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Um, no. If I had any idea that this "book" didn't have any words in it I would have never requested it from the library. I have never come across a book with no words in it. That's just unfathomable to me. I can't believe I saved this book thinking it was going to be good. Since it had the award on the front I should have known; I've never liked an award-winning book before; they're never good, so I should have known this would be no different.

I really resent how misleading the cover and the summary are. Or maybe it's just that my expectations were too way. I always hate when I expect a magical tale full of wonder and great ideas, and it turns out not to be that at all. There was no indication that there wasn't a single word in here and readers would have to make up their own story. I've never liked having to wonder what happens in a book. I want you to tell me what it's about.

"In the silence
of a dream
our adventures move
in seamless progression
as we conquer
our dragon,
uncharted lands,
to the highest pinnacle,
and float
in a sudden
free fall
to the new day."

That was certainly a weird introduction to a weird book. The boy falls asleep with a book, an atlas, and the land turns into a chess board with people as the pieces. One piece from the waist up is a man, with the bottom half the chess piece, another is a chess piece with only the head as human, and yet another one is a larger man in a blue robe, with a blob as a head, like halfway turning from a piece to a human. Very odd. The boy then walks into a castle. In the next scene he's shaking the hand of a glove. Not a person wearing a glove, just the glove by itself. Because the soldier has fallen over and a bunch of doves are flying out of the suit of armor. The next pages bring us into a forest where the boy has gotten a sword and shield and a big dragon is lying down. There's also this weird little alien, mutant thing.

The boy is inside of a book, coming out of the pages. Then he turns into a giant with all of the little characters around him. The journey leads to a cliffside where they're all riding pigs who are carrying their luggage. They're all giants inside the city, bigger than all of the buildings. Then they're falling through space with the pages of the book. There are leave and a huge spoon, chess pieces and a salt shaker wearing a coat. It couldn't get any weirder or more confusing.

The boy rides on a giant leaf over the ocean with fish jumping out of the water and leaves that are halfway turning into geese. Then he's in bed sleeping once more with the bedspread transforming into the ocean where the geese and fish wait.

The final page has the boy awake, with book in hand, chess pieces on the bed, fish in the bowl and doves in the window. Guess it tied it all up and showed how the dream occurred. It didn't make the story any less weird.

I don't even know how you would explain/narrate the pages to an audience, but all I could do was flip through the pages and look at it like Wtf and just keep going. I couldn't figure out what was going on enough to say anything about it, and didn't care to. First and last book I'll ever read with no words in it. A complete waste of time and nothing to offer.
" said.

" Every David Wiesner book is like an acid trip... " said.

" A boy falls asleep while reading and is taken on a magical, mythical, map-filled adventure to a number of different worlds before a flock of swans and fish bring home to his bed.Wiesner is the King of Wordless Picture Books. " said.

" I just don't understand this story. Obviously the boy is dreaming and is in a dream world based on his storybook and the noises in his room, but the actual events confuse me. I just don't have interest in wordless books. I don't have the attention span to "read" the pictures. The illustrations weren't appealing to me. It wasn't telling a story I was interested in. " said.

" I am a huge fan of David Wiesner, his artistic style, and his many picture books. This book is no exception. I love the whimsical, wordless fantasy of the boy's plaid bedspread becoming a fantastical dreamscape of various adventures. I love the lovely watercolor paintings. The loathsome dragon even shows up in the dreamscape, as well as some pigs. I would have voted this book for a Caldecott over Song and Dance Man. " said.

"I love that Free Fall is basically one extended illustration, interrupted only by page turns. I don’t think I have the first idea what the story is actually about, but there are a lot of interesting moments. I especially like the page where the boy arrives at a chess game in his blue pajamas and the one where he seems to be getting up from the page of a book. I also love the way the patterns of the boy’s blanket and book keep turning up throughout the rest of the images. David Wiesner has a most interesting imagination! " said.

" Another fantastically illustrated masterpiece by David Wiesner. This one is mystical and mythological as a boy floats from one dream sequence to another. It's a wonderful book to look at with children, pointing out all of the fascinating details.This book was selected as one of the books for the August 2016- Caldecott Honor discussion at the Picture-Book Club in the Children's Books Group here at Goodreads. " said.

"1989 Caldecott Honor - Favorite Illustration: I love the boy meeting the chess pieces. Although I do not particularly enjoy the game of chess, I do love the variety and details of available chess pieces.
This wordless tale shows us the power of dreams when a boy falls asleep one night. I love the way the story seems to flow from one scene to another, perhaps the same way dreams seem to flow into each other. I did also enjoy the poem on the opening flap of the book, and would have been a bit more confused at the book itself if (as in the paperback version) the poem hadn't been included.
" said.

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