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"It's more a 3.5!
I enjoyed this sequel but overall I only tought it was an okay read. I have read Dead Beautiful almost two years ago and probably it will be better if I picked up the sequel right after. Yeah, it was okay, nothing more, but well written and enjoyable ;D. Maybe I will read the final book in the trilogy, but right now I'm not interest in reading it.

Sicuramente è stato uno sbaglio leggere questo libro dopo due anni dalla lettura del primo. Me lo sarei sicuramente goduto di più, ma nonostante questo non l'ho trovata una brutta lettura ;). È scritto bene, godibile, la storia prende degli spunti interessanti ma non mi ha coinvolta tanto come il primo. Per questo non leggerò subito il terzo, non ho interesse a farlo ora. Ma non farò più passare due anni, questo è certo ;).
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Looking through the reviews on GoodReads, I feel like I'm the only person that didn't enjoy this book. I read this hoping that it would be better than the first, but really, it wasn't any better, and that's really disappointing.

Renee is still swooning over Dante, because what else do you do when it's a super hawt dead guy? *Cough* Twilight *cough*. Renee is still hung up over him even though she's been sent to a new boarding school and has to sneak out to see him. And then she meets Noah.

Noah, as I recall, is in some sort of relationship with Clementine, who is like the queen bee of the school. Renee and Noah sort of have this thing, even though they're both in relationships with other people. Like, I don't even know, dude.


I don't remember a whole lot, due to the fact that I read this over a year and a half ago, and because I didn't really care about it. So this review is pretty short.

At the end, some one kind of important dies, and Renee doesn't really seem to care even though she kind of got that person into the situation.

Still annoying.

Still creepy. And dead.

He seemed OK.

Queen bee, didn't care too much for her.

Overall, this book was just as disappointing, however, I'm going to read the third book pretty soon so I can just finish this trilogy.
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"Renée is back living with her grandfather after school is over. The events that happened at the end of the school year have bought her a summer of therapy. Now, she is having nightmares that are unusual for a monitor (one who can sense the undead.) She doesn’t tell anyone about the nightmares because she thinks that they are unreal and insignificant, until a member of the faculty of her school dies which is congruent with the dream she had. Gottfried Academy is closed to students and only remains open to the undead. Because of this, she attends Lycée St. Clement Academy which is located in Montreal, Canada. This is a school solely for monitors. Renée initially has reservations on attending the school because she wonders how she will see her undead boyfriend and soul mate, Dante.

At Lycée St. Clement Academy, she learns how to become a better monitor. She also is finding it harder to be separated from Dante. She sees him occasionally and learns that he is working on finding an answer to how she and Dante can survive with only one soul as their time is running out. She also learns about the Nine Sisters, their secret and The Liberum. While trying to figure those three things out, she has episodes where she loses consciousness and has dreams that will help her find what she is seeking.

Things I Liked:
As always, Woon is very descriptive. You learn things in this book which will help explain the past events. I love the way that she expands on Renée’s and Dante’s relationship and add new characters into the mix. Some of the characters were in the first book and you are just not getting to see them more in the writing.

Things I didn’t like:
Having to wait for the next book in this series to figure out what is going to happen, but that is always the case in multiple book series.
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"Thank you to NetGalley and Disney-Hyperion for the opportunity to read and review this ARC. This is book 2 in the Dead Beautiful series and while I'm still not a fan of the Undead/Zombie world, I have to say I did enjoy the action and adventure in this one.

At the end of book 1, Renee and Dante (take second w/your thoughts...Dante...) have become "soul mates" but in order to keep her safe, he leaves her which is of course, how you prove to someone that you want to spend forever with them, right? In his defense, he IS trying to keep her safe while he looks for a way for them to be together.

There's a new school, with new friends and rivals as well as a new mystery to solve that could result in Renee and Dante finally being able to be together. There's also a new guy, Noah, to complicate things for Renee and put her relationship with Dante to the test. Not only is Noah a Monitor (and a cute one too) he's interested in helping her solve the mystery of the strange visions she's been having. (He likes girls who like action and adventure. If I wasn't married, I'm pretty sure I'd be a candidate for Noah's dream girl.) Did I mention that Noah happens to be the boyfriend of Renee's latest rival, Clementine? Yeah, that makes things kinda interesting too. This sends them on an adventure that will not only challenge their skills as Monitors but will make them question all they've believed to be true about the history of the Undead right up to the heart racing end.

Let's not forget about Dante (as.if.) while we don't get to see him as much as we did in book 1, he's still around. Whenever he does show up, he tells Renee that he's been doing things to help "them" and she needs to trust him. He's constantly leaving her secret love messages (in Latin no less!) that only she can read but when her visions begin to take a dark turn, she starts to doubt him, their relationship and their love. (While reading these parts, I wanted to shake her and say, "Helleew Renee! Seriously?! This is Dante we're talking about! Dante!" This is hard to do with fictitious characters, and I'm prett-y sure my neighbors would think I'd gone off the deep end considering I was on my deck at the time.)

The ending had my heart pounding and I was happily discontent. Why? Because I realized there will be another book that I have to now wait for and I'm not the most patient person. I need to know what happens NOW! NOW! NOW! See? Not patient.

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by Yvonne Woon
Due Out: January 24, 2012

WARNING: Spoiler Alert.

This is the sequel of the book DEAD BEAUTIFUL. The biggest premise of the series is that children (up to age 21) who die and are not buried nor burned will reanimate after 10 days. they will retain memories from their former life and still be functional yet are quite different. their senses will be dull and they will be emotionally detached, apart from having very cold skin. The Undead can only live up to 21 years after reanimation unless they can find their lost soul, which is virtually impossible. And one kiss from them will mean a stolen soul and death.

Renee Winters’ parents died after being kissed by the undead. She gets shipped off by her grandfather to Gottfried Academy where she meets mysterious and gorgeous Dante Berlin. She falls deeply in love with him only to find out that he is an Undead. While she on the other hand is a Monitor, a person who can sense the dead and is tasked to kill them if necessary. Circumstances happen and she willingly kisses Dante to give him her soul and die herself. But at the end of Dead Beautiful, Dante sacrifices his new life to give Renee back hers.

Life Eternal starts with Renee not quite herself anymore. She died and lived again because of Dante, but in the process literally lost a big part of her soul to him, and as such they have become one entity, only fully alive when with each other. She knows that the only chance they have at life together is if Dante finds eternal life. Another problem is that Dante is on the run from Monitors who are hunting him down as they are convinced that he killed the former headmaster at Gottfried Academy. But rumors abound about the Nine Sisters who are believed to have discovered the secret to living forever. So Renee searches for clues that may lead to eternal life….or death.

I love the character of Dante. He is strong and loyal. And even though at a certain point in the book Renee starts wavering on her trust in him, he never lost his faith in her. Renee on the other hand is confused. Certain events, and deaths in the book point towards Dante and since he chooses to remain silent about his activities while on the run and his whereabouts, Renee has reasons for her questions. There’s also Noah, another Monitor who is a really good and supportive friend to Renee. But he wants more than what she can give….. because in the end, there is always Dante.

This is a good read. although it’s quite lengthy, I didn’t really notice time pass as every chapter drew me in more. the pace is just right and as expected, the ending left me hanging. It left me frustrated about Noah (the ice! The ice!) and hopeful about Dante and Renee. It also left me with questions, the biggest being: will one truly have to die for the other to survive? Let’s ponder this one ladies until the next book comes out. Till then, read these with a tissue or two….
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"Pages: 408

Genre: YA Fiction/Paranormal/Suspense

Author's website:

Cover Rating:

Beautiful cover, but I'm not sure I know from the cover images exactly what the book is about. I can see it is coming from a cold and snow-encrusted region, the canary in a cage is an interesting image, and the stony arch denotes an entry into an aged place. Otherwise, the girl is just pretty and we aren't sure how she relates to the title. Love the font used and the proper placement of title and author, as well as the designation that this is one in the series of the Dead Beautiful novels. The black scroll and lettering against the white and pale blue background is beautiful. Rating: B+

The Bookish Dame Reviews:

Interesting book. It's the talent of a good author that draws you in to want to read more about her main character. It's the capability of a gifted author that makes a character come to life such that the reader almost believes she's in that character's skin! And, it's the genius of an author that plots a story from fantasy and couches it in a real world setting, then makes you believe it could actually happen! Yvonne Woon is an author of awesome talents just like these. She had me captivated with interest in her characters right from the beginning.

I enjoyed this story about "monitors," people born with the talent to sense death or the undead...and who are charged with the duty of tracking them and putting them to "rest." The central figure in "Life Eternal" is Renee Winters, a 17 year old, orphaned, "rebirthed" monitor who is suspected of being immortal after having died in a previous year at her school, and then becoming "reactivated." Although Renee was actually only switching souls with her boyfriend, Dante, (whom we can only know best after having read the 1st book in this Dead Beautiful Series) the rest of the Monitoring world, including her grandfather, isn't sure just what really happened to her. It's a central bone of contention in this book of the series, as is Renee and Dante's quest to keep themselves and their love alive.

Rich in detail and characterization, in a make-believe world in Maine and Montreal that actually seems possible at times, and in the depth of loving relationships between friends and family, this book is a very good read. I love fantasy, paranormals like this one! The ghoulish isn't made into too much a farse, it's made to feel close to real, and I love that. And, as an aside, I thoroughly enjoyed Ms Woon's references to the intellectual: libraries, book stacks, professorial types and such. Yummy reading highlights for a bookaholic...

If you're looking for an engaging, suspense read on the paranormal side with some kindly, intelligent figures and a very good storyline, this book is for you. Yvonne Woon is a snappy writer, young and upbeat with a smooth sense of dialog and a way with words. Her introduction of the Nine Sisters adds a welcomed depth to her series. It's great fun to read her book. And, I relish the fact that this is only the 2nd book in the series...the ending left me hanging on for the next one coming!! Good young adult fiction that adults will like very much. We need this series in our collection!

5 Stars


See Also:

This is the first book in the "Dead Beautiful Series" by Yvonne Woon
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"4.5/5 stars!

I was so happy to see that “Dead Beautiful” was getting a sequel – even though it felt like a standalone, I had the feeling that there was a lot more room for more of Renee and Dante’s story to be told. What’s better is that this volume feels like Woon has grown leaps and bounds within her abilities for worldbuilding and character construction as well as arc execution (though those were never a problem in the first book, all of the aforementioned technical details in this book feel so much more solid and real). Frankly, “Life Eternal” is better than the first book, and it definitely deserves the read if you’re into alternate ideas of what defines both “love” and the “undead”.

Spoiler alert that gave me nightmares – undead children. Just putting that out there. If the thought of zombie children trying to steal your soul is enough to put you off reading, you may want to skip this volume. I won’t spoil you any further on how zombie children are connected to this book’s world – you definitely have to read it for yourself (and my hat’s off to Woon here – you did something really risky here, and I love it!). However, I urge you heavily to read it anyway, because it really is better than the first. The pace is slow at first but really ramps up once Renee gets to her new school in Montreal, where we learn more about not only what really happened with Dante at the end of the first book, but her summer in between the ending of the last book and the beginning of this one. Just as in the first book, Woon really knows how to pace her story and where to place her Big Reveals, so much and so often that I literally had to stay up one night and finish this volume of the “Dead Beautiful” series just so I could actually sleep. It’s even more addictive than the first book.

One (small) problem I did have was the pseudo-love triangle with Noah, but I see why Woon did it, so I can forgive her for it. In order to create more conflict with Dante, the Liberium, and the Undead in general (not to mention with Clementine), Noah had to be used to create a pseudo-love triangle with the very lonely Renee. In terms of character development, Renee’s personal “who/what am I?” arc really went off without a hitch, and it was so nice to see that with so many YA books who try to pull of smoothly transitioned self-identity arcs but fail miserably at it. It was also nice to see more of her uncertainty here, too, along with being bullied – or, maybe I should put it as not instantly popular at her new school compared to her old one. Renee grew leaps and bounds and all because of the pressure Woon put on her here. Woon isn’t afraid to torture her characters (literally and figuratively) and I love it when authors aren’t afraid to do that.

As for Dante, we don’t get much character development with him here, but since this is more of a role reversal compared to the first book of with the priority of finding out who/what Renee has become compared to who/what Dante is, I found this to be acceptable. This was fine, though that ending (I won’t spoil it, but whoa) really left me hanging and frankly, breathing heavily and creepily for the next book in this series. It was a masterfully done cliffhanger, and though I’m not really for one with cliffhangers in YA fiction at the moment (only a few have been done right), this one really knocked my socks off.

What also really grew in this book was Woon’s worldbuilding skills. I felt like this book really solidified the world of the Undead/Monitors/Plebeians and made it a very real alternate reality. Even though we don’t find out much about St. Clement as a main location for Renee in this book, the back history of the school that’s been knit into both Gottfried Academy and the Ile de Seours (a real place in Montreal, btw) really made things feel solid. Renee’s quest for self-identity also knit back in very neatly into this further-developed world and all around just kind of made things complete. I can’t describe it in any other words than that. Read it and you’ll know what I mean.

If this is the second of three books, then there’s definitely no middle book syndrome here. I’m hoping this isn’t a trilogy but hopefully a tetrology/quartet, but hey, I’ll take what I can get. Definitely going on my best of 2012 so far list for messing with my own ideas about what zombies are, and one of the best “middle” books (if it is indeed that) out this year so far (and there are A LOT of them coming out). “Life Eternal” is out February 24th 2012 in North America (check with your local bookseller if you live elsewhere) and is seriously one of those series that begs for a read. Be sure to go and check it out – if not for me, won’t you think of the zombie children?

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" P. S. The extra star is for the concept; which, of course, here is ruined potential. " said.

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