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"Summary- The story is about a family who is trying to get Mr. Canis out of jail. The problem is that Mr. Canis is in jail and Sabrina, Daphne, granny Relda, Uncle Jack, jake, and Briar Rose are all trying to Mr. Canis out of jail. Event- They all are tying to get a lawyer and they are also going to court. The solution is that Mr. Canis the big bad wolf escaped from being hanged. When Mr. Canis had escaped from being hanged Briar Rose was really helpful, she was like go go i will take care of this and that. Sabrina and Daphne were like is he ok? So they were worried.

Setting- The story takes place in a courtroom filled with everafters. The weather is ,fall. It is important to the story because the everafter characters in the story are trying to save Mr. Canis from dying, by being hanged. It is also important to the story because it tells you where and when the story takes place.

Character Trait- Sabrina is a serious person who takes things pretty seriously. So you better listen to her if not, then you are going to get the RAF of Sabrina."When Sabrina got home from the court she instantly started to look for wore witnesses from the book because, the three little pigs phone number was in there, so they could try to get Mr. Canis out of jail.

Most Important Event- The event that mostly changes the story is when Snow White gets captured by the scarlet hand. Then everyone stopped fitting, who liked Snow White and went to save her, Even the Prince of her dreams showed up. That changed the story because everyone who liked her was acting serious.

Recommendation- A person who likes a book with everafters and fighters would like this book because, this book of the sisters grimm has those things in this really cool book.

Alexis s.
" said.

"Ok, I read the entire series straight through and since I didn't write a review for each one and the stories have started blend together (and I know the various reveals), I am going to write one review for books 2 through 9.

The series was enjoyable, but uneven for me. Most of the books never seemed like mysteries with detectives. In some of the books the characters seemed to happen upon events, clues, etc. There were assumptions and gaps in logic, and several characters personalities seemed to switch from book to book. The two sisters didn't always feel like they were their ages and the pacing was slow at parts, and some of the scenes seemed unnecessary.

That being said, I think it is a great series for its target age (maybe 8 to 12?), that won't be pure torture for adults to read along with. The illustrations are charming. There were several laugh out loud moments (especially with the judge at the trial in book 4) and interesting time-travel component in the 5th book. Over the course of the series the Master behind the Scarlet Hand (the organization causing problems for the Grimm family) becomes more prominent and the main antagonist in the story.

Buckley pulled characters in from the Grimm/Perault/Andersen fairy tales, as well as Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz series (although the focus in on those in the 1st book others from Baum's 14 book series are included in passing), Gulliver's Travels, Pinocchio, Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Rip Van Winkle, and the legends of King Arthur, Robin Hood, and Paul Bunyan and others I probably missed.

The author does a great job of putting twists on these familiar characters, changing up some origins and motivations in interesting and inventive ways. There are plenty of twists and cliffhangers to keep you interested (in fact, starting with the 4th or 5th book each book ends with a cliffhanger or reveal).

Overall, I give the series a lukewarm recommendation with the good outweighing the bad. If you like contemporary takes and twists on well-known characters and tales, or are a younger reader, you will probably like this series.
" said.

" I loved the modern interpretations of these classic stories! Especially as they kind of reverted back to the story's original darker themes with allusions to rape, murder, and mental insanity. I also loved how the author gave pertinent jobs and background stories to the Everafter characters within this new consolidated realm. It really helped to further humanize to these already well-known names and stories. While the language was a little angsty, and definitely made me grateful to be finished with my pre-teen years, it was a really refreshing kidlit read. " said.

" This book got a bit confusing with everything that was going on but it is still a must read. " said.

"Sisters Grimm series by Michael Buckley, published from 20015-2012 by Amulet Books and illustrated by Peter Ferguson.

The entire award-winning, New York Times Best-selling series:

The Fairy-Tale Detectives
The Unusual Suspects
The Problem Child
Once Upon a Crime
Magic and Other Misdemeanors
Tales From the Hood
The Everafter War
The Inside Story
The Council of Mirrors

My nine year old (since she was eight) is in love with these books. She is now reading Harry Potter, has enjoyed the Chronicles of Narnia and American Girls, but these are by far her favorite. Now, looking back on my own childhood reading choices (among my love for Madeleine L’Engle and The Wheel on the School stood my imposing thirst for The Babysitters’ Club), I realize that children can be a terrible gauge for literature, unless you are measuring profitability or popularity. In that case, my daughter has fallen in to line. These books are both popular and profitable and she has both fingers crossed waiting for a movie deal.

And here is the caveat: not spectacular writing. For an adult looking at the series (or even a pretty smart kid), the similes are broken, the plot is often obvious, the style mediocre (and roughly borrowed from Lemony Snickett), the characters sometimes flat (not to mention cliche)… It’s just not great. It’s not terrible, either. From a nine-year-old girl’s perspective, though, I imagine it is the fun swirling of all the familiar fairy tales and stories together and also the (mostly) compelling plot. And I have to admit, the series bettered as it went, and Puck made me LOL. You’ve got romance, you’ve got danger, you’ve got family… All mashed together with this popular kids’ black humor thing.

And you’ve got a seven and twelve year old? The youngest, especially, was distractingly young for the plot. Every time Buckley reminded me of her pigtails and overalls I felt lost. It’s fantasy, I know. For me, their ages just didn’t work, especially since the older one is hit with a pretty complicated, extended romance. Even Rowling waited until Harry was something like fifteen. And it forced a delayed ending, too (you know, “12 Years Later”), which was just a tad less than satisfying.

Plus, I find the action and fight scenes (which are prolific) to be holey. It reminds me of the advice that when writing an action scene you pull your spouse and kids into the room and make them act it out. The Grimm series is fond of creating these mental chasms in the otherwise fast-moving action scenes, and I as a reader slipped a gear in my interest-traction. Now, how could she hit HIM if she was just over there?!? Careful, there, writers.

My only other negative thing to say: the series gets suddenly witchy in the last book. I mean, like flesh-eating and frog innards and covens and whatnot. (And these are the good guys.) I guess you might see it coming, but considering that it wasn’t there before book Nine makes me want to warn you especially. If you have issues with witches and the occult over that fine line of fantasy, you’re going to be really disturbed in the last book.

I would recommend these books, with the last caveat I gave above. Of course, for kids and preteens, especially girls, but also for adults who enjoy Middle Grades fiction and want an easy, enjoyable read. Like maybe for a trip, especially to the beach. Some of the characters do fill out more as the series continues. It grows up a little, becomes more complex. And what is at first slightly unimpressive becomes reader-candy, increasingly hard to put down.

" said.

" The tales continue! I just read a review that compared this series to the TV show "Once Upon a Time".It's the same idea! Fairy tale characters stuck in a town they can't leave. Consequently, they fight a lot. :) " said.

" Big bad wolfThis was another great story of the series. I can't wait to continue on to the next adventure of the Grimm sisters. " said.

" This one was fun for me. I liked the suspense, secrets, and danger. It was enjoyable and I think Michael Buckley did a good job here. " said.

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