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UPDATE TIME: 2017-10-24 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 1 user ratings

"Dulu saya pernah baca The Ugly Duckling ini versi Bahasa Indonesianya dan saya dulu suka banget. Apalagi dulu kan saya jelek (ya, sekarang juga nggak cantik sih tapi dulu saya jauh lebih jelek dari sekarang hahaha). Sebagai anak kecil, saya bacanya seneng banget karena kisah dan messagenya bagus. Bikin saya yang dulu gendut dan jelek jadi PD dan yakin kalau suatu saat nanti saya bakalan bisa cantik dan kece, haha. Time flies, dan beberapa hari yang lalu saya iseng liat epub yang ada di iTunes dan saya nemuin ebook buku ini FOR FREE langsung lah saya download dan saya baca. Saya baru ngeh kalau sebenernya ceritanya agak ngenes juga ya. Penderitaan si anak itik buruk rupa ini ternyata nggak sesingkat yang pernah saya inget waktu kecil, kasian sekali dia. Nggak diterima di lingkungannya, low self esteem, dihina, dibully, hidupnya perfect banget untuk dicela. Tapi, ending ceritanya masih sama seperti yang dulu dan berhasil bikin saya senyum. All of those pain it felt was paid by its transformation into a great and beautiful swan. Nice story dan saya masih suka sampai sekarang. Walaupun saya bukan lagi anak-anak, tapi messagenya masih ngena banget untuk saya. Kadang cerita-cerita dongeng yang dibacain ke kita sewaktu kita masih kecil dulu kalau dibaca ulang lagi would be very nice. Simple tapi ngena. Sometimes we need to read something simple but meaningful ditengah-tengah kesibukan kita men-challenge otak kita dengan bacaan-bacaan berat yang memeras otak for a break. " said.

"Summarize the book:

This book is about the original story of the Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Anderson. Because this story is the original, it it a bit more violent talking about killing and hunters, but it is still the Ugly Duckling story that we all know and love. It is about a little duckling who is different from the others, and is often bullied and put down by those around him. He survives hecklers and hunters and shows that, with patience, you can survive anything and come out beautiful in the end.

Identify the characteristics from the text that support the specific genre:

This story has been passed down generation to generation, and teaches a moral of never giving up. The animals in the story reflect human characteristics in that they speak and they, unfortunately, act in much the same way that some people act.

Identify specific concepts that could be integrated into the classroom:

This story could be integrated into the classroom by looking at patience and perseverance, and possibly looking within for beauty. For older students, this story could also be used to look at how stories change over time, or are adapted to a culture or time period.

Offer any other suggestions that would be useful regarding literary content, reading level, and other ways in which the book might be integrated:

Normally this story could be used for younger children, but because of the original story containing killing and death I would use best judgment on when to introduce it. There are more "kid friendly" versions, so I might start with them and introduce this original version later.
" said.

" The illustrations in this book are lovely! I do wish an author's note was included about what was changed from the original Hans Christian Andersen tale (several elements seem different to me than the version I read as a child...but I doubt the version I read stayed true to Andersen's tale...and as I haven't read any version of this story for years, my recollection of the details is not very good. " said.

"It's been a long time since I read The Ugly Duckling; I haven't read it in years since I was a small child. I found this illustrated version for free on the Kindle store and decided to grab it and revisit my childhood; plus, it's Hans Andersen who has always been a favourite of mine.

I definitely got a lot more out of this book now I'm an adult, and was able to understand the message much more. It managed to sit with me a lot more now, understanding it so much better -- truly, the message is simply, don't judge a book by it's cover. This is a lesson I had forgot in a society that has become so judgemental towards everyone and anyone. It's hard to remember the simple lesson we are taught from this book, and it's hard to fully understand as a child. This lesson will definitely stick with me a lot more now, and will be a constant reminder in my own head for a long time.

The illustrations definitely make this a lot more enjoyable. They're sweet, obviously made for children, but are pleasant to look at and so smooth on the Kindle app.

The narrative flows beautifully; there isn't a break in it at all and it stays smooth throughout the story, making it easy to just flow read no matter what. It's a lot darker than what I remember as a child, but I suppose we all read the abridged version that wasn't so dark - like we did with all of Andersen's stories we read as children.

This truly is still a wonderful story, and a classic. I would recommend this to everyone and anyone, for sure. It holds such a beautiful story and a stunning message. Maybe a lot of people in this current society actually need to read this.
" said.

" What the heck, Hans Christian Andersen? That was so freakin' sad! " said.

" Kait's bedtime story this evening. It's funny how you think you know the details to stories like this and them when reading them are surprised at how little you actually recall the story. " said.

" I read this story in my school in Montessori back in 1992 or 1993. One of the few writings that had a lasting impression on my mind. Hans Christian Andersen has magic in the words. Wherever i will go and whatever i will be "The Ugly Duckling" will always remain with me... " said.

" I thought this was a nice version of the "Ugly Duckling" story with realistic but arts-y illustrations (the one on the cover is probably the cutest one, though!) A tad wordy at times, but creates a nice nature-focused feel. I've always been kind of on the fence with "The Ugly Duckling" tale, though, so perhaps a few of my lingering qualms prevented me from giving this more stars... " said.

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