The Boy on the Wooden Box: How the Impossible Became Possible . . . on Schindler's List Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-05-24 
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" I loved this book! It's a straightforward memoir, perfectly suited for YA readers. I was impressed with the brilliant descriptions of such horrific events. Truly a moving piece of work and a must read for those interested in the holocaust. " said.

" Está más que justificado lo que ha llevado un señor de 80 años a contar su historia desde la perspectiva del niño que presenció los horrores del Holocausto, pero a mí, en particular, no me convenció (desde un punto de vista literario). Todo termina resumiéndose a un libro ágil y de fácil lectura. " said.

" Before I read this book, I thought that all the Germans hated the Jewish people. But after reading this book, I knew that there were some people who respected everyone and tried to help the Jewish people. " said.

" Livro autobiográfico sobre a criança na Lista de Schindler, "O rapaz do caixote de madeira" é um livro simples, complexo, maravilhoso e aterrador. Simples na escrita, o que o torna perfeito para um público juvenil; complexo porque tem várias camadas a explorar; maravilhoso porque conta a história de um homem que não permitiu que o passado o definisse; e aterrador porque ...bem, é o Holocausto. " said.

"No puedo no dar cinco estrellas al relato de un hombre que pese a las adversidades más desgarradoras supera su propia historia y la comparte.
El relato de Leon Leyson, un niño, adolescente y adulto que se convierte en un héroe a los ojos de quienes leemos su testimonio. Un sobreviviente del holocausto, perteneciente a la "lista de Schindler" que nos relata de manera conmovedora todo su sufrimiento y el rol que juega Oskar Schindler en el proceso de salvación de él y su familia.
Me gustó conocer el papel que desempeñó este "nazi" en la protección y salvación de miles de judíos enfrentándose a su propia gente y arriesgándose la vida en ello.
" said.

"Reseña en el blog: La cueva de Danny.

"Un héroe es un ser humano común y corriente que hace lo
mejor en las peores circunstancias."

Este sin duda es una historia cruda, trágica y que te atrapa desde la primera página, vives a través de Leon, que nos narra la historia todas las vivencias y todo lo cruel y difícil que fue pasar por los abusos de los nazis, una historia conmovedora que te hace sentir emociones diferentes desde rabia, tristeza y un poco de esperanza de la cual Leon, a pesar de lo mal que lo estaba viviendo aun tenía.
Disfrute muchísimo de este libro, desde la primer página hasta la última de los agradecimientos, en verdad se los recomiendo completamente." said.

"Simply put, this book was wonderful. A biography for children written by a man who experienced WW2 as a persecuted Jewish child. For the most part, it's what you would generally expect from such a book, telling of horrific days, weeks, years in ghettos and camps but what makes it a good one for children/early teens is that it carries a message of hope and humanity too. Instead of a story where the author is the only surviving person that they knew from that time, this is a story of survival. All because of one man. Oskar Schindler. We've all heard of him, but I didn't really know all that much about him and what he did. This has completely opened my eyes; I want to go hunting for more information about this spectacular man.

Following this we get a bit of information about Leon's post-WW2 life in America, and his reluctance to talk of anything that happened. I'll admit, I did nearly have a bit of a cry at the end when people truly wanted to hear of it and were glad that he survived so that they could know him. Simply beautiful.
" said.

"Reading this broke my heart. Going into this memoir, I knew there would be sorrow, inhumanity and death, but the cruelties inflicted upon the Jewish and other populations of people during WWII are beyond horrific. It is difficult to read yet immensely important.

With that said, the strength and courage people found within themselves to survive or fight back against the Nazi Regime is remarkable. The small acts of kindness and moments of hope are true testimets to the humane spirit. I hope books like this are read to remind ourselves of humanity.
" said.

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