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UPDATE TIME: 2017-10-24 
Review Score: 4 out of 5 star From 46 user ratings

"I enjoyed it. I got it free on e-books and thought it would be a nice fast read. It was but it was also well thought out. The unpredictability of the "rabbit's foot" and the final scenes where Lionel grows in maturity was done well. Good book." said.

"Lionel and the Golden Rule is a fun little story about Lionel, who most young boys will be able to identify with in one way or another, and his adventures after finding a lucky rabbit's foot. There are some truly funny moments for Lionel when he finds out that though he does get what he wishes for, he never gets those wishes the way he was hoping to. This reminded me a lot of one of my favorite books as a kid, Homer Price. Homer was a kid who seemed to get into trouble at every turn and Lionel does as well just in a different way. I think this is a great book for almost any pre-teen boy. I look forward to more of Lionel's grand adventures." said.

"Ten-year-old daughter's review: I liked it. It was good. Creative solutions to problems.
I give it 5 stars.

Mom's Review: I love, love, love it when I read a book that makes my job, to review it, easy. Lionel's Grand Adventure is a fun read. My daughter picked up my love for the book and read it one morning between her school assignments, hence her review above.

Lionel's Grand Adventure is a fun, creative and quick read. It is perfect for early chapter book readers. Lionel is a lovable character who you route for right from the beginning. While Lionel is treated poorly by just about everyone, his heart remains as sweet as can be.

This book has a bit of magic in it that allows crazy things to occur that may (or may not) help Lionel in his life. The results of the magic had me giggling out loud more than once. I look forward to reading the other books written by Paul Hewlett. Thank you, Paul, for the fun read.

Disclosure: We downloaded a copy of Lionel during its available free promotion days. We received no monetary or in-kind compensation for our honest review.
" said.

"Hott Synopsis:
When Lionel finds a strange looking rabbit foot that makes odd things happen he knows just where to go to find out what this is – Mr. Jardean’s Mercantile & Bakery – the king of everything odd. Mr. Jardean knows his weird and tells Lionel all about the Walbaun foot not knowing that Lionel actually has found one.
Curious thing about a Walbaun foot, it’s great for wishes but you never get exactly what you wish for… as Lionel soon learns.

Hott Review:
What I liked: This is an adorable book. I know the kids & I really enjoyed it. It was light and fun but had a good moral lesson. It’s something that they can read on their own or you can read it as a family, as we did. Don’t miss out on this book!
What I didn’t like: Lionel’s mother really bothered me. I honestly was very provoked by her attitude toward Lionel.

Author: Paul R. Hewlett
Source: Amazon Free Read Dec 2013 & Author Gift
Grade: B+
Ages: 7-13
Setting: Larrystown
Series: Lionel’s Grand Adventure #1
" said.

"Exciting and funny. It was a nice story because it made me feel better. It had a good moral to the story." said.

"My son thought it was a great book and he enjoyed reading it! There were good challenging words and the book wasn't too long." said.

"I drafted The Princess, my eleven year-old granddaughter, to read this book and give me a kid’s perspective to add to my own in writing this review. The Princess gave it high marks (a letter grade of A+) with the comment that she really liked it. She described it as having “a lot of fantasy” and a “moral about luck.”

I concur. It’s a fun read that should hit the sweet spot for its target audience (ages 7-10) with a lesson to be learned (I’d describe it as “be careful what you wish for”), that comes through clearly, yet doesn’t overshadow the fun of the story.

**Originally written for "Books and Pals" book blog. May have received a free review copy. **
" said.

"I received this book from the author for an unbiased review.

Lionel is adorable! Although he tries his very best to stay out of trouble he often finds himself in it! Lionel discovers a lucky charm in his closet that gives him the ability to make wishes.

This is a great moral story as Lionel discovers he can make things easier by using the lucky charm, or by doing the best he can on his own. He learns to use the lucky charm only when he really needs it.

I really liked that this story took place in the 60's, no cellphones and just simple baseball games to worry about.

Children: I think this would be best for boys around age 7-12 depending on their reading level.

Parents: I also believe that parents would enjoy this story to read on their own or to even read to their child.

This is truly a book for all ages!
" said.

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