Charlie y la fábrica de chocolate (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) (Spanish Edition) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-08-13 
Review Score: 5 out of 5 star From 4 user ratings

" جميلة جداً :))نفسي ف الشوكولاتة :D " said.

" ¡Me ha gustado mucho! No me suele entusiasmar el género infantil o middle grade pero este libro (y el autor) han sido todo un descubrimiento.Eso sí, no me esperaba que fuera tan deprimente al principio... " said.

" هو أنا عامةً مبحبّش الشوكولاتة :'D وبكده نكسر قاعدة إنها عشق البنات*بس حبّيت القصة ديمن أجمل القصص اللي ممكن تقرأها لطفل، هتمتعه وفي نفس الوقت فيها شيء من الحكمة، البهجة،الأملحبّيت جدًا أسلوبها، الكاريكاتير، والغلافوهشوف الفيلم علشان المتعة تكمل*_* " said.

" Come non dare 5 stelle ad un capolavoro della narrativa per ragazzi? Dahl esalta i valori di altruismo e generosità, condannando i vizi dei figli, spesso corroborati dal permissivismo di genitori sempre più assenti nell'ambito familiare. L'idea della fabbrica è un pretesto, incredibilmente suggestivo, sulla quale l'autore costruisce la semplice ed importante morale di fondo. " said.

"As with all of Roald Dahl's stories so far, I've seen the movie before I've read the book.

After catching up on the stories I already knew (Matilda and The Witches) it was now time to also read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory of course.

And what a delight! Roald Dahl really is a masterful storyteller! He makes one dive deep into the story and experience everything as if the reader was actually there.

This is the almost heartbreaking story of a boy growing up in a poor family, who therefore is very nice and considerate in everything he does. I found myself almost crying when Charlie's situation was described and we learnt of all the hardship his family had to go through - and how they still tried to make the best of it! It really lets one contemplate one's own situation and it made me feel very grateful.
Charlie's counterpart are 4 children of the worst sort.
And it's the story about luck (that still doesn't come too easily), justice and lots and lots of mischief and fun.

The story is written simple enough for small children to follow the events while simultaneously having great puns and jokes in it as well. And, naturally, Roald Dahl's magnificent sense of very black humour!

In this case, that humour struck in form of 4 very nasty children and the "lessons" they were taught.
We have one boy who won't stop eating, one girl who is spoilt by her parents and simply behaves like a depraved brat, one girl who chews chewing gum like a cow eats grass (and is very rude to her mother) and a boy who loves nothing beside television.
Especially the last one shows how old the story is, what with the author demonizing television. However, he was differentiating, letting Willy Wonka say that television itself wasn't bad as long as it was just small doses.
And the Oompa-Loompas and their songs - just marvellously funny, emphazising each point about bad behaviour (not just by children)!

I must say that the movie (please note that I can only speak for the new version with Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka) did catch the spirit of things.
The factory with all the fantastic rooms and clever ways of making sweets,

the craziness of Mr. Wonka,

the awfulness of the 4 children,

nice little Charlie

and the sarcastically funny and mischievious Oompa-Loompas!

However, considering Dahl's aversion towards television, I wonder what his opinion of the movie adaptation(s) would be!

Anyway I wanted to show the movie version with regard to the book illustrations because I was quite pleased with the movie (which is not every day), except for some details in between that led to the almost completely different ending (and I'm not sure that it was different in a good way).

This book, like the others by Roald Dahl, has the original illustrations by Quentin Blake and I am very glad that the author seems to have had only this one illustrator. The pictures / style of the pictures are like a trademark and complete the little books.

There is a saying in Germany, coming from a TV ad for sweets (!) that says "What's good for children can't be bad for adults!" and especially in case of Roald Dahl's books that's true! The stories all resound with truth, social criticism, warmth and the best of black humour. They make me reflect on a lot of important issues and I always enjoy them tremendously!
" said.

"خلاقیت رولد دال توی این کتاب واقعا مثال‌زدنیه. به نظرم اگه کسی دور و برش بچه‌ای میشناسه که اندک علاقه‌ای به کتاب داره، حتما باید این کتاب رو براش بخره و بهش بده که مطالعه کنه. البته نسل اینجور بچه‌ها تقریبا منقرض شده و اکثر بچه‌ها یه جورایی تبدیل به "مایک تی‌وی" شدن. اینکه این کتاب مناسب بچه‌هاست، به این معنی نیست که افراد بزرگسال نمیتونن ازش لذت ببرن؛ من خودم از این کتاب خیلی لذت بردم.

شوخ‌طبعی آقای ونکا هم واقعا جالب بود.
" said.

" This one has to be one of my favorite stories. Such a fun, quick and easy read. Roald Dahl's writing style is super entertaining. Can't wait to read more by him. " said.

"I can't decide what to rate this!!! It seems odd rating it, because even though I didn't read it as a child I still know the story so well since the movies (well, the first one) is adapted so nicely. It's a great story. Really dark, actually, darker when you read it, but it still feels weird rating a story I already know so well. It didn't feel new, just nice and comforting because it was familiar.

I had this as 3 stars when I was writing but now I'm changing to 4, I don't know why, they aren't that important, but it feels better.
" said.

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