Karen's New Year (Baby-Sitters Little Sister, No. 14) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-08-30 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 3 user ratings

" The books where Karen is a tattletale are especially annoying, lol. " said.

" Not much to say about this one. Karen learns that New Year's Resolutions are not laws, they are just suggestions to help better oneself. " said.

" What young girl did not love the Baby-Sitters Club and Karen, the Baby-Sitters Little Sister? " said.

" Karen's approach to New Year's resolutions leaves her family very unhappy. " said.

" In which Karen resolves to rat out everyone who breaks their New Year's resolutions, taking a page from Harriet the Spy. " said.

" Karens big sister told her to make a new resolution. Karen is the only one keeping hers, so she starts spying on everyone to see if they are really keeping their New Years Resolutions. Then others start spying on Karen to see if she keeps her resolution. " said.

"Doomsday strikes Stoneybrook. Karen and her family have to fight back against the imperial warlords who are threatening to take over Earth. Each member of Karen's family makes a vow to help prevent the aliens from winning. But, through reasons out of their control, they each break their vow and bring the aliens one step closer to wreaking havoc over the small town in Connecticut. Only Karen can help them, but to do will involve spying on her own side. Can she live with that guilt?

Duh, of course she can, she's Karen.
" said.

"For New Year's Eve, Daddy & Elizabeth are having a party at the big house. Upon learning about New Year's resolutions, Karen thinks it will be a fun activity for everyone to get together and announce what their resolution(s) will be. She has quite a few. They will be a struggle to keep but she is determined.
In the following days & weeks, Karen decides to spy on her family to see who is keeping their resolutions and who is not. She carries around a notebook to record what she sees.
Needless to say once people find out, they get really upset.

Once Karen gets a taste of her own medicine, so does she.

The really annoying part is that she was changing her resolutions all along, tweaking them so that she wouldn't break them. So that she could "win". She always needs to win dammit. Someone needs to sit that girl down and set her straight.
" said.

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