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""Inside the Earth" is part story, part informational text - a hybrid genre. It tells the story of Ms. Frizzle and a group of students that are learning about a new topic, rocks. Ms. Frizzle gets the kids onto the magic school bus and they travel into the Earth (what better way to learn about rocks?) when the students forget to bring in their own to study.

This text is Illustrated in graphic novel style but also presents the main arc of the narrative in traditional prose. Most of the factual information about rocks is presented in the graphic novel portions of the text or in the illustrations themselves. The illustrations often contain students' notes. My favorite is a mnemonic device that helps students remember the difference between stalactites and stalagmites. You'll have to read to find out!

Easily connects to science units on the Earth or rocks, but could also be used as a vehicle to discuss fantasy and reality or to compare fact vs. fiction.

The guided reading level is P and it comes in at 500L so some 2nd and most 3rd graders would be able to read the book unassisted.
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"“The Magic School Bus” is a renowned children’s informational book series-by Joanna Cole and illustrated by Bruce Degen- that takes readers on different educational journeys through Ms. Frizzle and her class. Within the “Magic School Bus: Inside the Earth,” Ms. Frizzle and her class embark on a journey that takes them inside the Earth where they discover the different types of rocks, caves, volcanoes and more! Not only is this book visually appealing through its unique illustrations and layout- it is completely accurate! As I am taking a Geology course right now this book covers all major topics within the subject. Furthermore, this book provides the information in a way that is appealing towards children. It even provides clues throughout the story on how to remember certain geologic vocabulary words such as- stalagmite and stalactite. The book says to remember- “The word stalagmite has ‘g’ for ground. The word stalactite has ‘c’ for ceiling.
Overall, I think the “Magic School Bus” series are an excellent series of informational books for children as they not only visually appealing- but too, accurate. As a future teacher I think it is an excellent idea to keep these series within my classroom library to go along with different lessons!
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"Nonfiction/Twin Text Entry 4

Fiction Book Pairing:
The Magic School Bus - Inside the Earth
By Joanna Cole & Bruce Degen

The Magic School Bus books are some of my favorite children's books because they couple learning with entertainment. They each have a fiction storyline that teaches facts along the way. They make the fiction parts so drastically unrealistic, that it isn't difficult to delineate fact from fiction. If that weren't the case, they would be useless. I particular like this one paired with 'Rocks and Minerals' because they discuss and teach the same material. 'Rocks and Minerals' is 100% fiction presented in a colorful, dynamic way; whereas 'Inside the Earth' presents the same material throughout an imaginative adventure. The Magic School Bus tunnels to the center of the earth and learns about rock formation along the way. The bus is then brought back to the surface with an erupting volcano (which happens to start more rock cycles.) It is a very well-illustrated book with the same visual and learning features you find in nonfiction books! There is even a guide for using this book in the classroom available for purchase. I would use these twin books for the primary grades.
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A book about taking a "magic school bus" through the earth is obviously fictional; however, it allows students to process factual information about the earth in a creative way. This book does not just teach the readers about the layers of the earth, it shows them. Mrs. Frizzle literally takes her students there! We may not be able to do this in our classrooms, but this book sure can help! We just need to remind our students that some of the events that take place in the Magic School bus are just impossible.

The information presented is shown in an organized manner. Dr. Frizzle teaches about the earth in the order of the layers. First, the crust, then the mantle, the outer core, the inner core, and out through a volcano! She teaches her students and readers in an organized and dynamic way. The design/format of the book is easy to follow due to following the different levels of the earth.

This book is an easy read for students. There are also captions and side information on all the pages! This Magic School Bus book coveys complex info with humor and enthusiasm!

I would definitely bring this book into the classroom! I would use it in my science class during our geology unit. This book is a fun way to introduce the different kind of rocks, the layers of the earth, and volcanoes!
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"I absolutely loved Magic Schoolbus as a kid! Needless to say, I was happy to reread one of my favorite Magic Schoolbus adventures for this portfolio project. This particular Magic Schoolbus book is about exploring the different layers of the Earth and showing through the illustrations what they look like.
While humans cannot actually take a "Magic Schoolbus" adventure, all the information presented is factual when it comes to the inner makings of the Earth. The information is presented in a fun and organized way. Ms. Frizzle introduces each of the Earth's layers in the correct layer, going deeper and deeper until they reach the core, and then she and her crew of students come out of the Earth's core through a volcanoe. The format is incredibly appealing to children and students. The illustrations are fun and exciting, as well as educational. The captions on the sides of the pages highlight the key points, so students are more likely to remember what they have read. As with all Magic Schoolbus books, the author writes in such a way that is enthusiastic and educational at the same time.
I loved when my teachers in elementary school included Magic Schoolbus in our readings, so I plan to do the same! It is a great introduction for young students about the inner layers of the Earth, as well as varying types of rocks and volcanoes.
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"The Magic School Bus: Inside the Earth is a fictional story that talks about the inside of the earth. The students in Mrs. Frizzle’s classroom go on an adventure traveling the inside of the earth looking for rocks. They learn about the different types, the layers of the Earth, fossils, volcanoes, soil, and clouds. The book ends when the students return to school.

This book is extremely accurate. The author does an excellent job explain the types of rocks. The information is very factual. The book was written in a very organized way. The magic school bus went through the Earth, layer by layer and at each new layer they learned about different kinds of rocks. I am sure children would love this book. The layout is very appealing to children. The illustrations are amazing. The text also is written on the pages, but on each page there are also bubbles with conversations in them. I also enjoyed the paper’s the students turned in that were on different pages of the book. It is a very easy read and would be easy for children to understand while also learning an immense amount of information.

I really liked this book, as well as all of the other Magic School Bus books. Joanna Cole does an excellent job of catching the reader’s attention while also teaching them useful information. I would use this in my classroom during a science unit on rocks and fossils. It gives so much information about them and the students will have fun while reading!
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"The Magic School Bus inside the Earth by Joanna Cole is a children’s book about a classroom and teacher that take a ride on the magic school bus to explore the different layers of the Earth’s surface. They learn about different types of rocks, soils and where these different things are found. I thought this story was very cute. I know I used to love the Magic School Bus books and TV series.
This children’s book is part of a series that I find very interesting. The series is about a classroom that travel different places on their bus and learn different things. In this book, the students travel through the Earth and the different layers of the Earth. This book would be very appealing to children. The pictures and illustrations are great and colorful and catch the reader’s eyes. There are also side conversations with the students that I found cute and funny. I enjoyed reading about all the different rocks on the earth and where they are from. I think children would love this story. It is both informational and interesting. The whole idea of taking a ride on a magic school bus to different places you could not normally go is an excellent way to keep children engaged.
I would definitely use this series in my classroom. You could use the different books in many different ways. This particular book would be a great way to teach children about rocks and the earth. You could even pretend to take your own classroom on a ride inside the earth and discover the different rocks and soils and layers of the earth.
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"The Magic School Bus Inside The Earth by Joanna Cole was a great book, much like all of her Magic School Bus books. This one is about rock collecting and learning about different types of rock in our Earth.

This book is very accurate about the types of rock, and gives factual information about where each are located and facts about the different types. It is in an organized way because the magic school bus went through the Earth, and in each new layer they found different types of rocks, which is exactly where the different types of rocks are found. The book is extremely appealing to children and I’m sure every child would love picking up this book along with any Magic School Bus book and enjoy just looking at the pictures in the book. It’s an easy book to read, and there are also side notes with conversations among the students that are fun to read. The topic of this book is very clear and the author does a great job at making it enthusiastic and fun to read! Who doesn’t love taking a trip on a school bus and flying through the air?

I really liked this book, and all of the Magic School Bus books. I would most definitely use Joanna Cole’s Magic School Bus books in my classroom. She does a great job at teaching through a fun reading book. They are extremely informative and could be easily incorporated into any lesson! I would recommend to all teachers to use these books in their classroom, or at least have them handy for children to read if they want a little extra help learning because she does a great job at teaching through her books.
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