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Q. He tried to write books for children when he got married and had children. Having children is cause of writing children's books for him. What is your cause of studying English?
A. When I was a 5th grade student, I started to go to ECC junior. It is cause of touching English. I became like English and it turned to my favorite subject.

I found my favorite author's series of "who was~?" I was really happy to find it and I was first person who borrowed this book. I like the kind of book because I can know more secrets about the person. Secrets are not usually showed other information.
" said.

"I've never loved the works of Roald Dahl.

I know them and I've read most of them, but they've mostly just given me a meh feeling. (except for James and the Giant Peach which I deeply despise - bugs, ick.)

I just read this book, because I like reading these "Who Was...." books. It was interesting to learn about him. The overall impression of Roald Dahl, that I got from this book, was that of a crotchety old man, which is odd considering the types of stories he wrote. They were all pretty silly.

This is a great series of books. Quick, fun, biographies on lots of the people we know and love.

" said.

"During World War II Roald Dahl was a fighter pilot in the British Royal Air Force, he started his writing career with stories about his war experiences. Lily and I learned that he loved art and had a large collection from famous artists. He also loved candy, especially chocolate (he went to school in the town where Cadbury chocolate was made). We were not surprised that his most famous book was about a chocolate factory.

The Dahls spoke Norwegian at home. Roald was very close to his mom and wrote letters to her every week from the time he was nine until she died 40 years later. She was also a great story teller, but the neighbors did not think she was a proper parent because “she let her kids run wild and use bad language.” p 22

Before he became famous he met Eleanore Roosevelt, Walt Disney, Leonard Bernstein, and Ernest Hemingway. His wife Patricia Neal was a famous actress, she won an academy award. Roald's nickname was “Lofty” because he was so tall, 6'6”.

He liked to tell stories to his kids, “Had I not had children, I would not have written books for children.” p 67 “'I laugh at exactly the same jokes that children laugh at', Roald once said. He looked at the world in the same way a child does, and he didn't really trust adults.” p 79

He had many surgeries and was in pain from injuries he had during the war. There were other tragedies in his life including the premature death of his sister, dad and daughter. Because of these experiences it was important for him to always support hospitals and charities. After he died his daughter Liccy started the Roald Dahl Foundation that provides money to support seriously injured children.
" said.

" This book had a lot of information about Roald Dahl that i didn't know. " said.

" It taught me a lot about his lifetime. " said.

" Honest biography of Dahl who led a fascinating life before becoming a writer. It includes leaving his wife and marrying his costume mistress, but handled tactfully without details. Also refers to his book, Lamb to the Slaughter, in which the wife kills her husband with a frozen leg of lamb and then serves it to the police chief. Mentioned in passing without sordid details. Dahl fans will enjoy it. " said.

"I've bought a few of the biographies in this series for my nephew, and decided to try reading one. Very quick read, this is written for middle school students. The word choice and style seems appropriate for that age. There isn't a lot of flow or storytelling here that would invest a reader, but it seemed a good summary of the facts of Dahl's life. I wish there was a little more on his writing and it's reception.
I did find it interesting that when at school, Dahl was near the Cadbury factory which brought their chocolate to the school for the boys to taste test, part of the inspiration for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
" said.

" This was a very inspirational book about Roald Dahl. Roald Dahl was one of most children's books writers and was a fighter pilot in World War II! I liked reading about the true story of Roald Dahls painful, exiting, adventurist life. " said.

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