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"The curious kid presents nurses: is a 40 page guide to the world of nursing and shows all the various types of nurses from school nurses, summer camp nurses. Nurses on cruise ships and in emergency rooms of hospitals, and even military nurses such as the ones in the Navy and the Army, the Kurious kid will take you on a guided tour through exactly what sort of problems. A nurse helps with on a daily basis. The young reader will learn all about specialized equipment to finish uses to fix a wide variety of problems, as well as a little bit about the history of the field of nursing and other interesting and exciting information and trivia questions to keep them engaged and the gears of their brain turning the kurious kid will help them learn why nurses are so important and why they are so good at making people feel better.

So if you have a young person in your family. That may be interested in being a doctor or a nurse. Why not give the kurious kid presents nurses a try. Anyone who reads it will be fascinated with each turn of the page.
" said.

"No doubt that nurses have a really tough job to do but despite of that hard work, they are serving something extraordinary to mankind by taking care of sick people. This is a great lesson that every child should learn from them. No one knows your kids better then you, so you can decide in a better way that what they need to become a good and noble medicine practitioner. Kurious Kid presents Nurses for your kid to develop a better understanding about what Nurses do to help humanity if he/she has shown an interest in reading medicine to help humanity live a healthy life." said.

"If your child wants to be a doctor or a nurse in the future and is already eager to learn more about her job then this is a book you need for her. “The Kurious Kid presents Nurses” is an amazing book that contains all the information your child needs to know about being a nurse. This book describes how helpful and important nurses are and how they take care of other people. It also tells us what work do nurses do and briefly describes the history of nursing. With colorful pictures and simple vocabulary your child will have no problem in understanding the role of a nurse and might help him in choosing such a noble profession!" said.

"“The Kurious Kid Presents Nurses - A Awesome Amazing Super Spectacular fact & photo book of Nurses for Kids” is Brian Cliette’s engaging publication that teaches young children many facts about nurses and their profession. At the beginning of the book, readers are tempted with irresistible offers of gifts and a newsletter. From this book, children learn about nurses who work for schools, in summer camps, on cruise ships, in hospitals, in doctors’ offices and in the military – inter alia. The book contains many interesting facts about nurses, nursing and nursing instruments. Mr Cliette’s engaging writing is interspersed with interesting illustrations about nurses and nursing." said.

"Nurses are very important people in our lives. Doctors may be the most credited, but without the nurses, they can't do half of the work they could. This book gives the history and importance of nurses in a way that any kid can understand. I recommend anyone check these out." said.

"Going to the doctor can be scary for young kids. I know the one thing that helped me as a child and my own girls now are the friendly nurses that work so hard. Nurses seems to the unsung and underpaid heroes of the medical profession and this book helps kids to understand just what an important role that they play. The book had some fun facts about nurses in all types different areas in life. The only critique that I have for this book is that it does not acknowledge that nurses can be of both genders and sticks with the female pronouns throughout the book." said.

"Before I continue I must say that I love the cover designs to the Kurious Kid line of books. This one is about nurses, perhaps one of the world’s most undervalued occupations. The book is divided into a lot of sections, covering a range of topics like the history of nurses, the different types of nurses and some other general information about what it’s like to work in a hospital. This book will be good either for children who want to become a nurse or just as a guide so that when they have to visit a nurse they’ll understand exactly what the nurse is doing and has to go through." said.

"i liked it but i didnt know the type of thing they use.but still i liked it a lot lot lot i think i recomend it.i put it on four star becase its just white." said.

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