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"This is the first book that I read to my daughter.

She may not be a captive audience...actually, scrap that. She's still brewing. Still in the womb. She was captive! Captivated, well that's harder to say. The general feedback was wiggles. Her mother reported that she wiggled as I read to her, a chapter a night for the last few weeks. It was either "Hey I like this sound" or "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? STOP TORTURING ME!" I'm assuming it was the former.

This book was chosen because it is one of my wife's favourites. And what better book to read to your child than my wife's favourite. I've been meaning to read it for years, egged on by equal parts nagging and curiosity. And my wife enjoyed my reading "to the baby". And I enjoyed reading "to the baby" too.

The story is a fantasy, not a simple fantasy, but many familiar fantasy tropes turned around, viewed from a skewed angle and reinvented. Howl is an evil wizard who steals young girls souls. Sophie is a cinderella-lite stuck working in a hat shop. Their worlds collide and you meet many wonderful characters and there are many twists and turns. The book is enjoyable and it has a strong female lead. This is a book you'd want to read to your daughter. The daughters who are not princesses and don't put up with that kind of bullshit.

So this book is wonderful, but it will hold many wonderful memories. It will be reread often I feel. Until nest time. When she is in my arms.
" said.

"Un libro catalogado como infantil o juvenil pero que gustará sin importar la edad del lector.

El castillo que crea la autora es increíble, con sus puertas que dan a lugares diferentes a tiempos diferentes e incluso a dimensiones diferentes. Así mismo, la maldición de Sophie es mucho más que una maldición. Es la forma que tiene la autora de mostrarnos cómo cambia la perspectiva de las cosas con la edad y cómo nos vamos volviendo más insensibles al qué dirán o a los juicios de las personas. Con cada año que cumplimos más nos resbalan comentarios sin sentido y más somos nosotros mismos.

La maldición le sirvió a Sophie como excusa para ser ella misma, para arriesgarse y aprender a vivir. Cuando vio drásticamente reducidos sus días fue cuando consiguió salir de su caparazón, cuando comenzó a vivir y a no dejar pasar los días. Siempre pensamos que tenemos mucho tiempo, que podremos hacer lo que verdaderamente nos gusta en algún momento en el futuro, dando por hecho que vamos a disponer de ese futuro cuando, lamentablemente, esto no siempre es así. Lo que podemos asegurar es que tenemos un presente y no vivirlo por vivir en el futuro hace que nunca vivamos realmente.

Ya en su momento me gustó mucho la película. De hecho, creo que es mi película de animación favorita. Y ese es exactamente el problema. ¡No sé si después de leer el libro me va a gustar igual! Siempre, o el 99% de las veces, el libro es mucho mejor que la película y en este caso es así. El libro tiene una profundidad que la película, que tiene que cuidar su extensión, no tiene.

Sabemos mucho más de la familia de Sophie y de Howl. En realidad, sabemos mucho más de todo y eso se nota. Además, el final del libro también me ha gustado más.

Me despido de Howl y su castillo, por ahora, porque es una lectura que sé que volveré a repetir en el futuro.

" said.

" One of the best fantasies, and a clever mystery besides. Read it, for probably the 10th time, but this time I read it aloud to my 7yo. He loved it, though I did have to explain a few things. I would love a Calcifer of my own. " said.

"Haulov pokretni zamak je izuzetno kreativna i šarena bajka koja čitaoce ne ostavlja ravnodušnim. Glavni likovi su izuzetno maštoviti i trodimenzionalni, a pejzaži kojima lutamo zajedno sa njima poprilično živopisni.
Čitaoci na momente mogu predvideti neke stvari, ali to ni u kom slučaju ne može da naruži lepotu ovog romana.
Dajem čistu peticu Haulovom pokretnom zamku, a na listu stavljam nastavak.
Šteta je što roman nije nešto naročito promovisan i popularizovan u Srbiji i što je tek nekih dvadeset godina nakon nastanka dobio svoj prevod.
" said.

وای وای وای.. من از قبل این‌که برم سراغش هم می‌دونستم خیلی خوبه. ولی نه دیگه درین حد! :O-o

روایت بی‌نهایت ساده، روراست و واضحه. این‌قد که تا وسطای داستان، فک نمی‌کنی این‌روایت سهل و ساده بخواد به‌یه‌شاهکار ختم بشه. ولی در نهایت، می‌بینی تمام چیزهای کوچیک و ساده، بذرهای نهال بزرگی بودن که آخر داستان بهش می‌رسی. بعد هم شخصیت‌پردازی معرکه‌ی نویسنده که جداً اگه کسی می‌خواد شخصیت‌پردازی یاد بگیره، این‌کتاب یکی از بهترین نمونه‌هاشه. به‌قدری شخصیت‌ها واقعی و باورپذیر و دوست‌داشتنی‌ن که نمی‌تونی تصور کنی همه اینا یه‌داستانه! فقط یه‌داستانه!

و بعد هم دیالوگ‌ها. من چقد تحت تأثیر دیالوگ‌نویسی نویسنده قرار گرفتم ینی؛ بارها و بارها بعضی دیالوگ‌ها رو می‌خوندم یا حتی بر می‌گشتم عقب که فلان‌دیالوگـو یه‌بار دیگه هم بخونم. این‌کار ِ نویسنده به‌هیچ‌اثری شبیه نبود. اصلاً انگار نویسنده تو یه‌دنیای دیگه زندگی می‌کنه که همه این‌اتفاقا می‌افتن و این‌قد قشنگ تونسته درشون بیاره. نکنه همچین دنیا- بهتر بگم، دنیاها!- یی هس؟

برام الهام‌بخش بود. کاش ازین‌دست آثار بیشتر نوشته بشن و منم بیشتر بخونم. دنیا به‌چنین دنیاهایی احتیاج داره!
" said.

" Quite different from the movie but no less fantastic.Needless to say, I loved it. " said.

"So what is Howl's Moving Castle?

Pull up a stool by the fire and I'll tell you.

Deceptively complex and yet magically simple, Diana Wynne Jones' inimitable classic throws everything but the kitchen sink (well, probably that too) and gobs of green goo upon the concept of the fairy tale and dusts it with a generous helping of humor, horror, and heart. From making Sophie into an old woman, to making glowing faces in the fireplace, to Wales being a home as deep and dynamic as DiCaprio's own final destination was in Christopher Nolan's 2010 film Inception, Howl has it all. From fights (of the witchcraft variety) to food (of the breakfast variety) and fun (of every variety), Howl is impossible to dislike as a character and a book. In fact, the only flaw I see is that it has taken me 29 years to read it. And I profoundly thank Sveta for sharing with me one of her favorite books, as it is now one of my favorites, too.


Even "happy ever after" carries the truest ring of reality, in that we are all flawed specimens. Fantastically flawed and incredibly interesting, Howl speaks to that spark of genuine youness in that whoever you are, however you are, why ever you are, you are special, you are cherishable, you are magical. You are worthy to be loved just for who you are. Even if it's not what other people think, or what they see, or what has been said, it's what you know in your heart to be true. That there is someone out there who has stolen your heart as you have stolen theirs and it might be a wild and crazy adventure just to be together, but hey, who wants life to be boring, anyway?

Recommended for everyone, especially lovers of fairytales.

Now I must see the film!

Buddy read with the wonderful Sveta. :D
" said.


10 out of 10

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Scott Thomas feat Jonathan Clay – Heart On Fire

Genre: high-fantasy, fairytale
Stuff: moving castle (duh), magic, curse
WOW: characters, humor
POV: 3rd-person, female
Love-Geometry: seeming

"You have an instinct, Sophie. Nothing is safe from you."

Imagine the Beast being beautiful, lazy and fickle and the Beauty being ugly, kind and grumpy. Imagine the Beauty coming to the Beast on her own will and the Beast being terrified of her ways.

Imagine the Beast's castle being very mobile. Add a lot of creative details. And voila! You will have Howl's Moving Castle .

(c)  that_nerdygirl

I don't know why I haven't read HMC early. Maybe I was afraid I had found out about it too late? That I'm too old for stories like that? No matter what nonsense I used to delay my meet with Howl's Moving Castle , I know I'd been silly. This tale knows no age-limits or culture-boundaries. It's funny, wise, a little bit creepy and rich. It reminds us about our childhood, but feels mature. You won't find here a passionate romance or gruesome deaths, but this book will mend your grown-up heart and put some believe in wonders, kindness and love in it.

Can't say the same about the cartoon which I've seen only today. It has very little to do with its original and feels super illogical. Sorry, the book is a million times better.

Okay, let's talk about the story...

We have a mysterious mage who, if you believe in rumors, eats the girls' hearts. He lives in a moving castle and is known to be really cruel. We also have a shy girl who decided that she always will be a loser. She works at a hat-shot and longs for something interesting to come. And it comes in a form of a wicked witch who curses our girl. Now the girl is an old woman and can;t say anyone what the witch did. She left her house and ends up in the mage's home. And it's only the start of her future adventures.

(c)  Draakh

The mage's or rather the wizard's name or rather one of his names is Howl. He's 20 something, charming, careless and has a few secrets. He, also, is a womanizer who likes it dirty (and by 'it' I mean his room)). I thought he would be a brooding type with some evil intentions, but he turned out to be super fun, like a big baby: cute, whiny, demanding. That's unusual trope, 'cause authors always try to make their characters look their best, all their downsides are just the hard life's consequences and all. Here, we have a flawed man who won't change completely. And whose negative features aren't connected with an awful childhood and such.

Sophie is 17, I guess? She may be kind, understanding and calm, but she can be angry, nosy and jealous as well. Multilayered, she is and I like it. Oh, and she's obsessed with tidying up))

Calcifer is a little fire demon who literally runs Howl's home and warms it too. He's moody, but has a nice heart, literate heart. Yeah. Also he's a local joke-cracker. You'll fall for this creature without a doubt. But beware, he may ask you to make a bargain with him.

There are more characters: a young apprentice of Howl named Michael, Sophie's sisters and stepmother, Howl's family, friends and enemies, a creepy scarecrow, an unusual dog and so on. Each has his or her role in the plot and a chance to win your heart.

The plot, by the way, isn't that simple as it often is in fairytales. Nope, it's intricate and has unexpected turns. I also liked how the story is told. It doesn't try to sound silly, never force its moral on you and has no favorites to accent them through the events so you would favor them as well. The writing is light, smart and nice. I was laughing not once and not even ten times during this read. Many books make me cry, but not many make me laugh like that.

All in all, I highly recommend this book to those whose inner children are still alive and long for fairytales.

Howl's Moving Castle (Ходячий замок):
Howl's Moving Castle (Ходячий замок) #1/3
Castle in the Air (Воздушный замок) #2/3
House of Many Ways (Дом с характером) #3/3
" said.

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