Primates: The Fearless Science of Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Biruté Galdikas Reviews

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"The true stories of three scientists who changed the way we think about primates forever. Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey and Birute Galdikas were all recruited by anthropologist Louis Leakey and set out, with little to no training or background, on field research that would result in discoveries that advanced our understanding of the link between humans and primates.

Another triumph from First Second! Seriously, can they do anything wrong? I don't think I've read anything from First Second that I haven't loved.

This is a great middle grade graphic novel that does an excellent job at showing how each of the three women got her big break, the research she did, discoveries made, and also the toll this kind of work took on her personal life.

Jane Goodall was the first to be discovered by Louis Leakey. Jane had always wanted to study animals, but for a while her work had nothing to do with animals. She jumped at the chance to visit a school friend in Kenya, and there she met Louis Leaky, who was working in Nairobi. She started out working as Leakey's secretary, but soon had the chance to study chimpanzees. So off she went, with no schooling in anthropology or sciences, no advanced degree. She named the chimpanzees, much to other scientist's disgust (scientists usually would number them), but when Jane observed chimps using tools and eating meat, she earned the respect of her peers.

Dian Fossey was an occupational therapist when she met Louis Leakey. Leakey believed that "women are fundamentally better in the field than men. They're more patient, and give more of themselves." Despite her lack of background in the field, he asked if she'd like to study gorillas. Dian ended up in Rwanda observing gorillas. She also became incredibly passionate and outspoken against poaching and extolled the importance of conservation.

Birute Galdikas was already involved in and studying the sciences and had been on archaeological digs. She wrote to Louis Leakey and he arranged a meeting. Birute and her husband eventually were sent off to study orangutans. They were essentially living in the middle of a swamp. It took a while for Birute to find any orangutans, but she finally did, and observed them walking on the ground.

Both Jane and Dian earned their Ph.D.s after they started their research. Birute was the only one of the three who had any kind of science or anthropology background when she started. The three women were clearly very different. Dian seemed a bit hotheaded and impatient. She had no use for people who didn't see her views about poaching and conservation her way. Sadly, the work she did in these areas resulted in her death. The book did not explicitly say she was murdered. Perhaps they thought that was too upsetting for a middle grade book. Jane clearly had a sense of fun about her. Birute was the most independent of the three. Perhaps her science background made her feel more comfortable questioning people and trying new things.

I really liked that in the art we can see that doing fieldwork is not a tidy job. All three women are almost constantly dirty and messy. It's not like they had running water out there. They were living in tents and small wooden structures on in the jungle, and they looked it. It did not make field research look easy in any way. I liked Maris Wicks' art a lot. It's very cute, like Faith Erin Hicks. Not realistic, but a cute, friendly style that's very inviting.
" said.

"This book is about the interesting stores about Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey,and Birute Galdikas studied on primates.This book is a comic,and fiction about these real people. I personal think this book was interesting and fun because this help me understand what the charters are going through and help me understand why they do what they do and since its in a comic I colorful and fun helps me stay interested in the book with its colors. (Many *Spoilers* in the next paragraphs so be ready.)
The book is basically about Jane,Dian,and Birute being sent to study the primates (*spoiler* By a man name of Louis Leaky) the chimpanzees, mountain gorillas, and orangutans. Where they hero where at the most was Gombe, Congo, Indonesian in the story. The main characters meet Louis Leaky Jane goes to Gombe, Dian goes to Congo, and Birute went to Indonesian. They all studied the primates and meet and named the primates they met or observed and named them. Also they made some discoveries. This is different it has like Person v.s nature because of how hard it was to get the information on the chimpanzees, mountain gorillas, and orangutans to study the primates behavior, it could be person v.s self because of there trials and error and mistakes some main charters did that is why.
The characters Jane, Dian, and Brute seem to be different in how they got there jobs for Jane got her job by calling Leaky on the phone and became his secretary. On pages 4 and 5 a phone rings and Leaky and Jane said "Hello? An appointment with Dr.Leaky? Well, I'm Leaky. Yes really. And you are? Well, Certainly Miss Goodall! Come over." That is what they said in the text (Miss Goodall is Jane's last name).For Dian it was on accident (By a Safari guide) and met him again in Louisville at a meeting because of the stage, many seats, and podium he asked her to sit down and ask why did she visited the safari. This is what she said "Well, to see gorillas, of course." after the meeting she was asked to go to meet him in a apartment and had a talk ,and was told what to do to see the gorillas. For brute wrote a letter to him and met him again at a lecture. Brute's friend suggested to her to write him a letter because he replied to her friend's letter and so she did write to him and other scientist, after the lecture she talks to Leaky and says "...and also the Malaysian government and Barbara Harrisson and..." Leaky was surprised and says "Harrisson? You wrote Barbara Harrison? And you say you want to study orangutans?" he looked at her and left after she got a letter from him and she met up with him and was tested and the next time they met he wanted her to study the orangutans. Then after that we read there experiences when study all three of the primates and they also had family or lived alone.
I liked the way how the author told me a little background on what the characters where doing before they where studied the primates of the story and updates to what happened to Jane, Dian, and Brute ,and gave some of what they studied also that the author gave me a prologue on two of the main characters, and a epilogue on one main character. After Brute's chapter we are given a prologue after a meeting her husband (she had a husband) wanted to leave studying orangutans but her husband left and she remarried and had a baby, for Dian she was single and trying to stop gorilla poaching but she died buried next to one of her beloved gorilla Digit how died from a poachers, and Jane was married with kid and she dose lecturers on chimpanzees.
I give this a rating of 4 out of 5 stars because I wished I learned more about what they found out and did they have more break thoughts during the prologue. I would command this book to people how are interested in these scientist but I would recommend this to kids my age. I hope you enjoyed reading and learn a little about these people and how they became sciences I hope you read this book.
" said.

" I absolutely *loved* this book. As a scientist nerd, reading about all three of these amazing women in one place was nirvana. My only concern is that being cataloged as YA non-fiction will spell doom for this fascinating work. " said.

" Brief easily read graphic nonfiction representing three women who studied primates in Africa under Dr. Richard Leakey. I knew about Jane Goodall, the murder of Dian Fossey, but never heard of Biruté Galdikas. Once again proof that graphic books just aren't for kids. " said.

" An informative and interesting read about three pioneers in primates research and conservation. Highly recommended for grades 4 and up studying primates, wildlife conservation and fans of all things animal. " said.

" Captivating introduction and ode into the lives of three rock-stars of the primatology world. Their tireless patience and skills of observation helped bring an awareness to the plight of mountain gorillas, orangutans, and chimpanzees. LOVED. " said.

" The art is charming and the writing is, too. I'd have loved a little more in-depth look at what it meant to be a white woman setting up camp in primarily non-white places--it touches on Fossey's tactlessness, but doesn't examine other angles. I had no idea who Louis Leakey was, or that he connected these three scientists. I wish the book had also been a little more explicit about his sexism instead of just regurgitating it. " said.

"This was a wonderfully fun introduction into the lives of these three outstanding women. As several other people have mentioned, it's not technically a nonfiction biography but does contain the basic facts about these women and their incredible devotion to their science. It also has a very helpful appendix that lists websites, books and articles for further discovery.

For me, one of the most interesting things was the belief held by Dr. Leakey that women were more patient and more suited to the painstaking research necessary for these studies. This was an unusual belief for this era. This is a great resource for helping encourage girls who are interested in science, math and research.

The illustrations were very fun with facial expressions that really added another dimension to the story. My only issue was that the abbreviated text sometimes led me to be confused about what was going on. I frequently thought that I had skipped a page because some segments didn't make sense. But, that was a minor issue andI would highly recommend this book for school libraries and animal lovers.
" said.

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