Poppy and Rye (Tales from Dimwood Forest) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-12-10 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 28 user ratings

"My niece and I got most of the way through this book, but not completely through. It was just too slow for both of us, it lacked the excitement and adventure of Poppy, and we just never got to the point of really caring about any of the characters. Today we finally decided to give up on Poppy and Rye.

We were both very impressed, however, with the scene where Poppy tells Ragweed's parents about his death. That was moving and well written, and when I read that bit out loud to the kids, they both stopped and listened quietly. You could have heard a pin drop.
" said.

"Listened to this as an audiobook in the car with the boys (4&5), and they loved it. Ereth made them burst into giggles every time he started with his ridiculous exclamations (their favorites were "bee boogers!" and "Sticky Roach Toes!" ...hopefully I remembered those correctly). And since their imaginative play around the house has involved Poppy, Rye, Ragweed, Clover, Valerian, and Thistle, I'm going to go ahead and say that this book made a pretty big impact on them. They loved it, and are requesting another "Poppy Book" since we finished this one. I think this series is a new family favorite (especially since there are also lots of good life lessons sneakily tucked into this book too). Definitely a good read-aloud if you have preschoolers (or even if you don't)." said.

"3.5 stars

Ahh, teaching kids the wonders of forced development of the land--it was practically beaver eminent domain. "Progress without Pain," but we'll still try to kill you/run you out of town if you don't get out.

I can't remember if I had read this in grade school or not--the premise did sound a bit familiar as I was reading it. The series isn't nearly as awesome as Redwall is, but these are certainly just as enjoyable. These are much quicker to read, have a simpler plot, and have more morals to them, however they're still written (and illustrated, I love Brian's drawings) beautifully and are excellent, quick, "escape" reads. Now that I'm older, I also enjoyed the naming of the characters--Ereth (porcupine) and Castor (beaver)--were based on the animal's scientific names. I also appreciated Ereth's pessimism--I think we could be great friends.
" said.

"I really love this book in the poppy series because in book 2,of the poppy series (poppy) poppy's fiance"ragweed" was murdered by a Great Horned owl named "MR.OCAX" in the Dimwood Forest.Then, when MR.OCAX would't allow poppy's family to move to a new house , she decided to find out why he would't let them go to the new house.In the end she met a stubburn old porcupine nmed "Ereth". then she killed Mr.Ocax by, stabbing him with one of Ereth's quiils. She also agreed to getting ereth a piece of the block of salt. Then when poppy travels to ragweed's home in the woolands, to discover that beavers are craeting a dam and, flooding the brook. there she meets ragweed's brother "rye". then they both work together along, with rye's family and poppy's friend ereth, they scare the beavers away.And, the brook is restored to normal. then a week later, poppy and rye, decide to get marry. finally, poppy and rye,have a liter of eleven mice and, live happily ever after." said.

"I read this book years ago. I don't remember all of it but I do remember liking it. I was probably around the ages 8 to 12. I was an animal book reader when I was younger.

I read half of the books in this series and this one was my least favorite. I don't remember much about the characters. But I do remember how the beavers got in and out of their dwellings. Besides that I hardly remember a single thing.

I read this book after reading Poppy, and Ragweed. You can imagine how hard a time I had excepting Rye. Which is why this was my least favorite out of the 3 that I read. But I read it anyway. I just read this one once ever though I read the first two books (Ragweed, and Poppy) multiple times.

I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who doesn't like animal books. But for me it was a good fit for my 10 year old self.

(I'm sorry I can't tell you about the writing style. I don't remember...)
" said.

"I enjoyed this book very much. The third book in the Poppy Stories, the setting is mostly down by Glitter Creek, on the edge of Dimwood Forest.
The mice of Glitter Creek wake up one morning to find the beavers have flooded their home Creek and it is slowly turning into a lake! The beavers are rude and clumsy, and don't care what the mice want. Who will stop this maddens?

Poppy the deer mouse begins the journey to Glitter Creek to tell Ragweed's family that Ragweed is dead. She dances with a mystieous mouse in the meadows on the way there, and can't stop thinking about him.
When she gets there and brings the news to Ragweed's parents, she finds out the the mouse she danced with was Rye, Ragweed's brother. Rye explains about the beavers, and they work with the rest of the family to stop them. They try plan after plan after plan...and slowly, Rye and Poppy fall in love! (I thought this part was a little too sappy. Sorry, Avi.)
But I really liked how this book moved along. It never got slow, and they way the mice fough against the beavers with a surpirisig ally was plesantly discribed. I really enjoyed this book! It was very cute.
" said.

"NB: This review is for POPPY, the first book in the series.


This is Avi at his gentle, sweet best--choosing an unassuming deer mouse for his unlikely heroine. Forced by circumstances to come to the aid of her extensive family (not to mention restore the reputation of her pompous father), teenage Poppy uses her natural intelligence to discover the truth about Mr. Ocax and his "protection" racket. No mouse dares move about freely in his territory without the owl's permission, but things are about to change, as dwindling rations result in a planned migration.

But who will be impressed by the logical ideas and moral courage of a girl mouse? Certainly not the winged menace on patrol from his charred oak tree, nor that epitome of forest evil--the Porcupine. Just what Is the mystery at New House, something so terrible that it even causes the owl's feathers to ruffle in genuine fear. Inspired by the memory of her lost lover, Poppy insists on learning the truth about real danger. This is a darling, fast read for children of all ages, proving that one does not have to be big or strong to fight for Justice.

April 3, 2011. I welcome dialogue with teachers.

" said.

"Even though I have not been entirely captivated by this series, I am content to read more, mainly because the books are short and easy to read.

I think it's about time I give some props to Brian Floca, the illustrator for this series. His illustrations are delightful and endearing, and sometimes, just when I start to feel indifferent about the story, his illustrations pull me back in.

In this installment, Poppy embarks on a mission to find Ragweed's home and tell his parents what she knows about Ragweed. It's very touching, and we see how bold and brave Poppy is, to take on this difficult task, despite not knowing exactly how to go about doing it.

This book seems to be centered around emotional themes of love, jealousy, anger, etc. We see an example of sibling rivalry, explore the extent of Poppy and Ereth's friendship, discover the wonders of new love, and witness the various ways in which individuals deal with their feelings.

As in earlier books of this series, there are plenty of take-away lessons, if you like that sort of thing. "When you are feeling emotional, don't act rashly! You'll just get into trouble." "You might think that one individual may be too small and insignificant to make a difference, but when many individuals band together, they can become a force to be reckoned with." "Progress for progress's sake is not really progress at all." And, "Some people are bullies because they are so self-centered and egotistical that they just can't see beyond themselves."

I think Ereth is a really entertaining character, and I'm rather fond of Thistle, too. I think I would enjoy reading more about her.

While this book did offer a good story and a satisfying resolution, I still felt disappointed several times along the way. It seemed to me that Rye running away to "prove himself" without any real plan only supported the idea that he was a pale version of Ragweed. We know that Poppy has a thing for taking on big ventures, but in this case, it seemed like such a shame that she was willing to risk the lives of Thistle and Curleydock, especially since, ultimately, they served no purpose on the mission. I was glad to see Rye taking charge when Poppy was scared of swimming, but my hopes were immediately dashed when events took an unexpected turn, and Rye did not get a chance to step up after all. I would have really liked to have seen Rye do something useful.
" said.

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