The Weaving of a Dream: A Chinese Folktale Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2016-04-23 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 30 user ratings

"saved me $20 at the library since we had lost their copy. I never read it but my daughter said it was GREAT!" said.

"This is the retelling of an acient Chinese folk tale. Marilee Heyer does a great job in the retelling. The story flows well, has just the right amount of detail without being excessive, especially as it is a children's book. A diligent hardworking mother who loves her work as a weaver completes a work that takes her years to make. Upon its completion it is blown away in the wind. She begins to pine for it until finally her life depends upon its recovery. She sends her sons to find it. What happens to them reveals the morality of the tale. The ending serves up poetic justice. Young and old will like it.

While Ms. Heyers prose is so very good, nothing could compare to her excellent illustrations. They are vibrant with color, filled with intricate details, and so reflective of the story itself because the prose seems to be woven into the fabric of her art.

If you are a keeper of books, you should have this one on your shelf. It's one of those that will get handed on down through the next generations as a favorite of all children.

I purchased this book through Amazon's used book program, where I have purchased many. It is an affordable way to add to your library . I have yet to be disappointed in the quality of the books.
" said.

"I was obsessed with this library book when I was a child because the illustrations were breathtaking. In fact, the only thing I could remember about this book were the illustrations - not the title, author or even the plot. It's taken years, but I've finally found it, and it's just as beautiful as I remember it to be. Heyer's illustrations are truly inspiring. I would recommend this book based on the art alone." said.

"This book was described as in "good condition", it is in horrible condition! It's binding is broken and torn all the way through the cover! The pages torn from the binding and several pages are bent. It is also a library copy, with all the markings and sticker, which was also not mentioned in the description. If not for the beautiful artwork on the non damaged pages, it would only be worthy of lining a litter box. I will write this off as a loss and buy from someone with a long and good reputation." said.

"This is a classic fairy tale from China that I've encountered many times in children's books and folklore compilations. Marilee Heyer's version is pretty consistent with the others; I don't see any "modernizing" or attempts to re-spin the story.

The illustrations by Heyer are absolutely stunning. It's a beautiful realistic style that focuses on small details. As she describes the suffering of the widow as she weaves her magical tapestry, the image focuses in on her hands hard at work as blood drips down uponthem. When the main hero receives a gift of shoes, she focuses in on the magical boots, not on him or the giver. It helps draw the reader in and emphasizes what he or she should focus on.

Her human figures are well-designed, too. Each of the three brothers has a distinct face that reveals something of his personality, and the aged mother still has traces of the beauty that must have made her stunning in her youth. The Chinese fairy is ethereal and beautiful, seeming to float in the image but looking real enough to match the other characters. It makes the story all the more believable to young readers.
" said.

"This is one of the most beautiful illustrated children's stories I've ever had the pleasure of owning. It is one of the prizes of my collection, and I don't say that lightly, having spent many decades buying certain children's books not because I have children (I don't), but because these are like miniature jewels, so beautifully illustrated on every page that the book itself becomes a real work of art - yes, I collect art books too. The cover alone of "Weaving" is worth the price: the border montage is stunning!" said.

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