The Rabbit Who Hated Carrots: (Beautifully Illustrated Children's Bedtime Story Book for Ages 1 - 8 with Bunnies) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-08-14 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 3 user ratings

"The Rabbit Who Hated Carrots was a cute book. It is a good length for a book to read before bedtime, and also would work for an early reader- with help. There aren't too many words per page, and most words are easily recognizable for young readers. This book is all about a rabbit named Ralph who says he doesn't like carrots. A crazy premise for a book, but it works! It was silly in all the right spots. I especially loved the part where his mom tried to convince him that the carrots were swords! The parent's problem solving skills were awesome- they tried a bunch of the usual parent tricks to get Ralph to eat carrots, then finally left him be and he tried carrots all on his own. This book shows kids that trying new things isn't a bad idea- particularly when the thing to try is ice cream! My daughter and I both really liked this book- see her review below. She might even try something new because of it. I did receive this book at a discount or free. That did not influence our review.

My almost 5 year old's review:
What did you think of this book?- I LOVED IT!
Why did you love it?- Because Ralph didn't like carrots just like my brother doesn't like carrots at all.
What was your favorite part?- The picture where Ralph found the ice cream in the freezer
What did you think of the illustrations?- They were good, colors nice.
Anything else?- I was stubborn when I refused to eat my dinner, cuz I didn't change my mind. Just like Ralph.
This book was good, not horrible like that scientist book.
" said.

"I downloaded, The Rabbit who Hated Carrots, on our kindle for my children to read. My oldest is 7 and had no issues reading this book and really enjoyed it. Ralph, the rabbit, hates carrots. Yet he has never even tried them. He refuses to eat anything with carrots in it. Momma rabbit had an idea to make carrots into "orange swords" to try to trick Ralph, but that didn't work. She also made carrot pie, which she told Ralph was super hero pie to entice him to eat carrots. Lastly she made carrot ice cream and Ralph loved ice cream and ate all his snack, only to find out that it was CARROT ice cream and he DID like carrots. It helped me explain to my children that until we try something, food, a new hobby etc we don't know if we will like it or not. No harm in trying it to find out. This was a great book that had a lesson that even the kids can relate to.

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I received this product for Free in exchange for my honest review.
" said.

"Nice little story with a good line and nice illustrations

I was given a discount for my honest review
" said.

"The Rabbit Who Hated Carrots is a wonderful book for young children. I have a 3 year old son and this book is full of pictures which is a must have for books for children his age. Each page has pictures which assists in holding his attention. The best part about this book is it teaches a very valuable lesson; that you should never say you don't like something before you try it. Using the topic of eating carrots, and rabbits, hating carrots, which is ironic; it teaches that you should always try things before you say you don't like them.

The mom and dad of Ralph the rabbit try making different foods with carrots and even try tricking Ralph to get him to try carrots each time failing. It seems the more the parents push the issue the more Ralph refuses to eat the food. Until one day there is ice cream with carrots in it in the refrigerator and Ralph comes in and starts eating it on his own. The parents did not offer the ice cream with carrots, Ralph ate it on his own.

The only thing I did not like about this book is the fact that it uses the word "hate" repeatedly in the book. I do not personally believe it is acceptable to be teaching young children the meaning of hate as hate is a very strong word, but that is just my opinion. Overall this was a good book that teaches a valuable lesson.

I received this book at a discounted price for my honest and fair opinion.
" said.

"this is a cute little book. we love reading it at bed time. my daughter loves to read it to her baby dolls along with many other stories. we will be looking for more books like this one." said.

"This review is for the The Rabbit Who Hated Carrots: (Beautifully Illustrated Children's Bedtime Story Book for Ages 1 - 8 with Bunnies) Kindle Edition by Simon Knight

The Rabbit Who Hated Carrots: (Beautifully Illustrated Children's Bedtime Story Book for Ages 1 - 8 with Bunnies) Kindle Edition arrived as usual in kindle format on my phone. It's a cute story about a young rabbit that doesn't want to eat carrots, he wants to eat candy instead. His brothers help convince him that he likes carrots though, and by the end he loves them as much as the rest of his family.

My 7 year old read it to me and my 5 year old, the older child wasn't that interested in the book as she loves her veggies (including carrots) but her 5 year old sister tends to decide if she likes things based on how they look. After they finished reading the book, my 7 year old asked the 5 year old if she'd like to try carrots like the little rabbit in the book. The two of them ran off to get a snack of carrots and peanut butter and have had that as an after school snack every day since!

Our 7 year old read the story with no problem, and I would assume your average 2nd grader would have no problem reading and understanding the book on their own.

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" said.

"Purchased this book for my children and they love it. They enjoy being read to and having the opportunity to grow my digital library is an added bonus. I purchased this book at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review." said.

"This book caught my eye because of its cleverness. Whoever heard of a rabbit not liking carrots. I had to know why. I have four children who are picky eaters and refuse to eat things without trying them first. I would recommend this book to anyone with young children, picky eaters or not. It's too cute to pass up." said.

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