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UPDATE TIME: 2017-08-14 
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"Anyone with children knows some of the words to Goodnight Moon, “Good night, room. Good night, moon. Good night, cow jumping over the moon," but did you know there is a different version of this book for children who like monsters? It’s not scary and it’s not humorous but its right down the middle with goons, skulls, werewolves and skeletons inside a castle.

“In the cold gray tomb
There was a gravestone
And a black lagoon
And a picture of—
Martians taking over the moon.”

And then the story takes off with colorful, creative pictures as the room comes alive while little werewolf boy watches from his bed. It’s goodnight to monsters everywhere.
" said.

"The idea of turning every kid’s beloved classic Goodnight Moon into Halloween tale is brilliant. My kids know by heart the words of Goodnight Moon and it adds a certain level of excitement. “In the cold gray tomb / There was a gravestone / And a black lagoon / And a picture of… Martians taking over the moon / And there were three little mummies rubbing their tummies…. “ I don’t know about you but I’m impressed with all the neat and awesome rhyming. Nothing feels forced and out of tune. We like the detailed illustrations by the author himself.

You can find more funny Halloween Books on my blog Kid Minds.
" said.

"I've always been fond of parodies and nothing needs a silly send-up as much as the classic and very sweet Goodnight Moon. The illustrations perfectly mirror those of the original, except this time there are spiders, bats, gravestones and skulls in the "cold gray tomb." The tone is kept exactly the same as is the rhythm and rhyme. The same flat style of sentence adds to the fun.

This book will appeal primarily to those who were read the original book as a bedtime story and are now much to old for that. It is appropriate for younger ages, but early elementary children will enjoy the parody the most. Recommended for a Halloween read aloud for ages 6-8.

" said.

"A petrifying Parody on Good night Moon. We have the original book memorized, and because this book has the exact same cadence we find it irresistible. the pictures add an extra funny component as the "goon" systematically eats everything in his room, causing the Martians taking over the Moon to leave their picture frame. As do the three little mummies rubbing their tummies.
"A comb and a brush and a bowl full of mush and a quiet old lady whispering hush" becomes...
"A skull and a shoe and a pot full of goo and a hairy old werewolf who was hollering Boo."
Brilliant parody. We all loved it.
" said.

" In the style of Goodnight Moon, Michael Rex has created a wickedly funny, yet endearing story for parents and children who tire of the saccharine tales for parents and children to read together. And for those who have read the original tale (about a hundred times!), this is a funny respite. It's an entertaining book to read anytime, and perhaps especially at Halloween, although it's not specifically about the holiday. " said.

"This twist of the original book Goodnight Moon, is pretty funny and great around the Halloween holiday. It is a very simple read with few words per page but lots of creative illustrations, that will keep the kids wanting to turn pages. This is a super cute twist to Goodnight Moon called Goodnight Goon, so If you enjoyed Goodnight Moon I would would go purchase this book.

Super cute book with lots of illustrations, still not as good as the first one but it is still super cute and creative with all the monsters and spooky creatures. Perfect for Halloween. This books has consistent text through out the book, but not too much text they just include enough to describe whats going on. This book is very cute and super funny.

I would suggest this for any elementary kid.
" said.

"Okay... another book read on We Give, though it's in my stack at school. I have to say I never was a GOODNIGHT MOON fan. Maybe it's because I had to read it so many times when my kids were little??? I actually like it more now; the break has been good. I've seen this monster parody all over the place, and actually have a few copies. Thought maybe I could use it to teach parody. (I am also looking to read "Where the Meek Things Are," another obvious parody.

I actually enjoyed this book. (Should've read earlier...) The storyline fits well in this format--saying goodnight to all the monsters in the room. It stands alone as a cute story that children with their bedtime worries could relate to and maybe be somewhat soothed about. Not for the very young ones though...
" said.

"When I saw the title of this book, I was hopeful for something funny and clever. I felt terribly let down. The first half of the book was slightly clever in that each thing pointed out was somewhere in the boy's room and you could flip back and find those items. But then the monster comes in the window and starts destroying everything in sight. What, I wonder was the point of that?
The illustrations are good and rich, but the story line leaves much to be desired. I felt more confused than intrigued. I cannot envision any age group that would fall in love with this book. I feel it is inappropriate for children under the age of seven. I don't feel children older than that would find enough to interest them. Overall, not what I was hoping for in a Goodnight Moon parody.
Would I recommend this book? NO
" said.

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