The Monster at the End of This Book (Sesame Street) (Little Golden Book) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-09-19 
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" This was my youngest sisters favorite book when she was little. She is 5 years younger than me, so when she was born I was fascinated by her and wanted to help my Mom take care of her. I must have read this book to her a 1000 times or more, she never got tired of it. Saw it on Amazon and just had to buy it. Awesome book! " said.

" This was already one of my most favorite books in the entire world.Then I used it to close a monster-themed storytime (10/10/17).When I finished the book, a rapt four-year-old boy in the audience yelled, "READ THAT AGAIN!"<3 <3 <3Best librarian moment ever. " said.

" This was the very first book I ever bought with my own money, me being the age of seven, and I remember the whole event as being almost frighteningly grown-up, to actually buy a book. I also annoyed the crap out of my parents by making them read it to me repeatedly. Loved it at the time. " said.

" I read this book to my children when they were young. It is very funny. The whole book is basically Grover trying to stop you from getting to the end of the book because there is a monster there and he is afraid of monsters. I remember my girls giggling every time they turned a page and ruined his plans to stop them. :) " said.

"This is absolutely my favorite book of all time. I really can't remember when I first read it so I just guessed. I have always loved Grover as long as I can remember. It is such a clever and fun book, and while it does kind of play on kids' little rebellious streaks (turning the pages when Grover is trying everything in his power to get the reader not to), it also incites kids to keep reading all the way to the end, to finish what you start, to foster a healthy sense of curiosity, and even to not be so afraid of something that you shouldn't really be afraid of. (So many levels to look into here! haha Never even really thought about that before! I just love the book!) Definitely a highly recommended read for young and old alike!! :)" said.

"I am impatiently anticipating the exciting moment when I can read this book aloud to my daughter. One of my favorites of the many Golden Books that I cherished as a kid, "The Monster at the End of this Book" by Jon Stone is a perfect, fun little story that taught me the joys of suspense and patience, as my mother used to gleefully take her time turning the pages, while I wiggled with joyous excitement until the last page which, of course (***spoiler alert!***), revealed that the monster was none other than cute, lovable Grover! Having your first kid is a nerve-wracking and exciting time, but it's also a wonderful time to revisit some of your own fond memories of childhood. Not surprisingly, most of mine involved books. So, indulge me if you will while I wax nostalgic in the next couple months until the birth of my little girl, as I will probably be posting several reviews of some of my favorite children's book classics. " said.

"This book is perfect for your 2-4 year old. It gives your child permission to disobey important instructions from cute, loveable Grover (who could whoop Elmo in a Sesame street fight).

The book grabs your attention from the very first line, with Grover teasing your child's curiosity about a potential monster at the end of the book, all the while begging your child NOT to turn the page. And yet we encourage the child to do it anyway.

This "cute-for-now" moment will be stored in your child's memory and, eventually, come back to haunt you when you tell the child NOT to do something and they do it anyway; all the while giggling about how much fun it is to rebel against orders and society as a whole. And can you blame them? After all, you created the monster, and here's a's not at the end of this book, it's in the bathroom making its fourth attempt to flush a sock down the toilet after you told them not to.

" said.

" Tonight my niece went old school. She wanted the old Golden Books. This was a cute fun little book. Don't turn the Page. Good for preschool age. " said.

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