Charlie y la fábrica de chocolate (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) (Spanish Edition) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2018-05-23 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 4 user ratings

"I can't decide what to rate this!!! It seems odd rating it, because even though I didn't read it as a child I still know the story so well since the movies (well, the first one) is adapted so nicely. It's a great story. Really dark, actually, darker when you read it, but it still feels weird rating a story I already know so well. It didn't feel new, just nice and comforting because it was familiar.

I had this as 3 stars when I was writing but now I'm changing to 4, I don't know why, they aren't that important, but it feels better.
" said.

" تصالحت مع ابتسامتي عند اللحظة اﻷولى من قراءتها أليس هذا يكفي لكى أحبها جدا ♡عليك ألا تشعر بالخيبة ..فلا تدري ما الذي يخبئه لك القدر " said.

"The latest in my recent teaching of Dahl books...

Yes I get that it's a beloved children's novel, and the whole weird Roald Dahl thing. And much has already been said of the problematic Oompah-Loompah problematic African pygmies thing (really it's much more offensive in the books about them being shipped in crates from their land, unlike the film adaptations where they're just unexplained magical creatures).

But what really bothered me is the lesson that the way to get out of poverty is to win the lottery. It's not even just that Charlie's family is poor, they are outright starving before he wins the golden ticket. I know I know, it wouldn't be a whimsical story to get into government social programs and capitalistic exploitation. But the subtext really is there: Get out of poverty by winning the lottery.

A funny book for kids of course, but even for a children's novel don't analyze it too much!

Admittedly, maybe I'm overthinking this
" said.

"This book was quite disturbing. I mean Augustus Gloop, who apparently had a nasty cold, completely contaminated the entire chocolate river, and then Wonka scoops out cup-fulls for Charlie and Grandpa Joe to drink, and they do. Nasty! You just know that Augustus peed himself from fear when he fell in, too!

I really enjoyed this, with the exception of the insanely long Oompa-Loompa songs. I just don't like reading verse, no matter how clever it is, so I skimmed these sections. Sometimes pages of them. :/

Otherwise, I liked it a lot, though I actually expected it to be darker than it was. This is my first time reading Dahl, despite owning a handful of his books, and I'd always heard that he wrote darker stuff for kids, which is awesome. I loved the adult humor. It allows people of all ages to m enjoy the book. Especially the puns. Square candy that looks round indeed! Cute. :)
" said.

"اولين بار فيلمش رو با بازى جانى دپ از تلويزيون ديدم. كوچيك بودم كه تماشاخانه شبكه ى پنج پخش مى كرد و من هر بار ميديدمش. عاشق اين فيلم بودم. عاشق ويلى ونكا و كارخونه ى جادويىِ شكلات سازيش بودم. عاشق اون قيافه و رفتاراى عجيب و غريبش بودم.
گذشت و گذشت تا يك ماه پيش كه تو شهركتاب چشمم خورد به كتابش. وسوسه شدم و خريدمش. و از اين بابت خيلى خوشحالم. فوق العاده بود. ايده ى كتاب و سبك نوشتنش جورى بود كه يكسره خوندمش و با اينكه تمام داستان رو ميدونستم و تك تك صحنه هاش رو حفظ بودم واسم كلى جذاب بود :)
يه تشكرى هم بكنيم از تيم برتونِ عزيز بابت فيلمِ خوش ساختش :) البته فيلم يه تفاوت هايى با كتاب داشت. مثلا اون قسمت كودكى ويلى ونكا و ماجراى پدرش ايده ى فيلم بود و در كتاب وجود نداشت ( گرچه وجودش تو فيلم خوب بود )
و جانى دپ عزيز هم كه گل كاشته بود !
اين اولين كتابى بود كه از رولد دال خوندم و حدس مى زنم از اين به بعد طرفدار سرسخت كتاب هاش ميشم !
" said.

" Amore per il cioccolato Il permissivismo sempre più dilagante da parte dei genitori costruisce veri e propri mostri, difettati nella sensibilità e scarsi di comprendonio: l'umiltà e la generosità pagano sempre.L'idea della fabbrica è un pretesto, incredibilmente suggestivo, sulla quale l'autore costruisce la semplice e importante morale di fondo. " said.

"Demorei bastante pra pegar esse livro pra ler achando que, por já ter visto os filmes e o musical muitas vezes, eu não encontraria nada de novo nessa história.
Mas como eu estava enganado!

Nenhuma adaptação, por mais fiel que ela seja, poderia substituir a escrita gostosa e brilhante do Roald Dahl. Mesmo sabendo tudo que ia acontecer na história, cada capítulo era uma surpresa muito gostosa.

O livro me deu uma visão muito diferente a respeito do Charlie e do Willy Wonka. Descobri um Charlie muito mais doce, inteligente e apaixonado por sua família. Que criança maravilhosa <3

E sobre o dono da Fantástica Fábrica de Chocolate, acho que nenhum dos dois filmes conseguiu acertar 100% na personalidade do Willy Wonka. Ele não é o personagem bizarro, assustador e deprimido que eu achei que seria. Ele é tão gente boa e tão divertido! Me encantei por esse personagem de um jeito completamente novo.

Esse é um livro que eu recomendo pra todos, adultos e crianças! Uma história pra guardar no coração, com certeza <3
" said.

"When I read this book as a child I was so immersed in the story my imagination was broadened. How exciting to find a golden ticket and gain access as a VIP in Willy Wanka's mysterious chocolate factory. Brilliant. The original film with Gene Wilder is a classic. In my opinion far better than the remake with Johnny Depp. I like Johnny Depp he is an amazing actor but Gene Wilder was Willy Wanka in my book. I often wonder about the names of these characters. Did Roald Dahl have a twinkle in his eye when he named him Willy Wanka? Over here in the UK it sounds like the word Wanker which, really means a long Walker. To have a wank is to go for a long walk. However we all know what a Wanker is in colloquial terms...and his name is Willy! Lol! Did Dahl have a smirk when he created him? Over here in the UK we had a cartoon that used to be on in the afternoon called Captain Pugwash. I used to watch it when I came home from school, it was great. Some of the characters names were 'master bates'. And 'seaman stains'. The show ran for years before the dark suits cottoned on to the hidden pun. So funny that hundreds of thousands of children were laughing about it at school, the show inevitability got cancelled. Also the cartoon Magic Roundabout. Dylan was always stoned and played the banjo. Lol! Dougal who was addicted to sugar cubes; LSD springs to mind; and he used to run around in circles. Ermintrude if I remember was a cow that flew. It was hilarious and as children we lapped it up. The creaters were university graduates and they basically took the piss out of the powers that be. Anyhow Roald Dahl books are fantastic and Charlie And The Chocolate Factory is up there with his best. The original film is well worth the watch too." said.

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