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"Blood on the River, James Town 1607, is a work of historical fiction and describes the early colonization of Virginia. The story is told through the eyes of young Samuel Collins, an indentured servant to the colony's eventual, and embattled, leader John Smith. The bulk of the story occurs over the first few difficult years and the book's end wraps up the tumultuous colony's first decade with all the bloodshed one would expect.
The author, Elisa Carbone, does a great job of keeping the reader engaged throughout the book. As she states in the Author's Note at the end of the book, Carbone has done a great deal of painstaking research and it clearly shows. Although some of the dialogue and events leading up to colonization are fictionalized, much of what she writes actually occurred. She even goes to great lengths to dispel the Disney-fied idea that Pocahontas and John Smith were romantically involved. (Pocahontas met and married John Rolfe, followed him back to England, and died there shortly after. Shame on you, Disney.)
This superb work of historical fiction is nearly beyond reproach; however, for older readers such as myself, the writing and the author's point of view, can be somewhat off-putting. The book is clearly intended for middle school readers and it is written as such. The main character, Samuel, is a young teenager throughout most of the book and his telling of the story is, and should be, told from a teenage perspective.
I would recommend this book to young readers who enjoy adventure, historical fiction, and interesting, reliable first-person narrators. If that describes you, pick it up. It's a fun read.
" said.

" It was okay but I saw lots of moments where it could be so much better than what they were doing. " said.

" I think that this book teaches a really good lesson. This is a really good book/ " said.

" Historical Fiction. First English Settlers at James Town and their interactions with the Native Americans. I just finished reading this one to my children and it was riveting. Carbone also included a section at the end detailing her research. " said.

" I thought that this book was great it had all the qualities i like in a book it was funny, it was sad and depressing and it was based on a true story that was historic fiction.But i wish there was another book because itdident end as i had hoped it ended with him in a family i wish you could read the story of how he grew up.Katie " said.

"I read a book called "Blood on The River" by Elisa Carbone. It was a science fiction book. I thought that this book was a good way of telling about a historic event. The book was set in the late 19th century and was mostly about the first British settlement in america. The main character in the book is Samuel he is a boy whose age was around 12 years old. Through out most of the book Samuel was Captain Smith's servant. Captain Smith was also a very important character in the book. He was very smart and serious. Richard was one of Samuel friends. In the bigging of the book Samuel and Richard didn't like each other but by the end of the book they were very close friends." said.

"I really enjoyed this book although I am not a fan of historical fiction. I felt that you could really picture the setting and characters. For instance when Samuel and Richard were fighting on the ship I felt I could really imagine what the other passengers were thinking and where they were fighting (what it looked like). Also when the natives attacked then I could clearly imagine what it was like. Especially when one of the men came back with James's body. However some things I disliked about the book is how it just cuts off when Samuel and Ann go to point Comfort and in the afterword you learn that James town starves and kill most of the natives. I would have enjoyed a bit more of a story on this but everything else I really enjoyed." said.

" In Jamestown 1607, a boy fought to survive, that boy was Samuel Collier. He was a hard headed boy with anger issues, that was also very stubborn. This book teaches a lesson about how to curb your anger, and make decisions out of love, not anger. It all starts when he beats up a fellow orphan named Richard who later becomes his best friend. The teachers force him to be Captain John Smiths servant. What a life! He then finds out America's no easy road. My favorite part is when Samuel steals a baby and takes it to a safer place. Here is what he says to a soldier on guard,"I have to report you to captain Davies, my commanding officer. I groan. My meat ration for a month? I offer him. His face lights up and leads me to his tent." I definitely recommend this book to advanced readers who enjoy long chapters." said.

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