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UPDATE TIME: 2017-05-30 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 465 user ratings

"I wanted this book to answer 2 questions for me about baby products. Do I need it? Which one is the best? The end. This book helped clear up a few questions (cribs & furniture) but completely confused the issue on some others (car seats & strollers). I was also annoyed that so many pages were dedicated to *where* to find things - every chapter mentioned discounters, baby chains, ebay, and random web sites. I have the internet, you don't need to tell me this stuff over and over again. The book kept plugging its web site, which isn't very good. I am grateful that it helped me narrow down choices on a few key items, but I think Amazon reviews, Consumer Reports, & the government recall website are probably the best resources.
I would also add that this book is not well-suited to the Kindle. Or rather, it was poorly edited for the Kindle.
" said.

"This book was recommended to me by a friend who had had her baby a year before ours. It was INCREDIBLY helpful when we were expecting and even afterward. It provided information on brand products and suggested getting some items from craigslist because it wasn't worth it to pay full price for a new one. Having the A through F ratings is great when your mom calls saying she has found a stroller at a consignment shop and asks whether or not to buy it before the next person that comes in snags it (we bought it, then, before a woman a minute later inquired about it). Also, we didn't know what all we needed for a baby. Some things were a no-brainer (car seat). Other items were stated as not being necessary (bottle warmer). And a few we wouldn't have thought of purchasing (carbon monoxide detector, since we didn't have one in the house). I now recommend this book to my expecting friends." said.

"I really enjoyed how this book made me thing about some things. It focused on practical elements and I loved the focus on when to splurge and when it doesn't really matter. The brand charts were helpful too - especially figuring out what furniture maker makes which lines, since they'll sell to different stores. Ultimately, it wasn't the "Go To Bible" for me to default all my answers, but it raised good points, helped me discover some new products, and I thought it was worth the time to read, and referenced back through for a couple of months while decisions were being made. I think it's exactly what it's promoted as - a reference book, but each person will have to make their own decisions and do their own independent research. I did find that some of the weights on carseats, for example, were different from what I found on manufacturer or blog reviews, so be sure to do your own fact checking if a certain detail is a selling point for you." said.

"Without this shopping guide, I could not have overcome the overwhelming task of researching and preparing for my first baby. In fact, I regret that I hesitated to pick it up when it was first recommended to me. This book is much more than a bargain guide. It is the only comprehensive source of baby gear reviews and practical recommendations that I found, and the authors are not financially incentivized by manufacturers unlike many websites which receive advertising support. I have the 2008 edition in which the information is current and even included previews for items to be released later this year. Furthermore, the authors clearly and thoroughly explain which gear characteristics they consider important to evaluate the manufacturers; this approach enabled me to determine which manufacturers match what I value and need, whether or not a given manufacturer was deemed the authors’ favorite. I highly recommend this book (in most current edition) to first-time parents-to-be." said.

"This is a must have book for any new parent who has no idea how to navigate the baby gear market. The authors don't only present the best ways to get bargains on baby gear (in fact, this wasn't nearly the most prominent or useful part of the book), but they present reviews and information on major brands and models of key equipment for babies so you can make informed decisions as to safety, ease of use, relative cost, comfort, aesthetics, etc. for cribs, strollers, car seats, swings, bouncers, high chairs, maternity clothes, feeding supplies, and more. We went crib shopping this weekend and the book even pointed us to the great store we ended up purchasing the crib at. It also made us completely revamp our choices for strollers, playpens, high chairs and some other items. It was such a help at pointing out things to consider when shopping - I referenced it all weekend long as we were making our decisions. Highly recommend to anyone trying to navigate the baby gear market." said.

"i'd definitely recommend this book to new parents but with a rather large grain of salt. it's great to see reviews of things like car seats and cribs - things i knew nothing about before needing them, HOWEVER, the authors don't put much stock at all into some of the things i really care about, the main one being eco concerns. they state in a few different places in the book that there is no evidence to suggest that off-gassing substances found in certain plastics or fire retardants are harmful, which i find laughable and fairly irresponsible since there are SO MANY reports out there that suggest that in fact, yes, they are bad. there is also an emphasis on big box stores, which to the mass consumer might be good but for me, not so good.
so, i'd suggest getting (or borrowing) this book and taking a good look but just know that if you have any concerns about organic and natural products for your children you'll have to do research elsewhere.
" said.

"I'm a soon-to-be-first-time-mom, and every time I think about the arrival of our daughter, my mind starts racing- I need a crib. I need a stroller, a carseat, diapers, clothing...What do I know about any of these things? Absolutely nothing. How will I know what to buy? What's good? What's necessary? Phew!
Luckily, I heard about the Baby Bargain book.
The Baby Bargain book is a great buy and not necessarily because I'll be saving the 20%-50% advertised on the cover. I love that this book goes into everything you need to know about baby products, gives reviews by brand, rates products by price, and even tells you how much and when to buy. I may not have been totally lost without this book, but I do feel like I would've bought every expensive item on the baby market without the assistance of this guide.
This book is just a better alternative to "live and learn." A great resource for any soon-to-be parents!
" said.

"Here's my short and concise review of this book. REPETITIVE! There is a TON of useful info in here. It's just too bad that it is really buried. So much is repeated over and over and over and over (you get my point). Constant referals to their website and the CPSC.

My friend who recommended the book asked me how I was liking it (because she said it was her FAVORITE baby item, a MUST-HAVE). I replied that I could hardly get through it. Turns out she didn't read it, simply thumbed through to the pages she needed. I considered this. And after having read the entire book there is definitely info you would miss, but here is my recommendation....

...see if you can find a copy at a yardsale, borrow from a friend, or better yet save someone the money and get it from the library. Use it like my friend did, as a reference book. If you are interested in a particular brand see what the authors say about it.

Read the beginning of each chapter and the end (you'll see how the summaries work, but skip all the reviews unless you are really interested in that brand.
" said.

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