Roald Dahl's Book of Ghost Stories Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-08-14 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 47 user ratings

" I was disappointed by this collection. The stories were certainly charming and prettily written, but with the exception of Edith Wharton's excellent "Afterward," I didn't find them at all chilling. " said.

" Una grande delusione: mi aspettavo dei racconti scritti da Dahl, invece lui è soltanto il curatore di una raccolta abbastanza scialba e di cui si poteva fare a meno; del resto lo stesso autore, nella prefazione, si lamenta della scarsa qualità dei racconti di fantasmi scritti da metà Ottocento agli anni ottanta (la prima edizione della raccolta è del 1983). " said.

" Una bella raccolta di racconti di fantasmi, preceduta da una prefazione di Roald Dahl (che non è l'autore dei racconti, bensì la persona che li ha raccolti e scelti) su quanto sia difficile trovare dei buoni racconti su questo argomento, e sul perché li avesse cercati molti anni prima.Dei racconti ben riusciti e che si lasciano leggere con piacere. " said.

" Many of the anthologies I've read have been a little disappointing so I was somewhat apprehensive about beginning yet another one. I needn't've been. Dahl did a superb job hand picking some incredible ghost stories. Each was remarkably different and I didn't once find myself becoming bored. I enjoyed this collection very much. " said.

" The stories weren't as scary as i thought they were to be, i found this to be more suitable for preteens rather than adults. There is an interesting intro where Dahl explains why women are better suited as writers for children books and his overall take on how difficult it is to write a book for children. Not my favourite book by him, but it was nice to see him do something different " said.

"Some of these were excellent, but some of them were dry and long-winded. Then again, these are older English ghost stories so they're not all going to be fast-paced and gory. In fact, not one of them was really graphic in any way, but all of them were creepy and many were wonderfully psychological. Lost steam near the end, but I really enjoyed the Rosemary Timperley stories (might try to find some of her novels) and Afterward by Edith Wharton. The last one, The Upper Berth, is excellent and also takes place at sea for an even bigger creepiness factor." said.

"Weird and rambley old man introduction aside, this is a great collection of creepy short stories -- mostly from the 1950s, but with some intriguing earlier stories as well. My personal favorite was the one written by one of the only authors in the collection that I knew beforehand, "Afterward" by Edith Wharton. "The Telephone" by Mary Treadgold and "The Sweeper" by A.M. Burrage were also pretty great. It would be perfect to follow up reading these stories with a late-night viewing of Crimson Peak..." said.

"After the introduction (where Dahl is shocked - shocked - to find that women write better ghost stories than men, and spends another page ruminating why would this be? when women fail at every other form of art (painting, sculpting, music) - after that charming introduction, the stories begin. (The title is misleading: Dahl is not the author.)

It's a mixed bag. Some are coldly shocking ("Elias and the Draug", "Ringing the Changes"), some predictable ("Playmates"). Some are brilliant and cruel ("Afterward", "The Telephone").

The star rating seems a bit unfair in regards to anthologies.
" said.

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