Forgive and Let Go!: A book about forgiveness (Being the Best Me Series) Reviews

UPDATE TIME: 2017-08-12 
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" I liked this book because it taught me a lesson. " said.

" A useful book to help children walk through negative feelings that provides strategies to feel more positive. Lots of helpful guidance questions and activities at the back. I'm not sure I agree with the step regarding imagining a person apologizing. " said.

" I read this book for the purpose of an honest review from NetGalley."Forgive and Let Go" is much more than a children's book. It's a resource and tool that can be used in so many settings. I will definitely be adding it to my Storytime collection. I can see the book being used in therapy, classrooms, parenting and more.Besides the story itself which gives a child scenarios of why it is so much better to forgive and move on, this book has tips, definitions and exercises in the back. " said.

" This is a great intro book for learning to forgive and let go. I do feel to get the most from the book, utilizing the activity and reinforcement ideas at the back is very important. Forgiving and apologizing can sometimes be hard, the activities should help with the words to use and how to approach. Beautiful illustrations. This is a fantastic series!! Reviewed through Netgalley for Free Spirit Press for an honest review. " said.

"I received this ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I've read others in this series and would certainly use this one in my class for Social Skills as well. I like that it really puts the focus on the person who can do the forgiving, and also points out that some people will choose to not apologize, but they can still be forgiven. Even my older ones - 6th graders - need this reminder, especially when they are dealing with younger students. I like that it expresses that forgiveness is something that is done both for you and the other person, and can make you feel better about the situation. The hardest thing for my BD students is just letting something go, not dwelling on it. We might read this one several times. I found some of the accompanying activities helpful also, as they provided great conversations starters and allowed for student to think about the situations for themselves. Nicely done.
" said.

"Forgive and Let Go is another installment in the Being the Best Me series. This one gives everyday examples of reasons why a child might get angry, hurt, or frustrated with someone. Perhaps there is an argument over a toy, or a block structure that was carefully built is knocked down; there are so many things that happen in a typical day that could make a child upset. But the book also talks about how to forgive and let the situation and negative feelings go. I like the fact that the child narrator is honest enough to admit sometimes he is the one at fault, and to tell how he might apologize or make up for it. I also like the diversity of the characters in the illustrations.

As with all the books in the series, this one also has several pages of ideas for parents and caregivers to help reinforce the concepts in the book - discussion questions, games and activities. This would be a handy book for preschools, elementary schools, and families.

I read an e-book provided by the publisher through NetGalley.
" said.

"Aimed at youngsters aged 4 to 8 years old, this book tries to help children understand that when someone does or says something wrong to them, forgiving them doesn’t change what happened but it can change themselves. It encourages children to choose to be kind to each other and seek the good in others rather than holding grudges or negative attitudes. There are a variety of situations cited and discussed with illustrations that enhance the understanding of events and will also help prompt discussions.

After the children’s portion of the book, there is an adult section containing advice on how to use the book with children and suggesting “Ways to Reinforce the Ideas in Forgive and Let Go!” These could be useful for parents or teachers with strategies to reinforce the message and help embed these attitudes. The world would be a much better place if more children grow up willing to forgive and let go - it is also quite a lot of adults would benefit from, too!

Thanks to the author, publishers and NetGalley, too
for letting me read an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
" said.

"SUMMARY: This book is told in first person by a boy who is learning how to control his anger and frustration and how to forgive others. When someone does something wrong against him, he speaks to that person when he can and tells them how he feels. Even when the other person does not apologize for a wrong, he is learning how to forgive because it makes himself feel better.

ILLUSTRATIONS: The illustrations appear to be digitally created. They are colorful and full of expression and life. There are a variety of children of different races represented.

REVIEW: I enjoyed this book very much. It covered the subject of forgiveness from several angles. It discusses the anger felt when someone does something wrong to you and reasons why the boy would want to let go of that anger. It discusses how forgiving others is good for yourself not just the other person. The language is simple for even the youngest learners. And there are four full pages of questions and activities in the back that can be used by teachers and parents alike.

AGE RECOMMENDATION: Advertized for ages 4-8

NOTE: I received an ARC of this book from Free Spirit Publishing through Net Galley for an honest review. My reviews are always 100% honest based on preset criteria.
" said.

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