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UPDATE TIME: 2019-08-16 
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" "Starr and I were taken away in separate cars; I never saw my sister again."
" Nobody mentioned Starr to me after that."

Sunny Skyland was raised in many foster homes because her grandma and her mom died in a car accident. Her father vanished before she and her twin sister were born. There mom knew where he was ,but never mentioned it. When it was her mom and grandma’s funeral day, they didn't even go to it. They played in the churches nursery room. After the funeral Sunny and Starr got into two separate cars. They never saw each other again. Sunny now lives with Rita, her foster mom. One day Sunny was thinking about her sister and wanted to find her. But before she wanted to look for her she was going to go get some twinkies because Rita doesn't like unhealthy foods in the house. On her way to the store she saw something that was not suppose to be on the ground. So she walked over and saw a bag full of money, she was waiting for somebody to come over and get her, but nothing ever happened, so she stuff it in her shirt hoping nobody will ever notice it. She went back home and forgot to get twinkies. She put an ad in the newspaper telling there was money found and who ever says how much there is and can identify where it was left or what bag it was in, can have the money. She didn't tell Rita, and she still didn't have the rightful owner. So she said she was going to find her sister.

One day she was half way there and she stopped at this place and ate some food and found a dog that was homeless. So she got a name for that dog and they were best friends after that. One night there was a tornado coming and so Sunny clung to a tree, with her dog by her side. She was badly hurt and her bag was missing with the money in it. She started walking to the town she was in before and got a ride from a boy who was taking all of the people who had no homes to the school. When she walked in the school she was going through the stuff that they found and she found her bag. She went on to find her sister. She was in the town were they grew up and she went to the house they were last living in and she wasn't there. Sunny talked to a neighbor and told her what she was doing and the neighbor knew them so she told her what she knew about them. Sunny went to the house the lady said to and Starr rang the doorbell and she heard somebody coming. A man opened up the door and she told him who she was and he was so happy that she came. He let her in and they talk and told Starr to come down and she was mad because she has never remembered her sister so she wants nothing to do with her. Sunny tries to talk to her sister but Starr doesn't want to talk to her.

Starr comes downstairs and says she has won her poetry, all she's has to do is sign it that she has really written her poem. So Sunny thinks she recognizes this poem so she gos to the library and finds the same poem. She then calls Rita and told her that she wanted to come home the next day and Rita said that was fine pack up your things and I'll call you in a couple of minutes so that Starr's parents would know. Sunny got home told Starr’s parents and they said that was fine. They said they were sorry for her that her sister didn't want to find out more about her and that she can come back whenever she wanted to. Sunny told them that she needed to talk to Starr before she left and they said that was fine. When Starr got home Sunny told her that was not her own poem that she wrote it was someone else's. What do you think will happen at the ending? This book is an amazing book because its talking about how much this sister wants to find her twin and when she does, her sister doesn't want anything to do with her. This is heart breaking for Sunny. I could never do this if I went to go find my sister. I would give up. I hope you guys read this book because its a really, really good book to read.
" said.

" I loved this book. It was short but it covered so much. It was very straight to the point and it never got boring. I really loved the plot. " said.

" 5 stars! Such a good book. Peg Kehret got me in the book with that characters. It felt like I was sitting right next to the characters. Really good imagery. They should make this book a movie!!!! " said.

" it is a vary good book i like alot " said.

" I opened this book expecting the typical twins reunite story and was so happily surprised! It is a great story about love, family, and finding home. I know that sounds corny, but this story is anything but corny. There's an adventure, a mystery, and a great mother-daughter relationship. After reading this story I'm even more certain that family members are those that make you feel loved and that doesn't always go hand in hand with people who are related to you. " said.

" This book was about a girl named Sunny trying to find her sister that is far away from her. sunny meets this dog and takes him with her. Sunny also has to go through a tornado. Sunny is going through a lot of tough things to get to her sister Starr. This was one of my favorite books that i have read in this whole year. It is so action packed and a little bit of mystery in it. I would recommend this book to anyone who love action packed books. I suggest that you read this book. " said.

"I didn't expect to like this book. I bought it at Half-Price Books a while back for a dollar because I liked the cover, and I had no regrets. It seemed like one of those books that I would read and end up dragging out for days even though they're small. That was not the case with this book. I just read this book in one sitting when I was supposed to be doing my homework. I am not ashamed. This book made me laugh, cry, smile, and everything else wonderful in such a short amount of time. I won't forget this book anytime soon. It definitely earns five stars from me. " said.

"Audience: Intermediate
Genre: Realistic Fiction

Discussion Questions:

Remembering: List two things that Sunny remembers about her family before she was separated from her sister.
Understanding: Summarize one of the obsticles that Sunny encounters on her trip. (Ex. Boys at Gas Station)
Applying: If you were Sunny, what questions would you want to ask Starr?
Analyzing: What was the most exciting part of Sunny's travels?
Evaluating: What is your opinion of Starr's reaction to Sunny's arrival?
Creating: How would you rewrite this story from Starr's point of view?
" said.

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