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UPDATE TIME: 2018-05-22 
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"Boost is great book that I would recommend for others to read if they enjoy sports. The book is very entertaining through out and leaves you you with a look of aw at the end. I enjoyed this book since the beginning, since I am an athlete I could relate to the book easily. I don't believe any part of this book was boring. It was very easy to pick up right where I left off in the book. The book has a very nice flow. The book is very relatable because it has to do with moving to a new school and obtaining new friends. " said.

" A compelling story about sibling relationships, finding your place, and fitting in. This story is appropriate for 8th grade readers who are able to deal with challenging moral questions related to privacy, drug use and complex relationships. " said.

" When Savvy moves to a new town, all she wants to do is make a couple friends and play basketball, her favorite sport. She settled in and made a good friend, But then she found steroids in her bag, so people spread rumors and she got a bad name. Then, she eventually found out that her sister hid them there so that people dont suspect her for doing anything. This story is about mistrust, friendship and honesty. " said.

"If you liked Catherine Gilbert Murdoch's Dairy Queen trilogy, you'll probably like the story of Savvy, an eighth-grader whose drive and determination - and friend who has crazy ideas - convince her to play for an elite 18 and under summer basketball team in her new town. Like D.J. in Dairy Queen, Savvy is carrying more of her family than she really should be, and she has to balance her family responsibilities with training. Occasionally the book isn't as nuanced and well-rounded as Dairy Queen, as it sometimes veers more toward a teen problem novel about steroids in sports, but overall this is a great book for people who like smart, gutsy, strong teen heroines." said.

"While drug use in sports, especially among girls, is an important topic, I really wish this one hadn't been so heavy-handed and one-note about it. Did we really need a lecture from a doctor about the evils of steroid use and an extensive Google search?

The basketball scenes were really well written - well, what I could understand of them. This is definitely a book for basketball fans, since none of the basketball jargon was explained (for example, while the move was used several times, I still have no idea what a "full court press" is). Perhaps this is a way to make sure the message reaches its intended audience?
" said.

"All Savvy wanted to do was play basketball. She was always with a ball on and off the court. She played for a 18U team when she was 13 and met a new friend named Gonzo who also played. They were the two youngest players and not many people on there team liked them because they were so good. Savvy has a crush on this boy Marc who is her sister Callie’s boyfriend. They live in a ranch house with there great aunt who has a bad foot because she fell while trying to protect her sheep that are on her farm. The problem is, Savvy has had drugs found in her bag and people are mad. I like this book because it has a really nice plot. " said.

"Savvy, an 8th grader who lives for basketball, tries out for a high school age team and makes it, knowing that she is going to have to work very hard. There's a lot going on in her life-- the family has moved to be with an aunt on her farm because the PGA playing father has been disabled, Savvy's cheerleader sister is struggling with eating disorders, the aunt breaks her leg and Savvy has to pick up the slack on the farm, and there is a romantic interest-- a boy whom Savvy likes but who dates her sister. Wow! On top of that, there is the competition on the basketball court. When anabolic steroids are found in Savvy's gym bag, she is suspended from the team even though she doesn't know how they got there. Won't give away the ending, which was nicely foreshadowed. Even girls who aren't into sports will like this one for the story. Boys like stories about steroids enough that after they read Crackback, Juice, and Gym Candy, they might look at this." said.

"Really good sports writing! Savvy Christopher is 14, 6-foot-2-inches tall, and has just arrived in Rhode Island from New Mexico. She used to live in a house with a pool and a basketball court, thanks to her father's professional golf tour wins, but their family lost everything after he was injured. Now they live with elderly but feisty Aunt Betty on her sheep farm, and all Savvy cares about is playing basketball... and so she tries out for the high school level travel team instead of the middle school team. Even as an 8th grader, she's good enough, and makes the squad, but the other girls are stronger and more experienced. Savvy's older sister Callie makes the varsity cheerleading squad, but learns that even though she's much smaller than Savvy, she's too heavy for the flier position she's always had, because she's been eating poorly and not exercising since the move. Both girls have to figure out how to boost their performances and reach the levels expected of them. What are they each willing to do for that? There's the more difficult "clean" way, and there are other ways... The basketball game scenes are thrilling, and the drama on the court is matched by the family and school dramas off-court. Excellent characters and plot! 7th grade and up." said.

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