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" For those upper elementary and middle school students who like sad books or kids dealing with issues. In this case, the main kid is having a rough time after a freak accident where a kid died. Then he meets Fallon, a girl with a huge scar on his face and their quirky, sweet friendship pulls them both out. I love how the friendship is portrayed. For fans of Wonder, Okay for Now, See You At Harry's, Fish in a Tree. " said.

"Trent's voice is strong, and his thoughts and reactions are believable. But I don't think I'm the right reader for this one, because I just kept thinking about how terrible Trent's parents are--that if your son had accidentally hit another boy in the head with a hockey puck, and that boy had died, that most parents with half a clue would've had their son in counseling. But not these parents, because of they had gotten him help, half of the conflict in the book wouldn't have happened. Parts of the book are touching, and I enjoyed Trent--but he also felt like a construction sometimes, instead of a real boy. " said.

"Two words: Poor Trent. :(

Don't get me wrong--I liked this book, but I spent this whole book just feeling horrible for Trent--he went through this horrifying experience and NO ONE is helping him understand it or get through it. I'm not exaggerating. Less than a year ago Trent hit a hockey puck and accidentally caused the death of another kid. He apparently saw a counselor for a few months in elementary school, but that was it. Nobody talks to him about it, nobody asks him how he's doing. His parents just get mad at him for having anger issues.

Seriously?! SERIOUSLY?!

No one bothers to think or mention the fact THAT THE BEHAVIOR MIGHT BE ROOTED IN THE TRAGEDY?! Nope--his parents never even discuss the incident that happened LESS THAN A YEAR AGO.

So frustrating. But I love sweet Trent and his spunky friend Fallon. Trent's brothers are also great--funny and caring and a relatively safe outlet for Trent. Lots of emotion and dramatic (if not cliched--divorced parents, dad's new baby, mom's new boyfriend) family dynamics. Students will enjoy the story, for sure.
" said.

"Chock full of thoughtful, well-developed characters, Graff latest book explores both physical and emotional scars. The book’s central character, Trent, is a sixth grader trying to deal with the aftermath of a tragic hockey accident, in which a young player was fatally injured. Full of anger, guilt, and self-loathing, Trent seems determined to isolate himself from everyone who cares for him, so it seems impossible that he should somehow develop a friendship with his unusual classmate, Fallon. Fallon, who has a facial scar from an unknown event—asserts herself in Trent’s life, in spite of his fairly obvious fences. Although it initially seems as if Fallon has completely reconciled herself to the disfigurement which so strongly marks her as different, it becomes evident that, like Trent, her scars run well below the surface. Together, they slowly dismantle each other’s walls, and discover the healing power of reaching out to others. In Graff’s very skillful prose, Trent’s ire pulses like an angry drum, while Fallon’s affable nature beats a gentle counterpoint. As she demonstrated so ably in Absolutely Almost, Graff’s ability to sensitively reveal the heart of a troubled young man creates a soul-satisfying story. " said.

"Oh man, this book. Okay, so first of all, I did read Umbrella Summer but so long ago that I didn't not really recall it or connect it with this book. So, it might be a good idea to go ahead and refresh yourself on that one first.

I liked this book. I wanted to find out what happened and if Trent was ever able to deal with his guilt and how that would unfold. But I guess I just found it so crushingly heavy that it was a little hard for me to get through. Like, to me, Trent's misery was so total that I honestly at times wished that he would attempt to hurt himself just as a cry for help, just so someone would recognize what he was going through and HELP HIM. And I feel AWFUL about that.

And I guess that eventually certain adults did recognize that Trent was in trouble and they did step up to help him (in their ways), which maybe was the only way that Trent would actually let himself be helped. Basically, I just wanted to hug Trent and give him massive amounts of therapy.

Maybe if I had reread Umbrella Summer first, the book wouldn't have felt so heavy? And also there's nothing wrong with a heavy book for kids, necessarily, except that I just kept trying to think who I would hand this book to. It's sad, but not in a tear-jerker kind of way, more in a haunting way. Like you're being haunted by sadness (like Trent is, actually). I suppose I would give it to fans of Umbrella Summer.
" said.

"GRL - W
I listened to the audio book.

I screamed at the end of this book. Not figuratively, quite literally screamed in frustration! I'll add why in the spoiler section later.

This was a good book, I think, I'm still deciding. I think if the author had chosen a slightly different ending I would have at least added one more star.

If you like books with tortured souls then run out to the library or bookstore immediately and grab a copy. This is a very long, sad story. Trent, the main character, pretty much hates himself and believes everyone else does as well. He blames himself for the death of another boy and can't forgive himself. He stumbles through his days and moves from one terrible event to another.

Enter quirky loner girl who befriends Trent. Fallon has a large scar on her face and no one including Trent knows how she got it. Trent and Fallon are an interesting pair to read about. Over the course of the book, their roles shift. Theses are great talking points for clubs. Trent's internal struggle is at the focal point of the storyline.

In the most painstaking slow way, we see Trent begin to fix himself. At first, I was upset with the adults in the book and wondering why they weren't more aware or concerned with Trent's behavior. Clearly, this is a child screaming out for help. In the end, I was satisfied with the knowledge that Trent figured out how to fix himself. I'm not sure that it would have felt as authentic if adults intervened more than they did. This is another great discussion, the transformation and how and why the author chose to construct this slowly over the book.

I will say it did feel real, the strife that Trent felt. His relationship both the good ones and the bad ones felt authentic. However, I felt it took a long time, almost too long. A less committed reader may have jumped ship. Which leads me to my scream.

There is some choice language in the book. I'm trying to think about exactly what it was. It gave me a short pause but I think perhaps it wasn't enough to be a game changer for me. An angry 12 year old boy mad at the world and himself yields some creative language choices.

*****Spoiler Alert*****

I thought after my loyalty I would be rewarded with the knowledge of the big secret that is kept throughout the book. No such luck ***ARGH***! You never do find out how Fallon gets her scar. In the end, Trent figures out that he's been pretty self-absorbed (for good reasons) and that there are others around him who need help.

" said.

"The book Lost in the Sun, by Lisa Graff, is an emotional roller coaster that keeps you flipping the pages time and time again. This book really focuses on middle scholars and many of the social injustices they face. Also, it explains through many different situations how everyone deserves a second chance. The author paints a vivid picture of how emotion truly feels and how life is like a puzzle, you need to keep putting the pieces together even if they're still breaking. This book is no utopia, but it has true perfection in the reality of life itself.

The genre of Lost in Sun is realistic fiction and is set in the small town of Cedar Haven.Cedar Haven is quaint and everybody knows everybody. During the beginning of the book, the main character, Trent explains the worst day of his life. He tells the dark story of when he accidentally killed Jared Richards. Trent, Jared, and a couple of other boys were playing pond hockey when Trent hit the puck at a bad angle and it hit Jared in the chest. Trent hit the puck hard, but it wouldn't have killed the average person. But, the problem was that Jared had a bad heart, a birth defect that nobody had known about until he was taken to the hospital. When they fond out, it was to late, the shot had killed innocent Jared Richards. Trent was hated by the whole town of Cedar Haven and all he knew to do was feel horrible about himself. His thoughts about Jared's death got so out of hand that he needed to start drawing them so he wouldn't always be depressed. But, their would be light at the end of the tunnel, when Trent met Fallon Little. Fallon practically saved Trent. She embraced him and most of all, didn't feel bad for him. She didn't care that he killed Jared Richards, she cared that he bounced back from it. This caused Trent to finally and partially break out of his shell, until one fateful day, Halloween. A jerk named Jeramiah Jacobson called Fallon a name and it made Trent's fire rage. He punched Jeramiah until his knuckles were bleeding and Jeramiah was screaming bloody murder. The problem was that this caused Fallon to not trust Trent and their friendship to fall apart. That's when Trent learned "everybody deserves a second chance" and life is what you make it. You can figure out the rest, Trent truly understands what friendship is and wins back Fallon's trust. I learned that sometimes all you need is a friend to help you find your way.

I personally loved this book and would recommend it to any middle scholar. I think all kids need to know the importance of friendship and how to bounce back from tragedy and learn from it. Only then can you shape yourself into the best person you can be. One reason I really like this book is because every chapter has a little life lesson at the end of it or a cliff hanger. Also, I love how Lisa Graff writes the book from Trent's perspective because then you really learn how every little situation effected who he is at the end of the book. In the end I think this book is amazing and that it's message is absolutely perfect.
" said.

" Lost in The Sun is a book about a kid named Trent Zimmerman. He was starting a hokey game when all of a sudden he hits a kid in the chest (Jared Richards). They realized that he had a bad heart so he ended up dying. He starts six grade and thinks it's going to be terrible, but it ended up with people staring and glaring at him. He loves to play baseball so he go's the park to play and he sees some kids already playing. The ball from the other players accidentally rolls over to him, so he takes it. The kids turn out to be; Jeremiah Jacobson, Noah Gorman and Stig. Trent doesn't want to give the ball back so he keeps it. The guys start to get mad so they take his book of thoughts ( a book he can write all of his thoughts in, because he has so many), and all of a sudden a girl named Fallon Little comes walking by with her dog Squilio. Trent gets mad and Fallon comes over to help him. So the guys give him his book back and Trent gives the ball back. So then he go's back home. His parents are divorced so he has to go to his mom and dads house. He doesn't like his dad and he thinks that he doesn't like him. Trent has two brothers; Aaron, and Doug. He starts his first day of middle school. His home room teachers name is: Ms. Emerson. He makes a really bad impression for her, by being mean to her. When class is over he looks at his schedule and sees that he has P.E. next. He looks more at his schedule and notices that he has Ms. Emerson in almost every class. He go's to P.E and makes another terrible impression on his teacher Mr. Gorman, Noah Gorman's uncle. Trent and Noah aren't friends so he knows this isn't going to go well. They started off playing basketball. Trent caught the ball and was ready to shoot and all of a sudden his arms got clammy and sweaty. It got hard to breath and hard to swallow. The ball got taken out of his hands and everyone started to yell at him. He got the ball back and Noah started to yell "foul". He got really angry and threw the ball across the gym and it smashed right into the rack of the soccer balls. Mr. Gorman got angry, so he took him off of the court, and pretty much threw Trent on to the bleachers. The rest of the day was hard for him, because Ms. Emerson was mean to him. Later in the year Fallon and him hang out and eat lunch together. She had told him that she had dreams where she was never able to scream. So one day Trent takes Fallon to an island on the lake and they screamed. They ended up laughing and screaming till their voices sounded scratchy. Trent has always wondered why Fallon has a giant scar on her face, but she will never tell anyone. I like the part where Fallon helps Trent at the park, because she was being super nice. I didn't like the part where Noah took the ball from him. I didn't like that because Trent was getting nervous and was about to shoot when all of a sudden Noah comes in and takes the ball. The book made me feel sad and happy. I felt that way because, Trent's dad is always so mean to him and people glare and think he's a bad person. It made me feel happy because, he made a friend when he didn't think the year was going to go well. This book is a little bit like Whatever After, because the bad person in the story really isn't that bad and ends up making some friends. I really hope you choose to read this book, it's so interesting and fun. If you like sadness, happiness ad drama you will love this book." said.

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