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UPDATE TIME: 2016-04-28 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 5 user ratings

"I am a media specialist and my students can't get enough of the Riot Brothers. So far I have bought this book for my library and have a waiting list. It is a wonderful read for reluctant readers. This is a must buy!!!! My students are begging for Mary Amato to write another book. This is a great series and recommend it to any elementary school or middle school student." said.

"My son loves reading about the RIot Brothers. They are a series of books that never gets old for him. These are a fun, not-too-challenging-to-read set of stories that he turns to again and again. While there are no set "lessons to be learned" objectives hidden in the book, you can always appreciate the gifts of humor, creativity and having a goal to make your life more interesting. This one rates highly with all of the other Riot Brothers stories in our household." said.

"The Riot Brothers Rule 1 is "Make Something Exciting Happen Every Day." In this third volume in the Riot Brothers series they live up to that motto.

This is a funny and engaging book anchored by two very appealing brothers. The boys aren't little Mr. Perfects; far from it. But there is an overarching gung-ho good humor and decency in these books that is fun, entertaining and endearing.

Our hero brothers are third grader Orville and fifth grader/narrator Wilbur. First off, they like each other and appreciate each other. They back each other up and they work off each other, whether they're making up games, or scheming, or just sharing wisdom about the world. Wilbur complements Orville when he has a good idea or adds something to a plan. Orville obviously admires his older brother. They are a team. This is greatly enhanced by Mom. She has some funny lines; she stays out of the way but always knows what's going on; she lets the boys loose until it's time to rein them in, and she is a comfortable and level-headed presence in all of the stories.

But the best part is that mostly the boys play wildly imaginative make believe. They try to save a damsel in distress, even if, as Wilbur observes, "All of the girls I know can rescue themselves". They try to fool their Mom on April 1. They decide to become mad scientists. They make up fun games. They amuse themselves and each other. They invent a morphing machine. They make up a sock game and a fake eyeball game. They are funny and they have fun. There is tremendous madcap energy in everything they do, (never walk when you can run), but the stories themselves never get out of control and each plot ties up nicely by the end. (The book is set up as three "mini-books", so it is nicely bite sized for a young reader.)

All of this is accompanied by Wilbur's deadpan commentary on life and the "Riot Brothers Rules". That commentary is both insane and sometimes accidentally right on point, which adds an element of thoughtfulness that is so rare in boys' humor books. There is no snarkiness and no meanness; even the required bully isn't very threatening, just grumpy.

The books are well-written. Vocabulary is age appropriate, with a few challenges here and there. There is no irony or self-parody; the author never mocks the genre. Everything that happens seems to be within the experience and understanding of a very young reader, although some of the more subtle jokes may go over their heads. But a bit of challenge is nice to see in a book like this. The drawings complement the action very well and would probably really help a younger reader to visualize what's going on. That's a nice benefit.

So, the upshot is that this book struck me as a very appealing read, with a lot of upside and entertainment value. What a nice find.

Please note that I found this book while browsing kindle samples and then picked it up at our local library. I have no connection at all to either the author or the publisher of this book.
" said.

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