Wait Till Helen Comes: A Ghost Story Reviews

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"I prayed for a captivating read, and while this book compelled me enough to read to the end, I had major issues. Am I spoiled much-better written ghost stories and children books? Perhaps, but it never did do the trick.

Never do I use reviews to tell you about books, something that could spoil or something you can see already a few clicks away, so let's get to it:

The characters: whiny, annoying, flat. I can understand these in the stepsister. Hahn does a great job in making me hate this little girl like her new siblings do, but our main characters are just as yuck. Even Molly is an annoyance who thinks she need to stop reading Poe because of the noises she hears. I don't know many children who can grasp Poe, so to have such a literate child I would assume she can think better ways of getting at her sibling than crying to her mother.

The plot is interesting, and the scares fun, and this is why I wanted to finish the book. It's short, and for children likely forgivable in its flaws, but I've read better.
" said.


Have you ever seen little kids speaking to themselves or talking to somthing it might be a GHOST then you should read this book it is scary lol. the genre of this book is suspance.I think this book is great it has a lot of detail of the setting and plot.It also shows you alot of the charactors back stories.

The setting of this book is in achurch that a family bought tthe people who used to live by the house has died in a fire.Heather is a little girl who causes trouble to her brother michal and sister molly.Heathers mom died in a fire wich she caused but has not told her father but somthing has happend her molly starts overhearing heather conversation with a ghost she stars getting worried.

I wish that heather could at least be a little less annoying.I was suprised when molly saw helen for the first time when helen was with heather and was about to go in the pond.This book really caught my attention because it is suspenceful and it is also a scary type of book.Then molly tried to save heather from she throws the locket that helen gave heather to the pond after that they find helens parents bodies. Heather mother forgives hether on the book Heather receive the locket from helen wich was foun on the statue of helens family grave.

Overalli give this book five ★★★★★ because it has what i wanted in a scary book which is suspence mystery and ghosts.I reccomend this book to people who are looking for scary and suspenceful books.So if you want to read this then YOU SHOULD SINCE IT HAS GHOSTS IN IT. LOL K BYEE
" said.

" The book wait till Helen comes is a good book because it keeps you wanting to read more. This book is about about a ghost named Helen. Molly & Micheal (main characters) have a step sister named Heather, ( also a main character)& Molly and Micheal hate Heather hates them to.

Helen is a lonely ghost that Heather can see. Helen & Heather end up getting attached to each other.
They become BEST FRIENDS & Molly knows about it. Mollys mother knows that she hates Heather so her mom tells Molly to take heather outside. but if Heather hears that she wont want to go outside.Heather believes that Jean (Molly & Micheals mom) has stole her dad away.

Every time that Molly & Micheal say something mean to Heather she says "you'll be sorry wait till Helen comes" Micheal doesn't believe that helen is real.But Molly knows shes real because she has seen her. what ever proof that Molly gives Micheal he ignores them because he doesn't believe is ghost.

The author of this book is Mary Downing Hahn, I would say shes a really good author because she describes her settings well. She also keeps you want to read more. Her books are also friendly to every age and they are easy to read.

I would recommend this book to all ages of kids that like ghost and ghost storys. Also people that like a good book that keeps you wanting to read more. I would say this is on of the best books i've read this year. If you want to find out if Molly & Heather ever become friends you have to read the book.( or watch the movie)
" said.

"Molly and Michael's mother remarries and the family moves to the country to live in an old renovated church. Trying to adjust to their new life is hard enough. Dave, their step-father, spoils his daughter, Heather. Heather constantly tries to cause trouble for Molly and Michael. Things start to get out of control when she claims that the ghost of Helen is there, and she does not like them! Molly believes in the ghost of Helen, especially when bad things start to happen!

I read this book in elementary school and recently reread it. There is a definite eeriness to the story. I recall being spooked by it as a child. Reading it as an adult was still a lot of fun! Heather is a brat. She found ways to manipulate everything around her and had her father wrapped around her little finger. Dave, the step-father, was the perfect example of step-parenting gone wrong. He blamed everything on Molly and Michael and treated Heather like a fragile doll. (Funny how as an adult these are things I pick up on in the story!)

Molly was a good lead character, being likable and willing to see the best in people even when they are at their worst. She was very frustrated with Dave and Heather and claimed to hate them at times, yet when it came down to it, she felt sorry for Heather as well and wanted to help her more than anything. Michael was the practical minded younger brother. He believed in science, not ghosts, and looked for a logical explanation to the mystery of Helen.

I had to chuckle at the reference to Romper Room and Molly's listening to cassette tapes on her Walkman. This is definitely a book of the 1980s, but I think the story has enough to keep readers of today interested. Although, I do wonder how many kids will scratch their heads and wonder what a cassette is?
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"Molly and her brother Michael really aren't keen on the idea of moving to an old renovated church in the country with their mom and new stepdad, and especially not with their malicious little stepsister, Heather. But move to the country they do, and when Molly realizes that there's a creepy old graveyard adjacent to their church, she's none too pleased. Before long Heather starts to behave strangely and making ominous threats about her new friend Helen. Molly never thought she was a scaredy-cat before, but it might be time to start believing in ghosts.

This was another grab-off-the-Halloween-display-shelf find, just because it looked spooky from the cover -- and I should mention, once I looked it up and realized when it came out and what the cover art used to look like I totally remember this book. I don't know that I ever actually read it, but I remember thinking it looked intriguing and a little scary at the time. Well, as it turns out, it was intriguing and a little scary even now! (Though the original cover art definitely has that dated look to it.) It's a tidy little ghost story, just right for younger readers but interesting enough to keep me turning pages and surprised. There's just a handful of characters, and the plot moves along nicely, with plenty of eerie happenings and infuriating misunderstandings (but seriously, couldn't Molly have had ONE ally??). It even managed to get a little mixed-family drama in there without being heavy-handed about it, and does pretty well with subplots about growing up and sisters learning to get along. It was written a few decades ago, but it actually holds up really well and doesn't seem dated in the writing or story at all.

This ghost story is written and appropriate for younger readers, but kept my interest pretty well too. It has a nice tone and good atmosphere, it builds really well and doesn't disappoint when the event hinted at in the ominous title manifests itself. It was a really fun Halloween read.
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" Diana ocegueda
Wait till Helen comes
BY:Mary Downing Hahn

SPOILER ALERT!!!!! DO you like ficton books?I do especioly realistic fiction.Wait till Helen comes is a realistic fiction book.It is also a very suspenceful Story and intresting.

The setting in my story was a church whit a grveyard in the back yard this is important because this is where the charecters spend most of their time.The main charecters in this story are Helen who is a ghost,Hether who is a 7 year old girl,Molly who is Hethers step sister,Michel who is molly brother,Dave who is Hethers dad,and Jene who is Molly and Michels mom.Also the conflict in this story is person vs supernatrull.The them of the story is ghost.The story is about a family who move to the country and has a Grave yard in their backyard.One day Hether gose to the grave yard and meet a ghost who is named Helen they become good friends but thene Molly is afraid because Hether says Helen will come for Her and Michel.MOlly is worried about Hether and feels shee is in danger because Helen is tring to harm her.BUt every time Mlly tries to warn Hether,Hether twist things to get Molly in to semms likke thigs cant get any worts but they do when Helen shows up.

The title relate to the book by adding abit of suspence because you dont know who Helen is but you want to find out who she is and who or what she is going to come for.For example after i read the book i realised Helen was a ghost.Also Hether keept saing Helen was coming to get michel and Molly.

I thought the ending of the book was so touching because Hether and Molly hated eachother but at the end whene Hether was about to dround in the pond because of Helen Molly had a choise to save her or let her die and shee desided to help her littel stepsister.After that Molly and Hether became so nice to one another and Helen found her parents who had forgiven her for causing their death.

The rating i would give this book would be 5-5 stars because it was a very touching and suspenfull story i loved it.I would recomend this book to people who like scary story but also like abit of love and sadness.Thes were afew resons why you should read the book Wait till Helen comes it is the best book ever!!!!!!!!.
" said.

" It the words of Charles Barkley- "turrible." " said.

" it is a good book because it has action and it is really exciting!!!!!!!!!!!! " said.

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