The Serpent Slayer: and Other Stories of Strong Women Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-08-31 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 19 user ratings

" I don't know if it was the illustrations or the selection of stories, but I rather liked this collection. Most were stories which I had never read, but I found some of the archetypes I've read in adult or older YA novels. Definitely a recommendation for those who enjoy fairy tales or are looking for other options beyond the typical. (Though, on that note, I'm still looking for a collection of all the Grimm tales as they're far more expansive than what we consider "fairy tales" today.) " said.

" Similar to the other collection of folktales for strong girls that I just read (Not One Damsel in Distress by Jane Yolen), I found the tales were indeed about strong & clever women & girls, but most of the tales themselves still seemed to teach that a woman's goal in life is to be married to a man. This book is beautifully illustrated and does a great job of having tales from across the globe.Probably for children 7-8 or older? " said.

" I loved all the stories in this book. My favorites were The Rebel Princess, The Magic Lake, and Staver and Vassilissa. The stories are from around the world; Scotland, China, Gambia, Central America etc. Each story includes two beautiful illustrations; one is a full page size. Women of all different ages and personality types are shown. None of the stories are ones I heard before so it was fun to be pleasantly surprised with each page. I recommend this book to all. " said.

" Trina Schart Hyman remains one of my most favorite illustrators ever, and this book reaffirms my faith in her extraordinary talent. I would read any book that Hyman has illustrated, but this one was particularly enjoyable for me, as it is an unusual and diverse collection of stories with female heroines. Each tale tells the story of a girl or woman who perseveres against difficult challenges, and emerges - if not unscathed - victorious. A satisfying and nourishing read. " said.

" A multi-cultural collection of heroines from legends and fairy tales. Most I had never heard of before, but the stories were entertaining (though some might not be appropriate for all children, considering there are a lot of monsters that end up headless). There are fewer illustrations than in many picture books, too (one or two per story), though the illustrations that are included are beautiful. A great resource for educators and older children. " said.

" I read this in my early youth because I was a feminist from the WOMB. Tchana compiles myths from a lot of different cultures and makes them understandable to kids, but doesn't shy away from the uncomfortable subjects like death that stood at the center of these stories. The illustrations are beautiful and depict women and girls of all ages, sizes, and cultures. This is one of my favorite books ever. " said.

"Stories of strong women! What's not to love? Well, some people might want to critique that many of the stories end in marriage or are marriage-focused, but that seems useful to me. This isn't an alternate reality in which women have more power than men or in which the scales are level (although there is a place for such literature). This is how women can claim control over their lives, affect change in their realities, even within a patriarchal system. And that seems more urgent, and more useful, for this world, for at least the next couple generations of young women." said.

"If you have young people in your life, this would make a good gift. All the girls and women in these stories are their own heroes. They may work alone, or with others, but none of them wait for anyone to ride up and rescue them.

I especially liked the story of Sister Lace, who refused to use her wonderful gift for the selfish Emperor, and the story of the woman who learned how much patience and strength she had by getting three hairs from the chin of a tiger to help her husband, who was suffering from PTSD.

Beautiful illustrations!
" said.

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