority. His gang, the Crips, is notorious for their viciousness and brutality. When Stanley (he acquired the nickname “Tookie”) Williams, the mastermind behind all of this, suddenly realizes that the world isn’t his playground nor does he make the rules. He may have ran from the law, but the law caught up.
Life in Prison, his short book, insists that the violent lifestyle of a violent offender may not be as pleasurable as you think. Stanley’s childhood innocence was robbed way too young, as he was accepted in gang lifestyle. Robberies, street firefights, and drugs were popular/common events where he grew up. It may not be surprising that he became a part of the norm. Revelations uncover in the most intriguing ways in Life in Prison. You may encounter similar stories through the media (television, newspapers, etc.), but Stanley gave you the behind the scenes, behind the bars, perspective of an inmate stuck in the arduous concept of being stuck on Death Row. Back in Stanley’s early childhood, ex-convicts would always explain to minors on how prison was a pleasant place. Some described it as a place in which men, on a basis, competed to earn a title of their strength. In reality, prison is nothing like those descriptions. The plight of Stanley “Tookie” Williams may imprint in our hearts. We may view this man in scorn, but I surely do not. It truly takes a real man to admit, wrongdoings. Stanley did prove his strength in prison, but I am not acknowledging physical excellence, I am admiring his mindset. He may be ashamed of the legacy he had left behind, but he started to refurbish it with a new one.
"My lack of fear of this barbaric methodology of death, I rely upon my faith. It has nothing to do with machismo, with manhood, or with some pseudo former gang street code. This is pure faith, and predicated on my redemption. So, therefore, I just stand strong and continue to tell you, your audience, and the world that I am innocent and, yes, I have been a wretched person, but I have redeemed myself. And I say to you and all those who can listen and will listen that redemption is tailor-made for the wretched, and that's what I used to be…That's what I would like the world to remember me. That's how I would like my legacy to be remembered as: a redemptive transition, something that I believe is not exclusive just for the so-called sanctimonious, the elitists. And it doesn't—is not predicated on color or race or social stratum or one's religious background. It's accessible for everybody. That's the beauty about it. And whether others choose to believe that I have redeemed myself or not, I worry not, because I know and God knows, and you can believe that all of the youths that I continue to help, they know, too. So with that, I am grateful…I say to you and everyone else, God bless. So take care."-Stanley “Tookie” Williams, on WBAI Pacifica.
Nothing may bring you closer to accessing the true painstaking agony of a prisoner, especially placed in Death Row, than Mr. Williams’ novel. This book deserves, an obvious, 5-star rating. However, this doesn’t follow the typical rubric. One may not simply say this book was “interesting” or “well-written”. Those are such inappropriate terms to use with this novel. This book was not to interest, even if it may have. It was to warn outsiders of the plight that one experiences behind bars. Hollywood may not portray this pain, for this is genuine. To know that Stanley felt that his readers have changed by this book would be amazing. This novel, Life in Prison, didn’t simply “change” me, but it wanted me to continue his word. To believe that this man, once a relentless gang leader, transformed into a heartfelt entrepreneur of this new era is incredible. This was not a book, for it was a plead, or an epiphany. The world may never be the same after his book touched the hearts of many (and probably prevented young teens accepting such a morose lifestyle). I recommend this book to those of the curious, but also to the appreciative. Non-fiction fans would admire this book!
Stanley “Tookie” Williams 1993-2005
Grading System
1 Star- The book was torturous! It wasn’t worth the time that you spent reading it.
2-Stars-The book had a 2 chapter’s worth of enjoyable context. I don’t really recommend it.
3-Stars-It was a great book, but lacked one special element that would enhance the read. It would depend on the book if I were to grade it or not.
4-Stars-It was an excellent book. The majority of this book had great context. However, it is not the book for everyone.
5-Stars-The book was almost perfect! I cannot say anything negative about this book. It was worth every nanosecond that you had spent on reading this book. It would be worth reading again.

" said.

" i thought it waas good because it really shows you how bad it can be in jail it is very specific and give lots of details about why you will not ever want to be in prison " said.

"When I ordered this off amazon I thought it was a detailed memoir of prison for adults, but its a cautionary tale aimed at teenagers. Written for children and teens, it basically addresses them and seeks to teach them why they need to stay in school and not break the law. It paints prison in honest terms and goes against the belief that in prison one will be happy and have proved their machismo.

I found it lacking in that it wasn't' the book I expected, but I'm giving it five stars because I think it will be really good for its target audience.
" said.

"Stanley "Tookie" Williams is one of the original founders of the Crips gang. After his involvement in a robbery where he killed four people, he was sentenced to death. During his time in prison, Stanley realized the errors of his ways and teamed up with a journalist who helped him write a series gang prevention books for kids. He also wrote his memoir and this book, "Life in Prison", for teenagers, warning them about what he made of his life and why not to follow in his footsteps. Stanley won the Nobel Prize for the work he did during his stay in prison. A few years ago, his death sentence was carried out, despite many pleas and protests from people who felt he had at least made a valiant effort at redemption. This book is kid-friendly but still a scary description of prison life. My "at-risk" students love it. It helps for them to hear warnings from someone who has lived it, and from someone they admire. I respect the work that Stanley did to try and prevent kids from following the same path." said.

" Why do you think you read this book?
My point in reading this book was because my father is practically spending his whole life in prison. I could relate to this book because I know what it is like to have some one you love gone away for life. Though you could go see them if you want to. But as Tookie said, " once you are in jail you are out of sight and mind". It is not that we don't love the people or family we have in jail, its just a burden. I feel like I didn't make a big mistake as they did so why should I be burdened with the calls and constant visits. Life in Prison is an amazing book to read especially if you are growing up with out a mature or responsible supervisor. Also if gangs are heckling you or always around and that's all you see.
Describe a part of this book you identified with?
The part of the book that I identified with most was when Tookie talked about being claustrophobic.
I am claustrophobic as well. I cant be in tight spaces especially if its crowded. I have a severe fear of elevators. I could practically faint just at the sight of one. I couldn't imagine being locked in an elevator sized room for basically the rest of my life. I would probably commit suicide just as one of his friends did. Life in Prison is no joke. I recommend parents and guardians make their children/ youth to read this story. It is very life changing.
" said.

"The book, "Life in Prison" is a sharp touch of reality inside a federal prison. It's written by Stanley Tookie Williams and acts as a bit of an autobiography on his life before, in and after prison. If you enjoy biographies then I definitely recommend this book.

The book starts when Stanley moves to a new neighborhood as he refers to as the, "hood". There is dangerous activity in the hood, with drugs, violence and gangs and Stanley almost immediately wishes to become someone who could prove his dominance by participating in these activities. One of his friend's brothers went to jail and when they got out they explained to Stanley how amazing prison was and how if you were a "real man" then you were sent there. Captivated, Stanley ended up there for over 20 years, even though his family always warned him how damaging prison is.

The poignant book will certainly touch your heart as you read about Stanley's struggles, family and his slow journey back into the outside world. Stanley has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and if you read this book you will understand why.

So many reviews exclaim about how if you, "have a delinquent who's rude, swayed to participate in horrible things, or anything like that-make him/her read this book-it can and will change lives."

I highly recommend this book to everyone, it really is a eye opener and it will turn your world and heart upside down.

~Alex Lee 7-1
" said.

" A short read...but very powerful! " said.

" Excellent book for high and at-risk kids. " said.

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