Tabbed Board Books: My First Colors: Let's Learn Them All! (Tab Board Books) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-05-31 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 65 user ratings

" My son cannot get enough of this book. He will turn the pages for 30 minutes at a time. Probably longer, but I get tired of it and encourage him to do something else for a while. " said.

" This is great for a young toddler. Lots of pointing and "talking" opportunities. We revisit this book daily and my son lights up when he finds it in his downstairs book collection. " said.

" This book was great for my color obsessed 3yo. I like how it is layed out by color and included silver, gold and multi-colored objects. " said.

" I really like this book! There are two full pages dedicated to each color. Each two-page spread has a tons of pictures of things of the specified color. The pictures for pink and purple are a bit of a stretch, but it's so colorful! My daughter will sit there are point to every single picture so I can tell her what they are! :) Now if only she'd start TALKING!! " said.

" I really liked this colors book. Its probably a bit busy for really young babies, but is good for toddlers. I liked the tabs around the outside making it easy to skip to a certain color. Like many colors books, it has a section on multi-colored and a review section. I really liked how this gave lots of examples which provided many opportunities for labeling. It was a nice mix of items Natalie already knew how to say, that she knows but can't say, and that she doesn't know at all yet. " said.

"L has been picking this book out quite a bit recently. (Although the one she has isn't this exact version, it's a bit more simple.) It has a lot of things to point to and is good for teaching new words.
By the way, I feel like I should note for L's sake, in case she reads this one day and wonders why she read way fewer books than her brother at this age, the answers are:
a) He was more willing to let us choose the books and read a variety. She is very adamant about what she wants to read, and basically wants to read the same handful of books again and again, ignoring the other books on her shelf. This is one of her chosen few.
b) She likes to read her Hello magazines rather than books some of the time, so we re-read those a lot, too.
c) Up until recently she wasn't too interested in sitting still through a book. That's changed, though, and I'm happy she's now becoming a reader, too!
" said.

"We love this book! Now we're going to add "Words" "Numbers" and "Animals" to our collection this Christmas. As others have said, the pictures are vibrant and clear and each picture is labeled, so I can see us continuing to reach for this book as we begin to read. There is a good mix of items that are typically colored (red raspberries, yellow rubber duck, etc.) along with generic items (spoons, balloons, cupcakes, etc.) that could be any color. The variety of items on each page means we can extend the basic colors idea (let's find all the animals (or plants, clothes, food, etc.) on this page...)." said.

"This book is so wonderful! I was on the hunt for a good book to teach my 2 year old colors and this was the best that I found. I love that every turn of the page present a new color and everything on those pages is that color. Love!" said.

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