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" I absolutely adore an awesome graphic novel, and this one looked very promising. But, when I found out it was centered on two gay middle school students, I was pretty shocked. The fact that every character in that book seemed to support the idea also bothered me. I don't want my nieces and nephews to just think it's okay and no big deal that someone can choose to be gay. And if they choose to read this novel, their beliefs could definitely be swayed to think it is. As a more conservative person, I don't believe in that, and I don't want to see that in a colorful, kid-friendly graphic novel.
" said.

"Raina Telgemeier describes middle school life in ways that make me realize how much it's changed since I taught that age over 2 decades ago. Even my son's middle school didn't have these kinds of drama productions, but what fun it is to see these kids do it. Telgemeier is very popular among pre-teens and her graphic novels explore profound topics in a straightforward way.

In this book Callie is struggling with one crush, then another. She becomes friends with twin brothers Justin and Jesse. Justin comes out to Callie, but asks her to not to tell others. All three are involved in the school drama production of "Moon Over Mississippi". Callie and Jesse work on the stage part of the production. There are dramas on top of dramas in addition to the production. All in all it is a fun read!
" said.

" That was just really sweet all around. Lots of middle school dating/crush drama, two boys coming out and it going really well, and a real sense of the camaraderie of being part of putting in a play. " said.

" Amazing! This is unusual for me to read a book in one day. It very often where I finished a book in a day. This book is really good. " said.

" Interesting and funny little graphic novel, but it doesn't have much to offer in terms of originality. First Jeff Kinney, now it's Raina Telgemeier who's the next middle-grade graphic novel star. But these books are all the same, just typical school stuff with no substance. " said.

" This book had more romantic twists than an episode of My So-Called Life! Being the drama kid that I was, I wish this had been centered more on the middle school stage production. It also felt rushed and 2-D, which is how I felt about Stitches. Oh well, I'm still a Telgemeir fan. " said.

" Drama is one of my favorite books because it shows that being gay is ok. Also that you don't need to keep it a secret from all of your friends. If one of your friends are feeling down ask them what's wrong. This book shows that things change between friends. Being gay isn't bad it's not wrong to like the Same sex. Same sex is ok some people like the same sex some don't. " said.

"Honestly wanted to give this book three stars, but when I saw all the concern-trolling reviews, I gave it four. Many little kids have parents/cousins/aunts/uncles/grandparents/family friends/whatever in same-gender relationships. "Drama" is by NO MEANS an inappropriate read for any elementary school kid. If you think so, then you best be banning books depicting opposite-gender romances. My nine-year-old niece read this after we both read "Smile" and she loved it but warned me that "Some people think it's gross because of something that happens, but I don't think it's gross because [I am not a bigot and have queer family members]." Shame on all those who would try to infect my niece with their homophobia. So glad that "Drama" was published, and here's to the day when bigots don't try to get books banned for depicting a G-rated (because thats what this book depicts) reality." said.

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