The School for Good and Evil #3: The Last Ever After Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-08-29 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 77 user ratings

"Ohhh so many things I want to say about this book, but I can't even find the right words to it!
What a big mess! Sorry but, all the three books has the same end: no matter what, Sophie is evil and never will get what she wants.
Which I think is really bad because, as Sophie try so hard to be good, which makes her be even more evil, it's like seeing evil winning, in the end!
So, what good message does this book brings?! None!
It's full of violence and no true love at all! A son killing his own mother (Alric and Lady Lesso), a father trying to kill her own daughter (Stephan and Agatha)... how "nice", huh? But it's ok, since we have the excuse that are the Good and Evil sides, here!
I just read this book, because of curiosity to know how would end it. And I was hoping that, atleast, it was going to have a true happy ending but, like I said, everything just repeated as happened in the previews books.
The writer reaaally didn't make it works! C'mon! The two girls, best friends, had their kiss in the end of the first book and now, to worse, they are sisters?!
I love retellings, but the writer ruined with everything, here! Cinderella wanting just their stepsisters' love.. ok, I can accept that, but being killed by axe by his stepmother... WOW! That's really too much!
Which also reminds me how this book is a "good" reading to children!
Honestly... what a hideous book!
" said.

"The Last Ever After Review

Book Rating: 5 stars out 5.

Storyline: 5 stars out of 5. The last book in the School for Good and Evil trilogy. (I know there is a fourth one coming out! That starts a new chapter in the series! I'm excited for it!) It was a long journey. Sophie decided to be with the young school Master. Agatha and Tedros were in Gavaldon. The village tried to kill them. They went through Sophie's mother's grave to get back to the woods. They were met by Red Riding Hoods wolf and Jack's giant. Princess Uma rescued them. She was bringing them to the league of good heroes. They met Cinderella, Peter Pan, Hansel and Gretel, etc. Agatha had to try to get Sophie to destroy the ring. That would kill the School Master. Sophie questions if she actually loves him. Tedros' name appears on her skin. Sophie runs away with Agatha and Tedros. She tries to convince Tedros to go out with her. He still loved Agatha. His mother, Guinevere, is also found as long as Lancelot. They shelter them from the School Master. Tedros asks Sophie why she wants to be with him. She doesn't tell him that she loves him. Tedros leaves her in the cave. She ends of going back to the school master. The league trains with the new heroes for the Good and Evil war. Sophie and Agatha find out through Professor Sader that they are sister's. That Vanessa was evil because she wished to be with Sophie's father when he was in love with Honora the whole time. Her mother gave birth to Sophie and Agatha. Agatha being the ugly one and Sophie being the beautiful one. Good and Evil go to war. Sophie decides to finally destroy the ring. The ending was interesting. There was a whole bunch of events. I loved this whole story. I can't wait to read the 4th one. I want it released right now! (It's released, but still haven't purchased it. I really should do that.)

Characters: 5 stars out of 5. I loved Agatha the most out of this series. She was amazing. I loved her attitude. I'm glad that she got her prince in the end. She made so many sacrifices. She had more depth than Sophie. She was the good one. Always will be.

Tedros was arrogant a lot, but he showed that he loved Agatha. He made some sacrifices as well. I didn't like him the first book. He got better in the last book. He was sweet at times. He was hard at times.

Sophie...I wanted her to die. She was the worst character in this whole story. She should have been happy for her friend, but she wasn't. She was a brat that tried to steal her friends love. She thought she was amazing, but she was nothing. She was stupid. I really wished she died at the end.

Favorite Quotes: “Dear girl, it will be a very long road if you spend more time looking backwards than forward.”

“No one can hide from their fate without a price.”

“To find a happy ending with someone else, first you have to find it alone.”

Writing Style: 5 stars out of 5.
" said.

" InkvotaryFinished. FINALLY! Way too long, way too detailed and way too much of everything. Tedros is a weak coward with no courage at all. Good looking but full of fear and ... I have no words. Right now I doubt that I will read the fourth book. Not after the torture this one was. How can a series, that startet so great and with a firework of fun, irony and great scenes become such a disaster? No recommendation from my side. Sorry, Mr. Chainani. " said.

"This book is simply all kinds of perfect. It's my favorite of all the books so far. But it is also the one that ruins my heart the most. Getting past those first four hundred pages is always a bit hard. I mean, the book is perfection on every page, but oh gosh, that beginning ruins me every time. So perfect. This is my third read.

And I cannot wait to read book four in a little while, finally. Eee. It's going to be so good. But first, this third book. I can't get over how good it is. And how much it destroys me at the same time. Oh. The ending is all kinds of perfect. Yet sad too. I loved every moment of this book. Getting to the ending was a struggle. Ack.

There is so much that I love about this book. I'm not going to mention all of it this time, just talking a little about this precious thing. Like how the writing is perfect, and that I adore Soman. Cannot wait to read more and more books by him. This book is once again mostly from the point of view of Agatha and Sophie. But a few other characters are mentioned too, and I loved that. Reading about Agatha is still my favorite thing, though. Because this girl is everything. And she grows a whole lot in this book. She's always been amazing, and she just gets more and more awesome for each page. Agatha has the biggest heart. Which is why this book hurts me so much. Because I do not want Agatha to be in pain. And she is hurt very much in this book. Hmph.

There is so much happening in this book. Not going to share all of it. But wishing to talk about it a little. Agatha and Tedros has been in at her home for a couple of weeks now. They are trapped, because the villagers wish to kill her. They are arguing a lot. And that just broke my heart. But totally understood it. Then they are able to go back to the fairy tale woods. And that heartbreaking thing that happened right before that broke my heart and I wish it had been more in focus. It was so sad and cruel and ahh. Rude.

Half of this book is about Agatha and Tedros wishing to have Sophie back in their lives, as they miss their friend. But things don't go all that well once they get her back. And gosh, how I hated what Sophie did to Agatha. How she treated her. How she was okay with treating her like that. I'm not happy with Sophie at all. Hmph. I liked her ending a lot, sure, but I'm so angry with this girl too. Hmph. But anyway. I was also a bit angry with Tedros. Felt like he should have been more understanding at times, and more with Agatha.

The other half is about war. As Sophie is with the evil school master. And he wants to take over everyone, getting rid of good forever. And oh, how everything is complicated. And I loved every moment. I just wish there wasn't quite so much Agatha and Tedros heartbreak. Ahh. But then they also had the very very best scenes too, and I loved those like crazy. And I love all the other characters too, like Hort and the witches. They are the very best. Sigh. Kind of, maybe, liking the friendship of Agatha and Sophie. But only maybe.

There is so much that I could say about The Last Ever After. But I'm not going to. Already said a bunch. And not nearly enough at the same time. I love every part of this book. Even though more than half of it ruins my heart. Can barely take reading it. But I always survive it. And the book is always worth it. The characters are all just amazing to read about. The world is so exciting and fun and oh how I can't wait to read more about all of it. More of these precious characters. I'm so excited for all of the upcoming books.

This is a book worth reading. This is a book worth reading a bunch of times. Which I have now done. And which you all need to do as well. These books are awesome. And this third one the best. A lot of secrets came out. Like the story about Sophie's mother. That story still kills me with how extremely awesome and horrible it was. And learning more about Tedros too is always fun. And more of Agatha, always. This third book has a good ending. But I'm thrilled that Soman is writing more, because I need it, badly. So excited.

I'm so glad that I'm currently re-reading these amazing books again. Because they are perfection. And they mean so much to me. The story is so good. The characters are so amazing. I just love everything about these books. Tomorrow I'll re-read The Ever Never Handbook, and I'm so excited for that. Then finally book four. I'm nervous. Because I have peeked a little, lol. But I'm also the most excited to read it. Because I know it is going to be so good. Sigh. I only wish that book five and six were out already too.


I first read this book from August 9th to August 10th 2015. See my first review here:

I read this book for the second time from July 27th to July 30th 2016. See my book recommendation post here:

I read this book for the third time from October 3rd to 5th 2017. See my new review here:
" said.

" 3.5 stars, a difficult one to rate. The first 450 or so pages were just okay. Especially a certain plot point that gets introduced into that part. But when that certain part ended, the last 200 pages were awesome. The fights were more gruesome than I expected it to be but it was awesome. Chapter 33 explains a lot of things though I'm still not sure how I feel about all of it. Maybe I need to reread this series sometime. " said.

"Nad 5 zcela zaslouženými hvězdami vůbec nemusím váhat. Poslední díl jsem si užila stejně jako 2 předešlé. Líbilo se mi, že Chainani nikam nespěchal, ale všem postavám a všem součástem příběhu dopřál čas a prostor se rozvinout a působit na čtenáře. Jeden z těch mála skvostných závěrečných dílů skvělých sérií, na které budu ráda vzpomínat.

Jsem si jistá, že se ke Škole dobra a zla jistojistě vrátím, protože po dlouhé odmlce od Harryho Pottera je toto opravdu skvělá fantasy pohádková série, která za re-reading určitě stojí. Vřele doporučuji. Jsem spokojená jako Kmotřička :-)
" said.

"I just
But for real, I absolutely fell in love with these characters and every aspect of it! I obsess about this book series everyday and I am anxiously awaiting for the arrival of my new friend:
The Last Ever After.
Doesn't it just bring tears to your eyes?! I can't wait to see what happens when Agatha and Tedros show up in Gavaldon and what happens to the two schools at war. How is this epic battle ever going to have an end,
let alone a happily ever after?
" said.

"“To find a happy ending with someone else, first you have to find it alone.”

This book was bloody long.

It was a good story and addition to the series but I still believe that the last 2 booka weren't really necessary. I would have been happy with just the first one.
Nice ending to the series - happy about it.

I really liked Hort and Lady Lesso. (view spoiler)" said.

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